Kula Diamond (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

At a glance:



  • cl.A/B/C/D are all cancellable
  • cl.A/B are chain-able into themselves and each other
  • cl.C has two hit points both of which are cancellable
  • cl.D has two hit points both of which are cancellable
  • very good set of close normals to keep pressure on opponents


  • s.A/B/C are special cancellable
  • s.A/B/C are all whiff cancellable
  • s.D has two hits, neither of which are cancellable
  • s.A/B/C are all very decent horizontal pokes allowing Kula to control the space in front of her well


  • cr.A/B are cancellable
  • cr.B is chains into itself
  • cr.C works as a preemptive anti air with a large upward diagonal hitbox
  • cr.B has great range as a low poke
  • cr.D her sweep is very slow and extremely unsafe on block
  • overall Kula has a weak set of crouching normals compared to her stand/close ones


  • j.A/C look identical, j.C has slightly more startup. Both have cool (hah) downward angles and function as jump ins
  • j.D has another nice downward angle and good crossup potential
  • j.B has a far reaching horizontal property that makes it a good air to air tool
  • j.CD mostly functions mostly as an air to air option as its hitbox priority leaves crouching and some standing opponents hard to hit


  • soft knockdown
  • Kula's CD hits from about 1.5 characters distance away and though it hits mid her leg goes straight up making it a poor pressure tool
  • the vertical hitbox makes it a decent anti air option
  • whiff cancellable


Ice Coffin - close b/f + C

  • soft knockdown

Behind Slash - close b/f + D

  • soft knockdown
  • with help Kula tosses the opponent all the way to the other corner

Command Moves

One Inch Punch - (f + A)

  • Kula seems to grab the opponent and bite them!
  • hard knockdown
  • can combo into it (loses the knockdown property) and then cancel from it
  • very unsafe on block if done raw

Slider Shoot - (df + B)

  • Kula slides on a bed of self made ice tripping the opponent up
  • soft knockdown
  • can combo into it
  • pretty safe on block if spaced correctly
  • great option if you want a hit confirmed knock down to start your okizeme

Critical Ice - (df + C)

  • Kula creates a far reaching ball of ice spikes
  • hard knockdown
  • can combo into it, but it will not actually connect a combo with it
  • another great pressure tool for Kula
  • you can use it by whiff cancel normals into it to hide its long startup

Special Moves

Diamond Breath - (qcf + A/C)

  • Kula blows a mist of ice at the opponent freezing the opponent
  • A version is comboable and causes a soft knockdown
  • A version causes a brief juggle state where Kula can follow up create a reset opportunity or get further damage
  • A version will destroy normal fireballs, but only well into its active frames. C version too slow to be effective at this
  • C version is not comboable and causes a freeze state allowing time to get a full follow up combo
  • C version's hitbox will whiff if directly next to the opponent in either a standing or crouching state
  • both versions are + on block

Crow Bites - (dp + A/C)

  • Kula's ice sparkle version of the old fighting game standby the dp
  • A version hits once, is comboable and causes soft knockdown
  • A version is Kula's go to reversal option
  • C version hits twice, is comboable and causes soft knockdown
  • C versions 2nd hit will whiff on crouching opponents even if comboed into. Leaving Kula open to heavy punishment
  • the first hit of C version is super cancellable though to use in combo strings
  • C version has a very long diagonal arc that covers most of the screen which makes it an intriguing, but risky anti air

Counter Shell - (qcb + A/C)

  • Kula hits the opponent with a lethal mist of ice
  • causes hard knockdown
  • can combo into it
  • hitbox hits from slightly less than a full character away
  • the mist will also reflect most projectile in its active frames, sending a shard of ice back to the opponent
  • both versions are equally unsafe on block
  • great combo ender to get a knockdown and run a mixup

Lay Spin - (qcb + B/D)

  • Kula spins in the air landing a kick on the opponent
  • both versions are comboable
  • both versions are 0 or -1 on block
  • B version lands one hit that can be followed up
  • D version is two hits that you can follow up in the second hit
  • D version will whiff the first hit on crouching opponents
  • D version causes soft knockdown if you don't follow up

Stand - (f + B)

  • Kula follows up her spinning kick with an icy projectile
  • following B version the projectile won't combo
  • during B version you can follow up the kick with projectile on whiff or block
  • if the projectile hits from B version it causes soft knockdown
  • from D version you can cancel into the projectile from the 2nd hit, but not on whiff.
  • if you land a full combo into D version the follow up projectile whiffs, but if you land just the 2nd hit of D version the follow up hits and causes a soft knockdown.
  • both versions' projectile follow ups are super cancellable

Sit - (f + D)

  • Kula follows up her spinning kick by going into a slide
  • following B version the slide will combo and cause soft knockdown
  • following B version it can be whiff cancelled into
  • slide is very unsafe on block
  • D version will whiff the slide during a full combo, but if you land just the 2nd hit of D version the slide hits and puts the opponent in a juggle state
  • in a full combo with D version the slide serves a great purpose of keep pressure on by closing distance
  • both versions of the slide are super cancellable

Desperation Moves

Diamond Edge - (qcf x 2 + A/C)

  • Kula summons large shards of ice from the ground hurling them in a wave to the opponent
  • can combo into it
  • causes soft knockdown
  • the ice wave can negate other projectiles, but it's slow to use as a punish in that regard

La Cachola - (qcf x 2 + B/D, in air)

  • Kula grabs the opponent and summons help from Candy, Foxy and Diana and they surround the opponent cheering: 'La Cachola!'
  • counts as unblockable command grab
  • causes hard knockdown
  • done raw does very minimal damage
  • drains one meter from the opponent
  • you can easily tiger knee the move if you are next to the opponent and want to spend the bar for a knockdown
  • has a slow short diagonal window so has to be done pretty much on top of the opponent
  • has minimal invulnerability so Kula can be hit out of the throw

Super Desperation Moves

Freeze Execution -(hcb x 2 + AC)

  • Kula calls Diana who dashes forth with a rapier knocking the opponent up into a powerful freeze
  • can be comboed into
  • causes soft knockdown
  • will go through other projectile if done fast enough, still a costly punish though
  • great way to end some of Kula's combos


Freeze Compression = (qcf x 2 + BD)

  • Kula does her One Inch bite then calls Diana cut for a sword slash, then freezes the opponent setting them up to be pummeled by Candy
  • can be comboed into easily
  • causes soft knockdown
  • decent expensive way to end a combo or finish someone off


Changes from OG2k2


  • j.X, cr.B×1~2, Far B, dp+C
  • j.X, cl.C (1), qcf+A, hh.D
  • cl.D (2), qcb+B~f+D, dp+C
  • j.X, st.C (1), qcfx2+P
  • j.X (cross-up), st.C (1), f+A, qcfx2+P
  • (corner) cl.C/D (2), f+A, qcf+A, qcfx2+P
  • j.X, st.C (2), (BC run) st.C (1), f+A, dp+A, (DC) qcb+B~f+D, (DC) qcb+P
  • j.X, cr.B×1~2, Far B, dp+C, (SC) qcfx2+P
  • j.X, st.C (2), (BC run) cr.B×1~2, Far B, dp+C, (SC) qcfx2+P
  • j.X, st.C (2), (BC run) st.C (1), f+A, dp+A, (DC) qcf+A, qcb+B~f+B, qcb+B~f+B, dp+C, (DC) qcb+P
  • j.X, st.C (1), f+A, (BC) st.C (1), f+A, dp+C, (DC) qcb+B, (SC) qcfx2+K
  • j.X, st.C (2), f+A, hcbx2+AC
  • j.X, st.C (1), f+A, (BC) st.C (2), f+A, hcbx2+AC
  • j.X, cr.B×1~2, (BC) Far B, dp+C, (SC) hcbx2+AC
  • j.X, st.C (2), (BC) st.C (1), f+A, dp+C, (SC) hcbx2+AC
  • j.X, st.C (1), qcfx2+BD
  • j.X (cross-up), st.C (1), f+A, qcfx2+BD
  • (corner) j.X, st.C (1), qcf+A, qcfx2+BD
  • j.X, st.C (2), (BC) st.C (1), f+A, qcfx2+BD
  • (corner) j.X, st.C (2), (BC) st.C (1), f+A, dp+C, (DC) qcf+A, qcfx2+BD
  • cl.C/D (2), f+A, qcb+B~f+D~dp+C/hcbx2+AC
  • cl.C (1), f+A, qcfx2+P / df+C (2), qcfx2+BD
  • Far C, qcb+B~f+D~dp+C / hcbx2+AC
  • cl.C (2), (BC) cl.C (2), hcbx2+AC
  • f+A/df+C(3)/qcb+P, dp+C/qcb+P/qcfx2+P
  • (corner) cl.C/D (2), f+A, qcf+A, [qcb+B~f+B]×2, dp+C/qcb+P
  • st.C (1), f+A, (BC run) cl.C(1), df+C(2), [dp+C (1),(SC) qcfx2+P/hcbx2+AC] qcfx2+BD
  • (corner) cr.B×1~2, (BC), Far B, dp+C (1), (DC) qcf+A, qcfx2+BD