Ralf Jones (KoF '02 UM)

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Just like most men, King really likes to shoot venom. That's why he's always carrying a handkerchief.

Move list

At a glance:

Normal Throws
Hold Rush (throw) f./b. + C
Hook Buster (throw) f./b. + D
Command Moves
Trap Kick f. + B
Sliding Kick df. + D
Special Moves
Venom Strike qcf + B
Double Strike qcf + D
Trap Shot dp + K
Mirage Kick hcb + P
Tornado Kick '95 hcb + K
Mirage Dance (proximity unblockable) hcf + P
Desperation Moves
Surprise Rose qcf hcb + K
Illusion Dance qcb hcf + K
Max Desperation Moves
Illusion Dance qcf hcb + KK
Max 2
Secret Mirage f hcf + KK



  • cl.C is cancel-able, best used to combo into hcf+K
  • cl.B can be used to link into hck+K
  • cl.D is a damaging and fast spin kick that isn't cancel-able


  • st.A short reach but very fast. Whiffs on crouching opponents
  • st.B has decent reach and perfect for interrupting short hops
  • st.C has long reach, deals good damage, and solid poking tool but whiffs on crouching opponents
  • st.D has long reach, good recovery, great poking tool, and good when spacing


  • cr.A is a crouching jab that is cancel-able and can be chained into st. B & cr. B
  • cr. B is a short crouching kick that is not cancel-able but can be chained from cr. A
  • cr.C is a crouching horizontal double punch that has great range which can be used as a poke and can be cancel-able into special moves.
  • cr.D is a cancel-able sweep that has good horizontal range


  • neutral j. A can be used as an air-to-air against jumps and super-jumps
  • neutral j. B can be also used as an air-to-air but can be low profiled easily
  • neutral j. C is an aerial karate chop that can hit most crouching opponents if performed while decending
  • neutral j. D looks similar to j. B and can be used as an air-to-air attack
  • j. A is a jumping jab that has a downward angle that can be used as an air-to-air attack
  • j. B is a jumping side kick that can be also used as an air-to-air attack. Risky if used as a jump-in attack because it can be easily low profiled.
  • j. C can be used as a air-to ground jump-in attack and has a fairly low hitbox
  • j. D can be a bit difficult to use as an air-to ground attack because of it's slow start up.

Blowback attack

  • Has long range, good damage, safe on block, poking tool, cancel-able and comes out swiftly
  • j. CD is best used as air-to-ground attack to start to apply pressure


Dynamite Headbutt - (f/b + C)

  • Ralf grabs the opponent and headbutts them causing a small explosion.
  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Northern Light Bomb - (f/b + D)

  • Ralf grabs and lift the opponent in the air then slaming them on the floor and then raises his fist briefly.
  • Can be broken
  • Reverse Knockdown

Special Moves

Gatling Attack - ((b) f + P) [A: 13%] [C: 15% / 9% (2 hits)]

  • Ralf performs a spinning backhand and then uppercuts the opponent. Gatling attack comes out very fast and it is super cancel-able. But there are some negatives that limits this special move. Gatling attack is unsafe on block and can be beaten by almost any crouching attack.
  • A/C determine the amount of hits Ralf will inflict.
  • Super Cancel-able

Super Argentine Backbreaker - (hcf + K) [17%]

  • Ralf grabs the opponent and launches them in the air and falls on his shoulders then he slams them to the ground. Unlike Clark, Ralf cannot follow up with a elbow smash. (SAB) is a standard command grab and there isn't much difference between B and D.

Blitzkrieg Punch - (charge d~u + A/C) or in air (qcf + A/C) [A: 9% (1st part) / 11% (2nd part)] [C: 7% (1st part) / 11% (2nd part)]

  • Ralf jumps in the air and then dive towards the opponent creating a small explosion with his fist. When buffering d~u it can be used as an anti-air and not really used for anything else. When already airbourne Blitzkrieg punch has more uses. It has OTG properties and can easily cause guard crush. TIP: when trying to follow up perform a Tiger Knee motion (2369+A/C) and when attempting a OTG.
  • OTG ok
  • If blocked, some characters may be able to punish Ralf while he is flipping backward with a quick and long ranged special move or DM.

Vulcan Punch - (Mash P) [12%]

  • Ralf throws a barrage of punches and when a punch connects a explosion is created. While in motion ralf can move towards or away from the opponent. A/C version dictate how long ralf will to punch.

Ralf Kick - (hcb + B) [18%]

  • Ralf jumps toward the opponent and spins performing a mid-air dropkick. Ralf's body has some invincibility when in the air, when spaced correctly Ralf Kick is safe on block and can link into his other special attacks and also his HSDM(Bareback Galatica Phantom/Galatica Vanguard).

Ralf Tackle - (hcb + D) [19% (5 hits)]

  • Ralf leans forward and charges full screen toward the opponent with his shoulder. Ralf's body has full invulnerability and autoguard after start up which allows him to freely run through certain projectiles and normal attacks. It is very unsafe if blocked and some reversal based special moves that feature either some autoguard or invincibility frames with fast start-up might beat out the tackle.

Galactica Phantom - (qcf qcf + P) [31%]

  • Ralf lean his entire body on his arm and then lunges toward the opponent throwing a fierce explosive haymaker. Galactica Phantom has invincibility, does great damage, and can inflict a wall bounce on counter hit. Galactica phantom is very very slow but it is effective when using when your opponent least expects it.
  • Wall bounce
  • Guard Point

Desperation Moves

Super Vulcan Punch - (qcf hcb + P) [25%]

  • Ralf performs a spinning backhand twice with his right hand then stops to do swift machine gun strikes with his left then finishing with a uppercut. Super Vulcan Punch has some invincibility on start-up, it does good damage, and can be combo into.

Bareback Vulcan Punch - (qcb hcf + K) [23%]

  • Ralf tackles and mounts the oppenent and then unleash a barrage of punches to their face. BVP is a standard DM but is also falls into the category of high risk-high reward. The damage output is decent and Ralf can follow up with Blitzkrieg punch making it a very useful but if the open blocks the mount, Ralf is left wide open due to the poor recovery when blocked.

Super Desperation Moves

Super Vulcan Punch - qcf hcb + AC [40%]

  • Ralf mimics his DM version but he is faster when performing the backhand strike, inflicts significantly more machinegun strikes, and finishes with three uppercuts. Ralf's SDM version has the same properties of his DM version but better. He has more invincibility, has a significant increase in damage output, and is faster.


Bareback Galactica Phantom - (qcb hcf + BD) [19% (1st part) / 42% (Total.)]
Galactica Vanguard - during Bareback Galactica Phantom, qcf qxf + AC (hold) [100% (Total. If hit on the correct time.) / 38% (Total. If hit on the wrong time.) / 42% (Total. If miss - The regular super damage...)]

  • Ralf tackles the opponent to the ground and smashes them with a large explosion causing them to launch very high into the air and then briefly falls down (if you perform galatica vanguard when the opponent is launched into the air Ralf can inflict a heavy blow seconds before them hitting the ground). Bareback Galatica Phantom is the strongest HSDM and also consequently the hardest. Galactica Vanguard can INSTANTLY K.O a opponent when released at the precise time while opponent is airboune but it is very very difficult to guage the time of the release.
  • Can combo into
  • Instant K.O


  • cl.C / cr.C > [10%]
    • hcf + K
    • hcb + D
    • (b) f + C
    • (b) f + C (2) >>>
      • DM qcb hcf + K, {2 stocks}
        • (d) u + P / air qcf + K (OTG)
      • (S)DM qcf hcb + P/AC {2/4 stocks}
    • DM qcb hcf + K, {2 stocks}
      • (d) u + P / air qcf + K (OTG)
    • (S)DM qcf hcb + P/AC {2/4 stocks}

  • cr.A, cr.A, st.B
  • cr.A, cr.A, b~f+C
  • cr.A, cr.A, hcf+D
  • cl.C, hcf+D
  • j.D, st. C, hcf+K
  • cr. D, j.qcf+A or st. CD, j.qcf+A
  • cr. C, qcf,hcb+P or AC
  • Cl. C > BC > dash then cl. C > b-f+C (3 hits) > hcb+D (4 hits) > [(SC) qcb,hcf+K > (air) qcf+P while opponent lying on ground (2 stocks)] or [(SC) qcf,hcb+AC (3 stocks)]