Ramon (KoF '02 UM)

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  • cl.A/B/C/D are all special cancellable
  • cl.B chains into s.B
  • cl.B hits low
  • Ramon's close normals mostly serve to set up his various command throws


  • s.A is special cancellable
  • s.A is a decent anti-hop move
  • s.B has decent range and speed as a poke
  • s.D has an interesting upward angle for anti-air. It also advances Ramon quite a bit forward and has good speed.


  • cr.A/B/C are special cancellable
  • cr.A chains into itself and cr.B
  • cr.C has deceptively good range and moves Ramon forward slightly
  • cr.D is a fast sweep and brings Ramon toward the opponent almost 25 % of the screen (4 sweeps will move him to connect with opponent)


  • j.A/B are relatively slow for lights
  • j.B can be a situational crossup mostly on standing opponents
  • J.C is Ramon's go to crossup tool
  • j.D has a steep downward angle and is great as a jump in move and it will crossup ambigously on crouching opponents


  • s.CD can be used to beat lows
  • j.CD has a horizontal attack zone and is useful as a air to air


Arm Whip - (f/b + C)

  • grants hard knockdown

Flying Mare - (f/b + D)

  • grants hard knockdown

Command Move

Low Altitude Drop Kick - (df + B)

  • Ramon launches a flying kick at the opponent. Hits low.
  • can combo into it from cl.C/D and cr.C
  • it is not special cancellable even when comboed, but you can activate BC mode within a combo and continue a combo
  • only slightly negative on block so you can use it as a spacing tool
  • advances Ramon almost 1/2 the screen

Special Moves

Tiger Neck Chancery - (hcf + P) [14%]

  • Ramon leans in and grabs the opponent picking them up and dropping them in the opposite guard direction.
  • hard knockdown
  • can be comboed into from cl.A/B/C and cr.C
  • is an unblockable command throw
  • has a deceptively great range for a throw
  • good mixup potential from a feint step cancel as Ramon is still in range to land the command throw if you were close to opponent

Rolling Sobbat - (dp + K) [B: 4%] [D: 8%]

  • Ramon throws out a kick that knocks the opponent away
  • hard knockdown
  • hits overhead
  • can be comboed into
  • pretty negative on block
  • Wire damage on counter hit

┗Flying body attack - during Rolling Sobbat, (dp + K) [B (On 1st input): 10% (Total.)] [D (On 1st input): 13% (Total.)]

  • Ramon follows up the kick by throwing himself through the air to body slam the opponent
  • grants a hard knockdown

┗Pull Up - during Flying Body Attack or Force of Will, (d d + P) [B (On 1st input): 15% (Total.)] [D (On 1st input): 19% (Total.)]

  • Ramon pulls the opponent off the ground and clocks them with his fist
  • technically resets the combo counter. EX: cl.C, dp+B, dp+B,d,d+A is a 4 hit combo, but if you land his qcb,hcf+B/D super from the Pull Up hit you start a separate 14 hit combo that the opponent could do nothing about.
  • Super cancellable

Feint step - (qcb + P) [A: 12%]

  • Ramon twirls from the opponent and paces back and forth for a set amount of time you can hold the button til
  • A version launches Ramon at the opponent with a drop kick when the button is released
  • A version's dropkick is massively negative on block
  • A version wire damages on counter hit
  • C version is a feint and when you release the button Ramon is at neutral again
  • C version is intregal to Ramon's mixup game
  • both version can be charged up to three times Ramon's pacing distance, then they release their actions (ie a dropkick or feint)

Somersault - (hcf + K) [14%]

  • Ramon runs the length of the screen if necessary and grabs the opponent climbing unto their chest, stomping on their face and finishes with a backflip
  • counts as unblockable command throw
  • can cancel by pressing ABC from the startup frames all the way to just next to the opponent
  • another risk/reward mixup tool on top of his other mixup tools

Tiger Road - (rdp + B/D)

  • Ramon runs to the wall opposite the opponent and proceed to do a body slam next to it
  • causes hard knockdown
  • hits overhead

┗Feint Dash - during Tiger Road, Tiger Road 2 or Savage Fire Cat Dashing, (ABC)

  • Ramon stops during the dash animation of the run to the wall
  • another cancel feint in his arsenal
  • can super cancel the feint stop animation into his super that looks like a Tiger Road until he's in the air

┗Cross Chop - During Tiger Road, when touching wall, (D)

  • Ramon flies from the opposite wall with a dual elbow drop toward the opponent
  • causes soft knockdown
  • hits overhead
  • very unsafe on block

Tiger Road 2 - (qcb + B/D)

  • same a Tiger Road 1, but with different follow ups

┗Force of Will - during Tiger Road 2 when touching wall, (qcf + A)

  • Ramon flies at the opponent from the wall with body slam that wraps into a throw
  • causes hard knockdown
  • it is unblockable

┗Bird of Paradise - (d, d + AC)

  • follow up to throw, Ramon grabs opponent off the ground and socks them in the mouth with an elbow
  • feels like it should be super cancellable, but it's not.

Desperation Moves

Tiger Spin - (hcb hcb + P) [24%]

  • Ramon unleashes the tiger and grabs the opponent for a somersaulting attack
  • causes hard knockdown
  • will hit standing or crouching opponents
  • can combo into it
  • counts as an unblockable grab
  • great combo ender for his full Sobat combo as it leads to knockdown

El Diablo Amarillo Ramon - (qcb hcf + K) [21%]

  • Ramon run toward the opponent and lands a flurry of blows ending it in a drop kick
  • B version goes to about mid screen
  • D version goes full screen
  • hard knockdown
  • can combo into it

Savage Fire Cat - (qcf hcb + K) [28%]

  • Ramon jumps to the wall then to the opponent landing a grab that turns into a bunch of aerial blows
  • looks identical to his Tiger Road moves until he is in the air, then you can see the super trails
  • it is unblockable
  • will hit stand, crouching or jumping opponents
  • soft knockdown
  • interesting mix up tool if you've taught your opponent to block Tiger Roads
  • the move is even harder to react to if Ramon is back into the corner as the opponent will have less time to react to the super flash off the wall.

Super Desperation Move

Tiger Spin - (hcb hcb + AC) [35%]

  • Ramon grabs the opponent and back drops the twice, then throws them where they came from
  • powered up version of Ramon's command throw super
  • hard knockdown
  • can combo into it
  • better damage combo ender for his Sobat combos if you have the meter to burn


Hypnotic Tiger - (qcb hcf + AC) [45%]

  • the tiger unleashes again in a massively stylish compilation of Ramon's moves.
  • hard knockdown
  • dashes to hit about half the screen


  • cl.C > [6%]
    • df + B > [10%]
      • qcb + A [22%]
      • hcf + P [24%]
      • hcf + K (Miss if you skip df + B.) [24%]
      • (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC {1/3 stocks} [34%/45%]
      • DM qcb hcf + K [31%] {1 stock}
      • HDM qcb hcf + AC {3 stocks}
      • dp + B > dp + K > d d + P >>> (Corner. Very close.)
        • (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC [49%/60%] {2/4 stocks}
        • DM qcb hcf + K [46%] {2 stocks}
    • dp + B ...

You may replace cl.C for: cl.D (+~5%) or cr.C (+~2%).

0 Stocks

  • Close C > df+B > hcf+P or qcb+A

BnB Combo

  • Close C > df+B > qcb+C > Feint Cancel cr.C > df+B > qcb+A

1 Stock

  • Close C > df+B > qcb+C > Feint Cancel cr.C > df+B > qcb,hcf+K

2 Stocks

  • Close C > dp+B > dp+K > d,d+P > SC hcb,hcb+P

3 Stocks

  • Close C > df+B > qcb+C > Feint Cancel cr.C > df+B > qcb,hcf+AC

MAX out combo to HSDM

4 Stocks

  • Close C > df+B >(BC Cancel) > MAX hcb,hcb+P
  • Close C > df+B > qcb+C > Feint Cancel cr.C > df+B(BC)> dash Close C > dp+B > dp+K > d,d+P > SC hcb,hcb+P
  • Close C > df+B > qcb+C > Feint Cancel cr.C > df+B(BC)> dash Close C > df+B > qcb+C > Feint Cancel cr.C > df+B > qcb,hcf+AC