Ura Robert Garcia (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl.B, and cl.C are cancel-able
  • cl. D hits twice, is not cancel-able and moves Robert back if blocked
  • cl. B is a low attack
  • cl. A/C/D are neutral on block
  • cl. A whiffs on crouching opponents


  • st. A is a jab that is good for stopping incoming hops
  • st. B doesn't hit low but is a good close ranged poke
  • st. C is an awkward looking and awkward aiming uppercut that has bad range and speed
  • st. D is an inverted roundhouse kick that has good range but isnt cancel-able


  • cr. A/B/C/D are cancel-able on hit and block
  • cr. B hits low and is chain-able into itself and chain-able into st. B and cr. A
  • cr. C can be used as an anti-air,to start combos and cancelled into his command normals
  • cr. D is a great sweep that can be whiff cancelled


  • Neutral j.A/B/C/D are all downward aiming punches and kicks which can be used to stop incoming super jumps at a far range
  • j.A is a downward angled jab which can be used to catch opponents trying to hop backward at a close range
  • j.B can be used as a cross-up
  • j.A/C can whiff on crouching opponents if released at a high height
  • j.C/D are good air-to-ground jumping attacks


  • Standing CD is cancel-able on hit/block and whiff cancel-able, and has good horizontal range
  • Jump CD is a good air-to-air attack but whiffs completely on crouching opponents


Kick of the Dragon - (b/f + C) close

  • Robert grabs the opponent, then kicks them with both feet to the chest, throwing them towards the corner while Robert back flips away. The opponent lands at the corner of the screen, while Rober flips towards the opposite end.
  • Soft knockdown
  • Should be used to create space between you and the opponent since you can't use it for any kind of okizeme/wake-up opportunity or follow up.

Decapitating Drop - (b/f + D) close

  • Robert grabs the opponent with one hand, then slams them to the ground on the other side.
  • Hard knockdown
  • The opponent lands a character space away from the end of the screen in the corner. The opponent wakes up as soon as Robert recovers from the throw animation making it difficult for okizeme follow-ups. Okizeme is a bit easier if the opponent lands directly in the corner.

Command Moves

Dragon-felling Kick - (b or f + A)

  • This sobat kick is an overhead, that has lower body invincibility.
  • Plus frames on block, neutral if cancelled from st.C or cr. C (but loses overhead property)
  • On hit, and in the corner, can link into his cr. A, cr. B, charge down~up+P command throw, charge down~up+K, and even his qcfx2+K super

Soaring Dragon Kick - (b or f + B)

  • A side kick that can be canceled into Robert's special moves
  • Lots of pushback on block while having negative frames
  • Can be canceled from his cr. A, st. B, st. C, cr. C and cr. D which makes it useful for combos
  • Should not be used as an anti-air because of it's slow start-up and lack of shrinking hurt box

Double Kick - (df + B)

  • A sliding double low kick
  • Can't slide under high passing horizontal fireballs
  • First hit special and super cancel-able (the timing is a bit tough)
  • Can be canceled from Robert's standing and crouching normals (except his far standing normals)
  • -1 frame on block but still good to use for offensive pressure
  • Important command normal to use for his BC/Max Mode combos
  • Soft knockdown

Flying Dragon Kick - (df + B/D) in air

  • A sharp angled dive kick. B version has a steeper downward angle while the D version has a less steep angle
  • B version can cross-up on standing & crouching opponents and is safe on block, while the D version doesn't have a hitbox that can cross up but is neutral on block
  • On hit, D version in the corner can be linked into Robert's charge down~up+K special move
  • B version

Special Moves

Dragon Blast Punch - (charge b~f + A/C) [9%/11%]

  • Robert's Sonic Boom projectile. The height of the fireball is rather high and is released around Robert's shoulder which can make is susceptible to be evaded by some characters low crouching heights or sliding attacks.
  • The A (light punch) version travels slowly & goes full screen but dissipates near the corner of the screen, while the C (heavy punch) version travels fast, but goes 3/4 screen length and can combo after his cr. C, or b/f + B command normal.

Spinning Combination Kick - close, (charge d~u + A/C) [7%]

  • Robert performs a close ranged 3 hit combo which launches the opponent in the air. It is a proximity command throw that has great range with a rather awkward command motion with the charge.
  • While the opponent is mid-air you can perform an air reset with a jumping normal or a special move (easier in the corner)
  • 2nd hit Super cancel-able

Lightning Legs Knockout Kick - charge (b~f + B/D) [??-12%]

  • Robert spins kicks mid-air hitting the opponent 3 times. Both light and heavy kick version performs 3 hits and has the same damage output (appox. 12% damage).
  • The B version (light kick) has a shorter horizontal range than the D version (heavy kick). Both versions are unsafe on block if performed at close range.
  • The B version (light kick) causes around 40% guard damage while the D version (heavy kick) causes around 5% guard damage
  • Can evade ground projectiles and low aiming attacks while Robert is spinning in mid-air
  • Soft knockdown on hit

Flying Dragon Slash - charge (d~u + B/D) [13%/??-17%]

  • Robert's flash kick. B (light kick) version has a short vertical range, hits once while the D (heavy kick) version reaches higher in the air and causes 2 hits.
  • The B version causes less damage than the D version, and has less upper body invincibility than the D version
  • Both versions are unsafe on block and has poor recovery if whiffed
  • D version is super cancel-able

Desperation Moves

Haoh Sho Koh Ken - (f, hcf + A/C) [23%]

  • Robert hurls a giant fireball toward the opponent. The A (light punch) version has faster start-up but travels slower while the C (heavy punch) version has less start-up but the projectile travels faster. It's similar to <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="http://www.dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Robert_Garcia_(2k2UM)#Desperation_Moves">Normal Robert's</a> Haoh Sho Koh Ken that it has extremely limited combo uses and it can even be rather difficult to challenge the opponents normal projectiles with because of its slow start up and the projectile's slow speed.
  • Soft Knockdown

Ryuko Ranbu - (qcf, hcb + A/C) [27%]

  • This is Robert's ranbu super. He dashes toward the opponent to deliver a barrage of kicks and punches up to 15 hits. Both punch versions have start-up invincibility and have the same damage output, but the only difference is the distance of the dash. The A version travels less than the C version which can connect to an opponent from screen corner to corner.
  • Somewhat of a limited DM because of it's slow start-up which makes utilizing it to react pre-emptively to incoming fireballs and jumps tough, and makes it very hard to use in combos.

Combo Advice: Can combo from the first hit of his close D and first hit of his df+B (very tough timing)

Nine Dragon Heads - (qcf x 2 + B/D) [18%/21%]

  • Robert throws out a few flash kicks which end in a high flash kick that knocks the opponent toward the corner. A much better DM than his Ranbu and Hou Sho Koh Ken because of it's faster start-up, invincibility, and it's much easier to use to end combos with. You can use this as an anti-air, as a reversal option if you're knockdown or to punish unsafe blockstrings.
  • The B (light kick) version hits the opponent 6 times, while the D (heavy kick) version hits the opponent 9 times with slightly higher damage.

Combo Advice: Can easily combo after a cl.C, b+B string, or cr.B, st.B, b+B string as well

Super Desperation Moves

Ryuko Ranbu - (qcf, hcb + AC) [42%]

  • This version of his Ranbu has a higher damage output, a small increase in start-up frames but hosts the same amount of start-up invincibility with no one during his dash. Best used at the end of combos, as a reversal option, to punish predictable rolls, or as an anti-air at a mid range (it may get beaten from some jump-in attacks at a far range if timed incorrectly).

Combo Advice: Can connect well from cl.C/cr.C, f/b+B or cr.B, st.B/cr.A, f/b+B


EX Ryuuko Ranbu - (qcf, hcb + BD)

  • This is the HDSM version of his Ranbu super. It has full invincibility throughout the start-up and active frames (the dash) but suffers from poor, slow start-up which makes it difficult to use as an anti-air, hard to use as a reversal (the slow start-up and freeze frame), and you can't use this to end combos with. Also, the range of the dash is similar to the A version (light punch) Ranbu super. This HSDM is best used to punish special moves with horrible recovery or to phase through the opponents's projectiles.

Discussion Thread

Discuss at <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=342.0">Dream Cancel</a>


  • cr.C > [10%]
    • b / f + B [18%]
      • SDM qcf hcb + AC [59%] {3 stock}
      • DM qcf qcf + B/D [36%/39%] {1 stock}
      • (b) f + K [??%]
    • (d) u + P, [18%]
      • j.CD [29%]
      • (d) u + B/D (D version will hit only nce and deals less damage) [30%/28%]
      • DM qcf qcf + K (Corner.) [??%] {1 stock}
    • (d) u + P (2) >>>
      • DM qcf hcb + AC [56%] {4 stocks}
      • DM qcf qcf + B/D [35%/37%] {2 stocks}
    • (d) u + B/D [24%/27%]
    • (d) u + D (1)
      • (S)DM qcf hcb + A/AC [49%/64%] {2/4 stocks}
      • DM qcf qcf + B/D [40/42%] {2 stocks}
    • df + B (1) (Point blank.) [%]
      • (d) u + K ...

You may replace cr.C (2) for: cl.C (-~1%), cl.D () (-~1%) (cl.D cannot be cancelled on command attacks.)

  • cl.D (1) > [9%]
    • DM qcf hcb + A [36%] {1 stock}

  • cr.B, cr.B >
    • (d) u + K ...
    • (d) u + P ...
    • DM qcf qcf + K {1 stock}

  • cr.B, df + B (1) >
    • (d) u + P ...
    • (d) u + K ...
    • DM qcf qcf + K {1 stock}
    • SDM qcf hcb + AC [59%] {3 stock}

  • cr.B, cr.A, [dn] , up + P, [dn] , up + k or Jumping CD
  • cr C, [dn] , up + P, [dn] , up + k or Jumping CD
  • cl C or cr C, f + B, QCF x 2 + k or QCF, HCB + P (1 stock)
  • cr.B, cr.A, [dn] , up + D (1 hit, SC) qcf x 2 + k (2 stocks)
  • Maxmode: cl C, df + b (2 hits), [dn] , up + D (1 hit), [dn] , up + p (2 hit) [dn] , up +D (1 hit), [dn] , up + p (2 hit, SC) , qcf hcb + AC (2 stocks)
  • cr C, [dn] , up + P, [dn] (2 hits, SC) , qcf x 2 + k (2 stocks)
  • cr.B, cr.A, [dn] , up + P, [dn] (2 hits, SC) , qcf x 2 + k (2 stocks)
  • cl C, f+bc (quickmax), [dn] , up + D (1 hit), [dn] , up + p (2 hit) [dn] , up +D (1 hit), [dn] , up + p (2 hit, SC) , qcf hcb + AC (3 stocks)
  • cr C, [dn] , up + P, (2 hits, SC) qcf hcb + AC (4 stocks)
  • cr.B, cr.A, [dn] , up + P, (2 hits, SC) qcf hcb + AC (4 stocks)

The Basics

Advanced Strategy