Jhun Hoon (KoF '02 UM)

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Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl.A/B/C are cancellable
  • cl.B chains into itself and cl.A
  • cl.D's hitbox is quite high and will whiff on small characters like Bao, Chin and Choi


  • none of Jhun's stand normals are special or command move cancellable
  • s.A is whiff cancellable into specials and command normals
  • s.D has a very far range and moves Jhun slightly closer to the opponent
  • Jhun's stand normals all have decently far reaching horizontal hitboxes for poking
  • Jhun s.A works as a preemptive anti-hop tool


  • cr.A/B/C are cancellable
  • cr.B chains into itself, cr.A, cl.A and s.B
  • cr.D has good range for a sweep and decent startup
  • you can do an interesting trick by throwing out a cr.A and simultaneously entering the command for either A or B stance thus making a mini blockstring into a stance mixup


  • j.A is a horizontal strike during a neutral, hop or hyper hop, but during normal jump and super jump it takes on a downward angle that can crossup
  • j.B has a very acute vertical angle that would be a matchup based air to air
  • j.C has two neutral versions: at hop height Jhun does his flip kick and at normal height he does an angled kick. The hop height version controls aerial space really well
  • j.C in its forward and backward varieties is his flip kick version
  • j.D has two neutral versions at hop height it is a downward angled kick and at normal height it is an angled kick roughly the same space as his normal j.C
  • j.D has crossup properties that are hard to land on smaller characters


  • Jhun's blowback will whiff on crouching shorter & some medium characters like Chin, Leona, Vice, Bao, Angel and others, but not on similar characters such as Vanessa
  • j.CD has great horizontal hitbox


Handougeki - (close, b/f + C)

  • causes soft knockdown

Kai Senpuu - (close, b/f + D)

  • causes hard knockdown
  • throws the opponent all the way to the opposite corner

Command Moves

Soshuu Geki - (f + A, Hold for Soshuu Stance)

  • Jhun send out a far reaching kick that when held puts him in a stance
  • hits mid
  • can combo into it and from it, though it will usually put Jhun out of range to hit
  • has some frames of stance recovery even if not held

Ryouko Geki - (f + B, Hold for Ryouko Stance)

  • Jhun strikes out a kick, turns his back to the screen and into a stance
  • hits mid
  • can combo into it, but not from it
  • has some frames of stance recovery even if not held

Ryuurou Shuu - (d + B, in the air)

  • Jhun lands a downward stomp on the opponents head
  • Jhun will jump back 1/3 of the screen after landing the hit or if the opponent blocks
  • must be blocked high so a useful tool for crouching opponents
  • can cancel his air super from the hit
  • it has interesting crossup quality in that if hits as a crossup it doesn't bounce Jhun away, but keeps him right next to the opponent


  • note: you cannot throw, block, crouch or jump as normal in either stance and if you get hit it will knock you out of the stance. If you get hit in a stance it counts as a counter. Also Jhun adopts a hop-style dash when in stance.

Soshuu Stance - (d, d + A, hold down to maintain stance)

Shuusou Kyaku Joudan - (u + C)

  • Jhun swings an axe of a leg down on the opponent.
  • hits mid
  • can combo into Soshuu stance D for a hard knockdown and normal stance f+B
  • if you drop the stance during the move you can combo into quick normal stance normals
  • if you land it against an aerial opponent it causes a hard knockdown
  • it is slightly plus on block

Shuusou Kyaku Gedan - (C)

  • Jhun slashes out in front of himself with a quick kick
  • hits mid
  • can combo into Soshuu stance D for a hard knockdown
  • good as a pressure tool to then switch stance and go for a mixup
  • it is plus on block

Taikyoku Ha - (D)

  • Jhun shoots his leg straight out stomping the opponent's midriff.
  • causes hard knockdown
  • relatively slow move, but causes a guard crash on block
  • can be comboed into to secure a hard knockdown

Kirikae Kougeki - (B and hold for Ryouko Stance)

  • Jhun quickly flips to his Ryouko stance
  • this allows fast toggling between his two stances so you can utilize the move desired, such as his Evade move
  • you can seamlessly move between the stance indefinitely

Kirikae Dousa - (b/f+B and hold B for Ryouko stance)

  • Jhun whips out a little side kick that is an effective poke at long range and deception tool
  • hits mid
  • can't combo into anything
  • the meat of this tool is that it provides block stun to move into Ryouko stance and keep the opponent guessing from there

Ryouko Stance - (d, d + B hold to maintain stance)

Hiko Geki - (u + C)

  • Jhun hops at the opponent crashing down with a wheel kick
  • hits overhead
  • causes hard knockdown to grounded or aerial opponents
  • very negative on block

Mouko Geki - (C)

  • Jhun sends out a low kick that slams the opponent into the air
  • hits low
  • causes soft knockdown
  • puts the opponent into a juggle state where you can follow up
  • is super cancellable
  • negative on block, but can be mitigated by being at max range

Shuuko Geki - (d +C)

  • Jhun slides at the opponent with a heavy kick
  • hits low and is rather fast
  • negative on block, less so if properly spaced
  • can be timed to go under some projectiles like King's
  • super cancellable
  • another mixup and pressure tool for Jhun's odd arsenal

Taikyoku Hi - (D)

  • Jhun step out of the way of harm with this evade
  • will evade normals, projectile and some supers if timed correctly
  • absolutely crucial to being able to use Jhun in his two stances as outside of backdash it is his only defensive option-

Kirikae Kougeki - (A, hold for Soshuu Stance)

  • allows for quick switching to Soshuu stance
  • this gives Jhun the ability to have a quicker and largely safer attack in Soshuu
  • you can switch indefinitely or hold A to stay within Soshuu

Kirikae Dousa - (b/f+A, hold for Soshuu Stance)

  • Jhun stomps on the opponents knees and flips backward slightly
  • hits overhead
  • puts Jhun just within distance for his normal stance sweep
  • good way to back off and switch stances to differ your angle of attack
  • negative on block like all of Jhun's Ryouko moves.

Special Moves

Mangetsu Zan - (qcb + B/D hold B for Ryouko Stance during B version)

  • Jhun flys forward in a flurry of acrobatic taekwondo
  • B version goes only a short distance and hits 5 times in full
  • B version can switch Jhun into Ryouko stance by holding B
  • D version goes covers half screen and hits 6 times in full
  • D version does significant guard damage on block
  • both versions are negative on block
  • can be cancelled into, but will not combo unless you land a counter hit

Haiki Jin - (qcb + P, hold A to Soshuu Stance)

  • Jhun spins in place creating energy around himself
  • hits mid
  • the A version can switch Jhun into Soshuu stance if A is held during the move
  • both versions of this move are plus on block
  • both versions of this move allow for full combos on hit and even his grounded qcf+K super
  • great pressure move, would work as frame trap to timid opponents

Kuu Sajin - (charge down briefly, then up + P hold A to Soshuu Stance during A version)

  • Jhun jumps straight up slashing at the opponent with kicks
  • hits mid
  • A version goes a shorter distance and hits 2 times
  • A version works as Jhun's natural reversal option
  • A version whiffs on crouching opponents
  • C version carry Jhun half screen and hits 3 times
  • you can hide the down charge when you are in a stance, release the stance and press up if an opponent is jumping in.
  • C version is super cancellable

Desperation Moves

Hou'ou resou Kyaku - (qcf x 2 + B/D)

  • Jhun goes ham with a series of slashing kicks
  • hits mid
  • causes soft knockdown on hit
  • Jhun's damaging combo ender

Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku - (qcf x 2 + B/D in the air)

  • Jhun stomps down on the opponent unleashing leg fury
  • hits mid
  • causes soft knockdown
  • can combo into this from his Kuusa Jin move
  • cause it hits mid it really only belongs as combo ender/ punishing move

Super Desperation Moves

Hou'ou resou Kyaku - (qcf x 2 + BD)

  • EX version of Jhun's Kyaku super
  • more hits and more damage that

Hidden Super Desperation Moves

Zankou Haik Geki - (qcb x 2 + AC)

  • Jhun taunts the opponent and creates a ring of energy around him
  • if the ring of energy hits it allows form Jhun to land a full combo or enough to switch into a stance
  • if the player decides uses it away from the opponent Jhun will create the ring of energy and it will stay on the stage for 6 full seconds. Jhun can leave and reenter the ring during this time.
  • If the opponent jumps in on this ring it causes 4 hits and a soft knockdown. This creates interesting protection for Jhun to fight from as he is essentially protect from any low.


  • cl.C >
    • (S)DM qcf qcf + K/BD
    • f + A
      • (S)DM qcf qcf + K/BD (Very close.)

  • cr.B, cr.A > [%]
    • f + B
    • (d) u + P
      • >>> DM qcf qcf + K (Corner.)

  • d d + (A),
    • C,
      • u + C,
        • D
        • f + B

  • d d + (B)
    • C,
      • u + C


1. crouch B, crouch A, f+B

2. close C, f+A, qcfx2+K

Can't be done reliably (at all?) if started from a jump attack

3. B stance C, B stance u+C

4. Crouch Bx1-2,Crouch A, charge down+P

5. crouch B, crouch A, f+B, BC, far D, qcfx2+K/BD

Note that if you start this combo from a jump attack, you should remove the crouch B or you'll be out of range.


1. (qcb+A), A stance C, A stance u+C, A stance D or f+B

2. crouch B, crouch A, charge down up+C(2), (S)qcfx2+K

Omit the crouch B if you're starting this combo from a jump attack

The Basics

Advanced Strategy