Kim Kaphwan (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
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Move List

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Normal Moves


  • st. A is a long jab that is good for mid-range poking and zoning
  • st. B is a high side kick that is good for stopping hops and hyper hops at a mid-range distance. Whiffs on some crouching characters. It might activate cl.B if the opponent is too close.
  • st. C is a high aiming snap kick that may accidentally come out when you want to do a cl.C
  • st. D is a high double roundhouse kick which can be used as a jump or hop checker but it has slow-start up and bad recovery


  • cl. A/B/C/D are all special cancel-able
  • cl. A is a shoulder height jab which may be helpful for hitting opponents who may try to hop at you at a very close range, or may try to jump out of the corner
  • cl. B are two side kicks that can easily combo into qcb+A/C. The second hit may whiff if you arent close enough.
  • cl. C is a two hit side kick that can easily confirm and cancel into into Kim's special moves and DM's.
  • cl. D is a two axe kick that is cancel-able into specials but has push back on hit which may cause whatever it is cancelled into to whiff


  • cr. A/B/C/D are all cancel-able
  • cr. A is a crouching jab which can be used for close range poking, and can easily combo into qcb+A/C
  • cr. B is a low light kick that can be used to start combos or to use as a low poke
  • cr. C is a high aiming kick which can function as a grounded anti-air uppercut but it isn't very fast
  • cr. D is a sweep that has decent range, and can be whiff canceled into special moves, and cancelled if blocked


  • j. A is air-cancel-able
  • j. A is a jumping jab that can cross-up and/or start combos. Must be inputted early to be released if you would like to confirm into a grounded normal for a combo.
  • j. B is a high kick that can be used to poke opponents who are already jumping. Whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • j. C is a jumping axe kick that can be used as an early air-to-air attack, or as a jump-in attack to start combos. Can whiff on crouching opponents if released too early.
  • j. D is a jump kick that has a downward angle that is good for air-to-ground approaches and to start combos. It can also cross-up as well.


  • st. CD is a strong, delayed side kick that can be used as a preemptive anti-air to as a stagger during offensive pressure
  • j.CD is a jumping side kick, good for air-to-air. Can whiff on crouching opponents if released too early.


Kubikime Otoshi - (b/f + C) close

  • Kim grabs the opponent's head with his feet, then slams their head in the ground. They land near the corner, face upward.
  • Hard knockdown
  • This throw flips the enemy face up for a possible back-turned okizeme glitch setup

Sakkyaku Swimming - (b/f + D) close

  • Kim grabs and tosses the opponent toward the corner of the screen.
  • Soft knockdown

<a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href=";66">Video of both C and D throws</a>

Command Moves

Neri Chagi - (f + B)

  • Kim performs a slow axe kick aimed at the opponent's head. Pretty good to throw out every now and then to mix-up your offense.
  • Overhead unless cancelled into
  • If cancelled into, becomes 2 hitter, both hits are cancel-able, but loses overhead property
  • Cannot connect from anything
  • Useful to cancel into Max Mode

Special Moves

Haki Kyaku - (d, d, + B/D)

  • Kim stomps his foot at the opponent's feet. Good to use when you want to mix up your ground offensive pressure to keep the opponent guessing.
  • Hits low
  • B version is super cancel-able
  • B version has a feature where if you don't have enough stock to super cancel (ie. less than 2 stocks), you can do the Hou'ou Kyaku input and Kim will cancel this move. If successful, Kim will flash in white.
  • D version is hard knockdown, not super cancel-able

Hangetsu Zan - (qcb + B/D)

  • Kim's signature cresent kick. Light kick version hits once, heavy kick version hits twice.
  • Light kick (B) version travels a short range, heavy kick (D) version goes around half-screen.
  • B version normally super cancel-able, D version only super cancellable in max mode (can also cancel into SDM qcb~hcf+B+D while he's in midair)

Sanren Geki - (qcb + A/C) up to three times

  • Kim's rekka series. First hit starts with an inverted roundhouse kick (which can be used as a hop anti-air) and second hit is a side kick. The third kick ends in a overhead if you use light punch, or ends with jumping spin kicks if you use heavy punch.
  • First input of punch button determines the finisher of the chain
  • Both enders are super cancel-able

Combo Advice: If you use the heavy punch version, all the hits will connect and combo if cancelled from his cl. C midscreen or in the corner. Against a cornered opponent, try cr.B, cr. A, qcb + C x3. This wont work midscreen. If you have 2 stocks of meter, try f+B, qcb+BC (that freely activates into max mode), qcb+C, qcb+D, qcb~hcf+K.

  • After first hit, has alternate followup Sankuu Kyaku
Sankuu Geki - (uf + B/D, d + B/D)
  • If you input these motions after the first qcb+C, Kim will perform a jumping roundhouse, ending in an axe kick that hits overhead.
  • First hit of this is super cancel-able
  • Second hit is an overhead and hard knockdown

Combo Advice: Try cr.B, cr. A/cl.C, qcb+C, uf + B/D, d + B/D. Works anywhere.

Hien Zan - charge down briefly, then (up + B/D)

  • Kim's flash kick. Light kick version travels a shorter vertical distance than the heavy kick version that travels near the top of the screen.
  • D version super cancellable
  • D version will not bring a crouching opponent into the air
  • D version has a followup Tenshou Zan
Ouiche - down + D after a D Hien Zan
  • Hard knockdown

Hishou Kyaku - qcf + K (only in the air)

  • Kim air stomps the opponent. He travels at a downward angle diagonally, and it can only be released during a jump or super jump. Starts up fast, and can catch opponents throwing ground fireballs before they recover or even hit them air to air.
  • Bounces back if blocked or not but he can be punished landing on the way down.
  • Can follow with Tsuika Kougeki
Tsuiki Kougeki - D after Hishou Kyaku rebound
  • Can be done if blocked or not
  • Can push back farther if done early on block
  • Can actually hit airborne opponents after Hishou Kyaku connects in the corner if done early
  • He still can be punished by any move that can beat out a j. D.

Desperation Moves

Hou'ou Kyaku - qcb~hcf + B/D

  • Kim ranbu super; a flurry of fast kicks, ending in an axe kick. Good to use a quick punish if your opponent whiffs any special moves or DMs that have bad recovery (or if really unsafe on block). It is also easy to combo after a two hit cl. C.
  • Catches airborne opponents
  • B version travels around 3/4ths of full-screen, D version travels full-screen

Hiten Hou'ou Kyakyu - qcf x 2 + B/D

  • A splits kick that launches the opponent in the air.
  • Juggles opponent
  • B version launches opponent slightly forward, D version just launches vertically
  • Very fast

Super Desperation Move

Kuuchuu Hou'ou Kyaku - qcb, hcf + BD (only in the air)

  • An aerial ranbu EX super. Kim throws out a flurry of air normals, stomps, to end with aerial roundhouse kicks into an axe kick.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Good to use as an air-to-air attack
  • Travels an extremely long distance mid air


Kyou Hou'ou Kyaku - (close) qcb~hcf + AC

  • Kim unleashes a fury of kicks ending an a rising phoenix kick.
  • Proximity Unblockable
  • Hard knockdown
  • Does not catch airborne opponents
  • If opponent is already in block stun, this move will not connect


  • cl.C (2) >
    • qcb + C > uf + K > d + K
    • DM qcf qcf + B
      • DM qcb db f + K
      • j.CD
      • (d) u + D > d + D
      • (d) u + D >>> DM qcf qcf + K
    • DM qcb df f + K
    • HSDM qcb df f + AC
    • qcb + D
    • qcb + B >>>
      • DM qcb db f + K
      • DM qcf qcf + K ...

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • qcb + P ...
    • (d) u + B
    • DM qcf qcf + B ...
    • DM qcb df f + K (Point blank.)
    • HSDM qcb df f + AC

0 Stock

  • cl.C/cr.B×1~2/cr.A, qcb+P~uf+K~d+K
  • cl.C, qcb + D
  • cl.C, down, down + B/D
  • cr.B×1~2, cr. d~u+B

1 Meter

  • cl.C/cr.B×1~2/cr.A, qcb hcf+K
  • cl.C/cr.B×1~2/cr.A, qcfx2+K, d~u+D~d+K

2 Meters

  • cl.C/cr.B×1~2/cr.A, qcfx2+D, qcb hcf+K
  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D, qcfx2+D, d~u+D~d+K

3 Meters

  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Cx3, (SC) qcb hcf+BD
  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D (2)/d~u+D (2), qcb hcf+BD
  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D, qcfx2+D, qcb hcf+K/(BC) qcb+Px2, (SC) qcb hcf+K


  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D, qcfx2+D, [BC] qcb+Px2, (SC) qcfx2+D, d~u+D~d+D

4 Meters

  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D, (SC) qcfx2+K, [BC] rtk (reverse tiger knee) hcf+BD


  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D, (SC) qcfx2+K, [BC] qcbx2+C, (SC buffer) qcb hcf+BD

5 Meters


  • cl.C, (BC) cl.C (1), qcb+Ax3 (Nerichagi 1 hit), qcb+D, (SC) qcfx2+K, [BC] qcb+Px2, qcfx2+D, [BC] qcb+Cx3, (SC buffer) qcb hcf+BD

The Basics

Advanced Strategy