Hinako Shijou (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2

Normal Moves


  • Hinako doesn't have any close versions of her standing normals
  • All of Hinako's stand normals are whiff cancel-able into special moves and command normals
  • st.A/st.B/C/D are cancel-able
  • st.A is chain-able, links into most of her command normals and is good for stopping hops
  • st.B unlike her other normals makes her sprite move forward rather than staying in the neutral stance
  • st.C/D are both great combo starters, link right into special attacks because of their hit-stun
  • st.D hits mid despite the look of it's hit-box and is special and command normal cancel-able


  • cr.A and cr.C are mid attacks and are cancel-able into command and special moves
  • cr.B hits low and is chain-able into itself and into st.A, cr.A, and st.B
  • cr.C is good for stopping air to ground jump in attacks if timed correctly. This normal also moves Hinako forward a bit and is whiff cancel-able and special and command normal cancel-able. Hinako is crouched REALLY low during the start of this normal which can evade some grounded normals.
  • cr.D is a whiff cancel-able sweep. On hit it can be whiff cancelled into f+B, then cancelled into her down, down+K ground pound for a two hit combo, regardless if they ground tech or not


  • All of Hinako's jump normals hit overhead but the must be performed rather deep and late to hit crouching opponents.
  • j.A & j.B is good for attacking from the air-to-ground
  • j.C has a cross-up hit box but its rather difficult to combo into her st.C from it
  • j.D is the preferred jump-in attack, it hits twice and can connect easier into her st.B or st.C but must hit very deep and must be performed at the end of a hop. It is also a good normal to jump away from the opponent with and to zone slightly within her hop arc area. It may whiff on crouching opponents easily if performed too early in the jump

Blowback Attack

  • st.CD moves Hinako forward a bit, while her hitbox when starting up crouches VERY low, then raises when active.
  • st.CD on hit can cause a 2 hit setup like her crouching D (heavy kick) by cancelling into her f+B command normal then performing down,down+D
  • j.CD is good for air-to-ground offense, has a very steep diagonal angle & can cross-up directly above opponents


Tasuki Nage - close, (b/f + C)

  • Hinako lifts the opponent and toss them over her head
  • The distance the opponent lands is around a full hyper hop distance away
  • Hard knockdown

Uwate Swimming - close, (b/f + D)

  • Hinako tosses and slides the opponent to the ground on their backside
  • The distance the opponent lands and wakes up is rather close, it's far enough for her st.B to hit
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Harite Sendai - (f + A, A)

  • Hinako slaps the opponent in the face which is follow by her st.A
  • Her f+A by itself can be special cancelled
  • Although can be cancelled into her st.C and st.C, it will whiff because Hinko will be pushed back
  • Neutral on block by itself, plus frames when st.A is added

Harite Nishiki - (f + A, C)

  • Hinako slaps the opponent in the face which is follow by her st.C
  • Her f+A by itself can be special cancelled
  • Although can be cancelled into her st.C and st.C, it will whiff because Hinko will be pushed back
  • Neutral on block, negative when st.C is added

Tsuppari - (f + B, B)

  • Hinako steps forward with two palm thrusts
  • Second palm thrust hits overhead and provides enough hitstun for a follow-up into her st.B, or hcb+K, hcb,f+K or hcf+P
  • Can be swept under by the opponent
  • The first palm thrust is safe on block, as well as the second

Nodowa - (df + C, D)

  • Hinako takes a huge step forward and smacks the opponent in the face which is follow by her st.D which turns into a low attack
  • The input can be reversed as D, df+C. The stand D won't be a low attack, it will stay as a mid
  • The df+C is special cancel-able by itself, and the stand D is special cancel-able as well.
  • The df+C has frame advantage on block as well as the st.D
  • The df+C by itself knocks jumping opponents straight up, vertically in the air
  • Causes a soft knockdown

Maemitsu Tataki - (df + A)

  • A 2-hit slap uppercut that moves Hinako forward and is special cancel-able and can be easily cancelled from many of her normals
  • The 1st attack can be cancelled but it's best to cancel from the 2nd attack because it is easy to confirm into
  • Shouldn't be used as an anti-air of any kind; it's start up is rather slow, and Hinako's hurtbox doesn't shrink

Kakeguri - (df + D)

  • A rather short ranged round kick that hits low
  • Special cancel-able

Special Moves

Tsukidashi - (qcf + A/C)

  • Hinako marches forward with Sumo hand smacks. The hitboxes (which have no invinciblity) on the smacks when she is advancing forward is actually quite big which may stuff out the opponents standing normal attacks at a mid to close range. While moving forward she is open to getting hit by projectiles and counter based special moves. The light punch version is a bit safer on block than the heavy punch version. It's a difficult to punish her when this move is whiffed, especially the light punch version which has fast recovery frames. It's best to use this move only within combos, but it is okay to zone at a mid to close range with the light punch version every once in a while.
  • Light punch version does 4 hits, heavy punch version does 6 hits
  • Soft knockdown

Combo Advice: The light punch version can combo from light and close heavy attacks (df+C for example), while the heavy punch version can combo from close heavy normals and command normals (example: cl.C, df+A or f+A,A or f+B,B). You can also super cancel the 2nd hit of the light punch version, and super cancel the 3rd of the heavy punch version.

Tsuki Otoshi - (qcb + A/C)

  • Hinako performs 2 hits: one that is her st.B, then a 2nd hit that slams the opponent to the ground creating a hard knockdown. The first hit has a small amount of auto-guard frames which will absorb the attack, then knock the opponent down with the 2nd attack. The first hit will only auto-guard attacks (projectiles included) aimed at Hinako's mid-section or higher (irregardless of hit detection), and doesn't have very fast start-up, which may cause to be beaten out by incoming attacks if timed improperly. A successful auto-guard costs a bit of guard meter from Hinako, and she is also in counter hit state during the duration of the move. It's best to use this move more for the hard knockdown properties rather than trying to use it as a counter move or as an anti-air because of its slow start-up.
  • The second hit causes the opponent to be knockdown in front of Hinako's feet, which is adequate spacing for a cross-up j.C (a few steps back may be needed for certain characters) or a meaty cr.B, or any other okizeme mix-up you can try.
  • Hinako is at negative frames when this move is blocked but receives a small amount of push-back from the opponent
  • No property or damage difference between the light punch (A) and heavy punch (C) buttons
  • Hard knockdown

Combo Advice: It's best to cancel into this move from the first hit of her df+A command normal. A good example: cl.C, df+A (1), qcb+P or cr.B, st.B, df+A (1), qcb+P

Kote Nage - close, (hcf + B/D)

  • With a single hand, Hinako grabs the opponent, then swings and throws them face first sliding against the ground almost a half screen away. This is a command throw that has a whiff animation that can be blocked, so it should be used only during punished and most importantly at the end of combos. Hinako doesn't have any invincibility frames during this move, so it isn't a good idea to try to use it as an anti-air or to phase through attacks during block stun.
  • The distance Hinako throws the opponent is close to a half screen distance away. This distance grants Hinako a few very nasty okizeme setups mid-screen & in the corner. Mid-screen you can run toward the grounded opponent then super jump over them with a j.CD that will cross them up. If you throw the opponent in the corner, you can use the same mid-screen setup to cross them up with j.CD.
  • On block, Hinako is at negative frames but is pushed back rather far enough to be punished properly. Hinako also gains a good clunk of meter if this attack is whiffed and more even which blocked.

Combo Advice: Hinako's normals can cancel easily into this command throw, except for her sweep (cr.D).

Kake Nage - close, (hcb, f + B/D)

  • This is Hinako's 1-frame command throw. Hinako tosses the opponent on their backside on the opposite side of where they were standing. The distance where the opponent lands is around the same distance as her hcf+K command throw, so you can't get any kind of okizeme from it. It's a pretty good throw to use if you want to throw the opponent in the corner if you are near the corner yourself, but if you use it against a cornered opponent, then you'll be obviously toss them out of the corner. It's rather easy to combo into this throw, but make sure your inputs are clean or else it may overlap with Hinako's other special moves.
  • 1 frame command throw
  • Hard knockdown

Yorigiri - close, (dp + B/D)

  • This is Hinako's 3rd command throw. This is a delayed invincible command throw which is highly similar to Daimon's dp+K command throw. Hinako ducks down low then grabs the opponent, pushing them ALL the way to the other side of the screen, corner to corner where she slams the opponent against the wall leaving them face down and character space away from the corner. You can try an ambiguous roll setup or super jump over them with a crossup j.CD on their wake-up if you're quick enough.
  • Hinako does have invincibility during the start-up and active frames of this move which can quite annoying for the opponent, but it can be easily jumped out of on reaction or spaced out with a quick long ranged normal.
  • You can't combo into this command throw because of it's slow start-up, but you can use it to mix up your offense a bit.
  • Delayed invincible command throw
  • Hard knockdown
  • No difference between light kick and heavy kick buttons

Shiko Toumi - (d, d + B/D)

  • Hinako performs a powerful Sumo stomp that trembles the ground. This move behaves similar to Daimon's dp+A earthquake special move. The opponent is hit low anywhere on the screen, and must simply crouch to avoid the tremble. When hit from afar the opponent can tech the knockdown, but if performed at close (point blank or a part of a combo), the opponent can not tech at all and the stomp must be guarded low. There isn't a damage difference between the light and heavy kick versions but there is a slight start-up difference; light kick version starts up faster and is used in combos, while heavy kick has slower setup and isn't used in combos. This attack is good against opponents that are zoning from a far range with projectiles to entice them to come closer to you.
  • Hinako has very poor recovery if this move is whiffed and is at negative frames if blocked as well.
  • Hit detection, full screen low, must be crouched or jumped to be avoided
  • Hits rolling opponents
  • Soft knockdown far
  • You can super cancel this move, but its useless since her super can't hit on the ground opponents
  • Hard knockdown if hit close

Combo Advice: Hinako can combo into this special move in three ways:

1.) From her normal attacks as a combo, cl.C, df+A (2), down down+B or cr.Bx2, st.B, df+A (2), down down+B for example

2.) While the opponent is on-the-ground after a sweep (cr.D) or a st.CD by placing a f+B, then canceling it into a down down+B

3.) After her qcb+P or qcb+K on a cornered opponent. If either move is landed too far away from the opponent, the stomp won't connect (see combo section).

Gorin Tsuki - (qcb + B/D)

  • Hinako squats down then performs a quick, powerful double palm thrust. On normal hit, the opponent is knocked a half screen away, on their backside, causing a hard knockdown. On counter hit, this attack causes a counter wire which causes a wall bounce anywhere on the screen, which Hinako can follow-up with an attack while the opponent is falling. This special move doesn't have any invincibility during the start, but Hinako's initially crouches low enough for she can avoid shoulder height horizontal projectiles. Her palm thrust can actually nullify different kinds of projectiles if timed properly.
  • The light kick version is used in combos, while the heavy kick version has a much slower start-up, farther range and cannot be used in combos. There isn't a damage difference between the button strengths.
  • Both the light kick and heavy kick versions are quite safe and very hard to punish if blocked up close.
  • Causes hard knockdown
  • Causes wall bounce on counter hit (counter wire)

Combo Advice: The light kick version can be used after a few of her standing normals or her df+A command normal (cl.C, df+A, qcb+B for example).

Desperation Moves

Gasshou Hiner - (hcf x 2 + B/D)

  • Hinako leaps towards the opponent, grabs them, then throws them across the screen. The distance of the leap is about a hyper hop arch away from the opponent. This DM does have start-up invincibility but its rather short. Hinako has lower body invincibility during the leap, but can be hit before the grab comes out. The grab is block-able, but it can catch opponents normal and command normals and some special moves as well, except for counter based moves. If whiffed or blocked, Hinako can be easily punished. This move is best used to either avoid ground skimming fireballs, to punish opponents recovering from reversal based special moves or DMs, and can easily combo at the end of her df+A command normal.
  • Causes a hard knockdown

Combo Advice: Best used when cancelled from her df+A as for example cl.C, df+A, hcfx2+K or cr.B, st.B, df+A, hcfx2+K. Or you can super cancel it during 2nd/3rd hit of her qcf+A/C respectively.

Super Desperation Move

Gasshou Hiner - (hcf x 2 + B + D)

  • This is a much better version of her normal DM. It has much longer start-up invincibility, farther range, and more damage. It still retains much of the properties of the normal DM (like no invincibility during the actual grab, unsafe if blocked or whiffed, same landing distance, poor recovery) and can be used at the end of a combo like the normal DM version.
  • Block-able grab
  • Causes a hard knock down

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Daisharin Nodowa Otoshi - (hcb x 2 + A + C)

  • This is the HSDM version of her special move Yogigiri (dp+K). Hinako grabs the opponent to deliver a powerful aerial body slam. The slam causes a hard knockdown while Hinako flies away from the opponent towards the corner. The start-up looks exactly like the dp+K special move which looks deceptive and also has the long invincibility with the late activation. If missed the only notification the opponent will have is a loss of your meter. The slow start-up of this HSDM (similar to dp+K) makes it unusable in combos but more of a use during your wake-up as a reversal, on the opponents wake-up or during tick throw setups.
  • Causes a hard knockdown


  • cl.C > [8%]
    • f + B > [%]
      • qcb + P, [%]
        • d d + D (OTG.) [34%]
      • B > [18%]
        • hcf + K [36%]
        • (S)DM hcf hcf + K/BD (SDM skip "B" if not on point blank or in the corner.)[43%/56%] {1/3 stocks}
        • qcf A (2) / qcf C (3) >>> (S)DM hcf hcf + K/BD [DM: 51%/49%] [SDM: 64%/62%]{2/4 stocks}
        • hcb f + K [31%]
        • qcf + A/C (From df + A (2): only qcf + A, only very close and 1st hit will miss.) [28%/27%]
        • qcb + B, [33%]
          • d d + D (Corner. Timming required. OTG.) [39%]
        • d d + B [24%]
        • , st.B ... (Timming required.)
        • , df + A ... (Timming required.)
    • df + A (2) > (Very close.) [14%]
      • ... anything that can follow f + B > B, except when noted.
    • df + A (1) > [12%]
      • ... anything that can follow f + B > B.
    • df + C > [14%]
      • D, [19%]
        • d d + K (Corner. OTG.) [26%]
      • ... anything that can follow f + B > B.

About f + B > B: You may skip B, this reduce de damage by ~-4%.

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • df + A ...
    • hcb f + K
    • hcf + K
    • qcf + C/A
    • qcf C (3) / qcf A (2) >>> (S)DM hcf hcf + K/BD

  • cr.A > df + D [9%]

0 Meter


1.) cr.B, cr.A, df + A (1 hit)

qcb + A/C, down, down + D (6 hits) / qcb + B (4 hits) / hcf + A (7 hits) / hcf + C (9 hits) / hcb, f + B or D

2.) cr.B, cr.A, df + A (2)

qcb + B (5 hits) / hcf + A (8 hits) / hcf + C (10 hits) / hcb, f + B or D

3.) cr.B X 3, st.B, df + A (1)

qcb + A (7 hits) / qcb + B (6 hits) / hcf + C (11 hits) / hcb, f + B or D (6 hits) / hcf + B or D (6 hits)

4.) cr.B (X 2 or 3), far B

qcf + A (7 hits) / hcb, f + B or D / hcf + B or D (4 hits) / df + A, down, down + B

5.) cr.B (X 3), far B, df + A (2)

hcb, f + B or D (5 hits) /qcb + B, down, down, + B (corner only)


1.) cl.C/cl.D or cr.C, df + A (1)

qcb + B (3 hits)/hcf + B or D (3 hits)/qcb +P, down, down + K (5 hits)/qcf + A (6 hits)/qcf + C (8 hits)

2.) cl.C/cl.D or cr.C, df + A (2)

hcb,f + K (3 hits)/hcf + K (4 hits)/qcf + A (6 hits)

3.) cl.C or cl.D, (f + B, B), df + A (1)

qcb + B (5 hits)/hcf + A (7 hits) /qcf + C (10 hits) / hcf + B or D (4 hits) / qcb + P, down, down + K (7 hits)

  • cl.C or cl.D, (f + B, B), B, df + A (1), qcb + A, down, down + B (corner only)

4.) cl.C or cr.C, df + C

hcb,f + K/qcb + K (3 hits)/hcf + K (3 hits)/qcf + A (6 hits)/qcf + C (8 hits)

  • cl.C or cr.C, df + C, df + D, f + B (whiff), down, down + B (4 hits)


  • j.A/B/C/D, st. B, df + A, hcf + K/qcf + C/down, down + B

1 Meter


  • cr.B (or x3), far B, df + A (2), hcf, hcf + K


  • st.C/st.D, df+A, hcf, hcf + K
  • st.C/st.D, (f+B,B), B, df+A, hcf, hcf + K
  • Counter Hit qcb + K, (wall bounce), catch opponent with hcf, hcf + K

2 Meter


  • cr.B (or x3), far B, df + A (2), hcf, hcf + BD
  • cr.B (or x2), st.B, df + A (1), qcf+C (3) (SC) hcf, hcf + K


  • st.C/st.D, df + A, hcf, hcf + BD
  • st.C/st.D, (f+B,B), B, df+A (1) , hcf, hcf + BD
  • st.C/st.D, (f+B,B), B, df+A (1), qcf + A (2), hcf, hcf + BD

Max Mode/BC Combos

2 Meters

  • st.C/st.D, (f+B,B), df + A (1), (BC), st. C, (f+B,B), qcf + C (5). hcf, hcf + K
  • cr.B, st. B, df + A (1), (BC), st. C, (f+B,B), qcf + C (5), hcf, hcf + K

3 Meters

  • st.C/st.D, (f+B,B), df + A (1), (BC), st. C, (f+B,B), qcf + C (5). hcf, hcf + BD
  • cr.B, st. B, df + A (1), (BC), st. C, (f+B,B), qcf + C (5), hcf, hcf + BD

The Basics

Advanced Strategy