Whip (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2

Normal Moves


  • st. A is a good ranged low slash towards the opponent
  • st. B is a forward thrust kick
  • st. C is a 2 hit diagonal slash that is not cancel-able
  • st. D is a round kick that is aimed at the opponent's head
  • st. B and st. D are special cancel-able and whiff cancel-able


  • cl. A is a jab that is special cancel-able and can chain into itself and cl. B
  • cl. B is a kick that hits the opponent's shins. Hits low and is special cancel-able.
  • cl. C has Whip turning around to hit the opponent with the handle of her whip. Special and super cancel-able
  • cl. D is a inverted roundhouse kick that aimes at the opponent's head. Special cancel-able


  • cr. A: Whip crouches to slash the whip in front of her. Hits OTG after a hcb+C or a heavy kick throw.
  • cr. B uses the knife in Whip's boot to deliver a crouching kick aimed at the opponent's foot. It can't chain into itself but can be chained from cl. A or close B. Has good range and is special and super cancel-able.
  • cr. C: Whip from a starting crouching position stands up while twirling her dagger. Hits twice, and is special and super cancel-able as well as whiff cancel-able.
  • cr. D is a quick & very low profiled sweep. Not cancel-able


  • j. A has Whip using her handle of her Whip to hit the opponent at a steep downward angle aiming at 5 o'clock. Can cross up standing and crouching opponents and can be used as an quick instant overhead.
  • neutral j. A: Whip uses half of the distance of her whip in front of her in a half circle. Good to use for incoming hops or jumps.
  • j. B: good for air-to-ground approaches and can be used as a instant overhead against taller crouching opponents
  • j. C: Whip uses her whip to slash at a downward angle below the opponent. Easy to cross-up with and as a fairly large distance which is good for air-to-ground approaches
  • neutral j. C similar in concept to neutral j. A but Whip uses the whole distance of the whip to cover in-front of her and below her. Good to use for air-to-air or cover distance in the air at a midrange distance away from the opponent.
  • j. D: Whip throws out two horizontal jumping side kicks at the opponent. Hits twice if timed correctly. Good to use while hopping towards or away from the opponent.
  • neutral jump D: This flip kick is good for stopping or checking opponents jumping in


  • st. CD: Whip thrusts the handle of her Whip towards the opponent. Quick, great range, stays out for a decent amount of time and has good recovery.
  • jump CD: Whip forms her whip as a spear that aims at a downward diagonal angle toward the opponent. Has a good range, distance and starts up fairly quick. Good for air-to-ground approaches by hopping.


Alpha - close, (b/f + C)

  • Grabs the opponent then flips on top of them. Whip lands right in-front of the opponent and recovers instantly while the opponent lays on the ground for a considerable amount of time.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Can be broken

Zed - close, b/f + D

  • Whip grabs and throws the opponent over her shoulder. Whip recovers from the throw quickly which can be used to follow up with a cr. A or a Desert Eagle (rdp+P) or cross-up jump attack, empty jump throw, or any other okizeme setup or option.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Can be broken

Command Moves

Whip Shot - f + A (up to 5 times)

  • This command normal has Whip horizontally throwing lashes in front of her. The range of the lashes are at a half screen distance.
  • You can hold forward while pressing A (light punch) to continue the lashes up to 5 hits.
  • Whip is vulnerable during this move if it's whiffed, and can be guard cancel rolled if blocked.
  • The last hit can be canceled into a special move (for example into hcf+A or dp+A/B/C/D) or super (but doesn't connect)
  • Can be cancelled easily from Whip's close D (heavy kick).

Special Moves

Boomerang Shot - (hcf + A/C)

  • Whip ducks down then aims two quick slashes at a diagonal angle in-front and above her. If the opponent is hit, the whip will grab them & throw them behind Whip at a full screen distance.
  • Hits twice; the first hit's range is closely outside of her standing LK (B) while the second hit is around a half-screen distance away from Whip. The first hit can hit crouching opponents within its range, while the second hit can whiff on crouching opponents and a few short standing characters.
  • Very unsafe on block and if whiffed.
  • The light punch version (A) has faster start-up but has less damage while the heavy punch version (C) starts up a little slower but has more damage. Both punch version can combo easily from Whip's cancel-able light and heavy normal attacks.
  • First hit is super cancel-able

Assassin Strike "CODE BB" - (dp + A or B or C or D)

  • Whip uses her whip to teleport herself to a different position on the screen.
  • The A version travels 1/4 screen distance. The B version travels half-screen distance. The C version travels 3/4ths distance and the D version has Whip appearing at a full screen distance away from her intial position. If Whip is in the middle of the screen, the distances shorten depending on what button is pressed. If Whip is in the middle of the screen while the opponent is in the corner, all buttons will make Whip land directly above the opponent.
  • When Whip rises towards top of the screen, Whip can hit opponents jumping towards her. When she is landing she can hit opponents that are under her.
  • Unsafe on block and if whiffed
  • Hits overhead
  • Hard knockdown

Hook Shot - (qcb + A/C in air)

  • Whip jumps & swings across the screen towards the opponent with a kick. If hit, Whip lands in front of the opponent. If blocked, Whip lands behind the opponent.
  • Has a very obvious animation & can be knocked out of the air by a character's reversal special move or a jump back heavy attack. It will trade against grounded normal attacks.
  • Hits crouching opponents except for Bao, Choi (whiffs if he's standing), Chin, Iori, Benimaru, Mature, Vice, Andy, Joe, Yuri, Athena, Kensou, Vanessa, Leona, Yashiro, Chris, K', Kula, Foxy, Angel, Kim, Jhun, Yamazaki, Billy, Hinako, & Mai. Some characters can use a sweep or a sliding attack to evade the slide.
  • Safe on block
  • Soft knockdown
  • Can be canceled into from the start of Assassin Strike "CODE BB" .

Strength Shot A "Superior" - (hcb + A)

  • Whip cracks her whip twice towards the opponent; if hit, she catches the opponent, then jumps in air to divekick them.
  • Hits twice: first hit is a mid attack, second hit is an overhead that has a half screen distance range & can hit jumping opponents only at that range.
  • Very slow start-up, while gives Whip push back if blocked which makes it very hard to punish.
  • Hard knockdown

Strength Shot B "Strength" - (hcb + B)

  • Whip slashes her whip horizontally twice towards the opponent at a half screen distance. If hit, the opponent is quickly dragged in and stunned momentarily. Whip can follow up with her hcf+P or her qcb~hcf+P super. The animation has slow start-up and is very obvious, and both of the hits are mid. If blocked the opponent stays at their initial position and distance away from Whip. The first hit deals very little damage, while the second hit deals no damage.

Strength Shot C "Victory" - (hcb + C)

  • Whip slashes her whip horizontally twice towards the opponent at a half screen distance. If hit, the opponent is tripped by the whip, dragged toward Whip, then stomped repeatedly on the back of the head. The first hit is a mid attack, the second hit is a low. Pushes the opponent back on block. Vulnerable to projectiles & incoming jump attacks. Deals 200 damage.
Strength Shot D "Candy" - During String Shot posture, press D
  • This stance feints the Strength Shot animation. It doesn't have instantaneous recovery but it's good to use in-case you change your mind about using one of the Strength Shots or if you want to keep your opponent guessing.

Strength Shot Hold - (hcb + A/B/C held down)

  • Whip can hold a stance during the start-up of all 3 of her Strength Shot moves. Whip can move backward and towards the opponent (rather slowly) and hold the stance up to 4 real-time seconds. She is vulnerable during this stance but if you feel the need to exit it without releasing the attack, just press D (heavy kick) while keeping which ever button still held down.

Desert Eagle - (rdp + A/C) press repeatedly

  • Whip takes out her desert eagle then shoots a round (or rounds) at an angle.
  • Has VERY slow start-up and slow recovery.
  • The light punch version (A) fires at a steeper angle than the heavy punch version.
  • Has 7 rounds total. Press A/C repeatedly to fire more than 1 round. Whip will reload when she exceeds 7 rounds (adds more recovery).
  • Hits low
  • Soft knockdown

Desperation Moves

Sonic Slaughter "Code KW" - (qcb, hcf + A/C)

  • Whip slashes around her repeatedly, then knocks the opponent away at a full screen distance. Has very, very fast start-up and decent range which can suck opponents toward her at her sweep distance (crouching D). It can combo easily from light & heavy cancel-able normals, and is good to use as an reversal attack or an anti-air if the situation calls for it. It is very unsafe if blocked or hit.
  • Hard knockdown

Forbidden Calls "Code ™" - (qcf x 2 + A/C)

  • Whip launches her whip toward the opponent (with a lance tip) to pierce & grab them. She reels the opponent near her, then slams the opponent around her multiple times causing them to land face down, at the corner of the screen. The whip when it reaches the opponent has invincibility, which can hit opponents who are throwing fireballs, but the start-up is very slow which can make it unreliable & easily knocked out of. The slow start-up also makes this super unable to combo into from her normal attacks as her qcb~hcf+P super but can be super cancelled from her super cancel-able special moves.
  • Hard knockdown

Super Desperation Moves

Sonic Slaughter "Code KW" - (qcb~hcf+A+C)

  • This version of her super has more damage & has a longer animation.
  • Hard knockdown


Super Blackhawk - (qcb~hcf+B+D)

  • Whip fires a single shot from her magnum revolver. The shot deals around 450 damage & has a full screen distance. The shot is unblock-able, but the start-up is rather slow, which makes it easy to evade by jumping or rolling. Whip is invincible during the duration of the this HSDM & has instant recovery afterwards which can make it very hard to punish if the Whip player decides to block.
  • Hard knockdown


近B×1~2 > 屈B > 弱ブーメラン・ショット


近Cor近D > ブーメラン・ショット

近B×1~2 > 屈B > 弱ブーメラン・ショット(1段目) > (SC)フォビドゥンエンゲージ

近D > +A4段目 > QM >{中JD > 近B}or{ダッシュ近B > 近B > 屈B}> 弱ブーメランショット >(DC)フォビドゥン・エンゲージ 画面

近D > 6A(4段目)> QM > {中JD > 近B}or {ダッシュ近B > 近B > 屈B}> 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ >(DC)強フォビドゥ

近B×1~2 > 屈B > ソニック・スローター

屈B(先端) > 弱ブーメランショット or ソニックスローター(通常orMAX)

C投げ or D投げ > 屈A or デザートイーグル

D投げ > 2A > MAX2

屈C(1~2段目)> ブーメランショット

立ちCD > ブーメランショット(2段目)

ストリングス・ショット・タイプB > 近D > +A×5>ブーメラン・ショット

(空中の相手に)ブーメランショット(1段目) >(DC)ストリングス・ショット・タイプB > 屈B > 弱ブーメランショット > DCフォビドゥン・エ

(空中の相手に)ブーメランショット(1段目) >(DC)ストリングス・ショット・タイプB > 屈B > ソニックスローター

(画面端)近D > +A×5 > 強デザートイーグル(1発目)

D投げ > アサシン・ストライクB

近A or 近C or 近D or 屈C or 遠D (空中ヒット)> ブーメランショット(2段目)

JA or JB or JC or 垂直JA or 垂直JC or 垂直JD or JCD(空中ヒット)> ブーメランショット(2段目)

屈D >(DC)ブーメランショット(2段目) 発動中限定。ブーメランのなんでも判定を使ったコンボ

フックショット > ダッシュ > 近A or 近D > ブーメランショット(2段目) 中央の相手に当てたフックショットからの追撃。ブーメランのなんでも判定を使ったコンボ

フックショット > 後方昇りJC or 後方昇りJD 画面端の相手に当てたフックショットからの追撃。 近C・近D・屈Cなどでも追撃可能だが、追撃後のフレーム的にも状況的にもこれが最も安全かと思われる。

フックショット > 弱ブーメランショット(1段目)> (SC)強フォビドゥン・エンゲージ 画面端の相手に当てたフックショットからの追撃。ダメージは5割。 最後の超必殺技は必ず「強」で出すこと

フックショット > ブーメランショット(1段目)> (SC)ソニックスローター 画面端の相手に当てたフックショットからの追撃。ダメージは通常版4割 MAX版5.5割。 非常にゲージがもったいないので殺し切れる時以外は必要ない。

アサシン・ストライク > フック・ショット 昇り動作をキャンセル。

屈C > アサシン・ストライク > フックショット 密着限定&キャラ限定連続技。




{近D > 6A(4段目)> QM > 中JD > 近B > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストB} > 近B > 近B > 屈B > ソニックスローター(通常) 画面端限定、

{近D > 6A(4段目)> QM > 中JD > 近B > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストB}>{近D > 6A(4段目)> QM > 中JD > 近B > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > (DC)強フォビドゥン・エンゲージ} 画面端限定

{近D > 6A(4段目)> QM > 中JD > 近B > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストA > 弱ブメ > ストB}×2 > 近D > ソニックスローター(MAX) 画面端限定、5ゲージコンボ。ダメージは9.9割

The Basics

Advanced Strategy