Orochi Yashiro (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl. A/B/C/D are all cancel-able
  • cl. A is chain-able into itself, and cl.B
  • cl. A whiffs on crouching opponents
  • cl. B and cl. D isn't a low
  • cl. C and cl. D starts many of his ground combos


  • st. A is chain-able into itself and st. B
  • st. A/B/C/D are not cancel-able
  • st. B is a good short ranged poked
  • st. C/D moves Yashiro forward slightly
  • st. D is good for stopping incoming hops


  • cr. A/C/D are cancel-able on hit and block
  • cr. A is chain-able into itself and st. A
  • cr. B is chain-able into cr. A and cl. A
  • cr. A is a good close ranged poke
  • cr. C is an uppercut that can be used as an anti-air or a combo starter
  • cr. D can be canceled into special moves on whiffed


  • j. A points downward, and is a good attack for ground to air, and jumping away
  • j. B swings from down to up, is good for air to air situations, and using from ground to the air
  • j. C aims downward and is a great jump-in/air to ground
  • j. D swings horizontal and is good for air-to-air and jump-in attack


  • A good ranged shoulder attack, cancel-able on hit and block, and whiff cancel-able
  • j. CD is a good attack for air-to-air which can be low profiled and whiffs on crouching opponents


Baku - Close, b/f + C

  • Yashiro knocks them back in the direction that he was facing

Beki - Close, b/f + D

  • Yashiro grabs them and throws them in the opposite direction they were facing
  • hard knockdown and the opponent's back is turned when waking up
  • gives you enough time to run up to them or jump in before they get up, even from midscreen

Command Moves

Saku - f + A

  • Yashiro does a slow overhead smash with his fist
  • overhead
  • cancellable if cancelled into
  • if cancelled into, this move does almost no damage and loses the overhead property but comes out much faster and doesn't knock down
  • this move makes Yashiro move forward, making combos more likely to land than if using the more damaging f+B

Bu - f + B

  • Yashiro does a horizontal kick forward, which has decent range
  • cancellable

Special Moves

Niragu Daichi - hcf + A/C

  • delayed command throw that has invincibility before the point when the throw contact will register. The opponent is thrown into the air, and can be juggled on the way down
  • if Yashiro does not hit the opponent, opponent suffers a hard knockdown and falls with their back turned
  • great move for setting up some resets that lead to some good damage

Musebu Daichi - hcb, f + A/C

  • instant one frame grab
  • hard knockdown
  • opponent is knocked down with their back turned

Odoru Daichi - hcf + B/D

  • Yashiro runs forward and grabs the opponent
  • hard knockdown

Kujiku Daichi - qcb + A/C

  • Yashiro jumps into the air, and grabs the opponent if he falls on them and they are on the ground. qcb+C jumps further and higher than qcb+A
  • if this move is successful, Yashiro switches sides with opponent and has enough time to walk up and combo them
  • very easy to evade and punish and not recommended to be used much, if at all
  • free cancellable into

Unaru Daichi - dp + A/C

  • Slow startup moves that leaves Yashiro at considerable frame advantage.
  • Can link into hcb,f+P and super in the corner.
  • This move has an enormous amount of active frame and is therefore good to hit meaty which opens possibilities to walk in and combo.

Desperation Moves

Ankoku Jigoku Otoshi Gokuraku - hcb x 2 + A/C

  • instant one frame grab
  • Yashiro has alot of time to move around as the opponent falls, giving him opportunity for mixups

Araburu Daichi - qcf x 2 + B/D

  • Yashiro leaps across the screen, about 3/4 screen length and grabs the opponent if he connects
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with their back turned
  • extremely easy to see coming and evade due to the super flash before he leaps

Super Desperation

Ankoku Jigoku Otoshi Gokuraku - hcb x 2 + AC

  • one frame grab that does more damage than his hcbx2+P DM

Araburu Daichi - qcf x 2 + BD

  • same as his DM version, but alot more damaging
  • unblockable
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with their back turned
  • extremely easy to see coming and evade because of the super flash

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Armaggedon - hcb x 2 + BD

  • Yashiro does a massive punch across the screen that takes a long time to come out
  • Yashiro has full body autoguard and invincibility during the entire startup and active period.
  • unblockable
  • Combos of a hcf+P in the corner.


  • cl.C / cl.D > [9%]
    • f + A [11%]
      • hcb f + P [29%]
      • hcf + B [24%]
      • (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC [35%/56%] {1/3 stocks}

You may use cr.C (~-2%) instead of cl.C / cl.D.

You may use f + B (~+2%) instead of f + A if you are very close.

  • cr.B, cr.A, st.A, st.B

  • cr.B, cr.A > [6%]
    • hcb f + P
    • (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC

  • cr.A > hcf + P, [2%]
    • HSDM hcb hcb + BD [44%] {3 Stocks}
    • (Nothing) [16%]
    • CD [16%]
    • j.CD [14%]
    • j.C / j.D [11%/10%]

Combo Notes

  • jump attack, cl.C / cl,D > f + A / f + B > hcb f + P / (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC

Bread and butter combo

  • cr.A x 3 > st.B

Bread and butter combo off Crouch A pressure.

  • cr.B, cl.A > hcb f + P / (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC

Chaining from crouch B to close A is difficult. Close A whiffs on crouching opponents, but this move can be buffered in such a way, that if the close A whiffs, it is whiff cancelled and the combo hits anyway.

  • cr.A / cl.A > hcf + P

Not a very useful combo, but good to know it exists.

  • jump attack, cl.C / cl.D > f + A >> BC bypass, cl.C / cl.D > f + A > (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC

Does not require you to run in after the BC bypass, just hold forward, and press Close C/D and it will hit.

  • cr.B >> BC bypass, cr.C > f + A, (S)DM hcb hcb + P/AC

Combos into SDM off a low. Not very useful, but good to know.

=Combo Animations

<a href="/wiki/index.php?title=File:Orochiyashirocombo1.gif" class="image"><img alt="Orochiyashirocombo1.gif" src="/wiki/images/9/95/Orochiyashirocombo1.gif" width="304" height="227"/></a>

  • cr. A, cr. A, st. A, st. B

<a href="/wiki/index.php?title=File:Orochiyashirocombo2.gif" class="image"><img alt="Orochiyashirocombo2.gif" src="/wiki/images/e/e3/Orochiyashirocombo2.gif" width="304" height="227"/></a>

  • j. C, cl. C, f+A, hcbx2+P

Hcf+P Command Grab Setups

1. hcf+P, superjump C, walk under close D or hcf+P

This is the standard and most common mixup. If you keep walking underneath the entire time, you will pass through them...and that itself is pretty obvious for the opponent to see. However, if right before the opponent lands, you stop walking, you will not pass under them and can hit them from the front. If done right, it can look very ambigious.

2. hcf+P, run underneath, close C, hcf+B(goes underneath them again), close D or hcf+P

This mixup is one that should be done more seldomly because it is easy to catch on. The hcf+K will go under the opponent and Yashiro will recover the same time the opponent does, allowing for another mixup. If the opponent hasn't seen it before (or hasn't seen it recently), they might be caught off guard. This mixup is even more useful against opponents that have one frame grabs, because the opponent will be facing the wrong way and there is a glitch where reversal one frame grabs whiff if facing the wrong way.

3. hcf+P, immediate hyperhop D, forward jump D(crossup)

This setup needs to be done exactly as stated or it won't work. If done properly, Yashiro's forward jump D will be facing backwards (even though opponent is positioned behind him) but since it has a crossup hitbox, it will hit behind from behind. Very ambiguous, though if done too often, loses effectiveness.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy