Leona Heidern (KoF '02 UM)

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She may be half evil and insane, but that doesn't stop her from topping waifu tier lists.

Move list

Normal Throws
Command Moves
Special Moves
Desperation Moves
Max Desperation Moves
Max 2



  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able
  • cl.C is a double edge normal
  • cl.D is a double edge normal


  • st.A has decent range and good speed
  • st.B has good range and good speed
  • st.C has good reach, moves Leona forward, but comes out a little slow
  • st.D comes out fast, great reach, and moves Leona forward


  • cr.A/B/C are cancel-able
  • cr.A can combo into itself, comes out fast, has decent range
  • cr.B can combo into itself, comes out fast, has great reach, and is Leona's best poking tool
  • cr.C has decent speed, high vertical hitbox but small horizontal, and is one of Leona's anti-air attacks
  • cr. D good speed, standard sweep attack


  • j.C cross-up tool

Blowback Attack

  • Ground Blowback attack moves Leona forward but comes out slow.
  • Jumping blowback attack is fast, good reach, and can follow up if its a counter hit


Leona Crush - (b/f + C)

  • Leona punches through the opponents chest and rips her hand out.
  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Ordeal Buckler - (b/f + D)

  • Leona grabs her foe by their head and looks behind herself then hurls them in the opposite direction.
  • Can be broken
  • Reverse knockdown

Heidern Inferno - (b/d/f + C/D) in air

  • Leona grabs the opponent in mid-air with her feet then kicks them to the ground.
  • Can't be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Command Moves

Strike Arch - (f + B) [4%]

  • Leona does a spinning heel kick. Strike Arch is Leonas only command attack and it happens to be all that she needs since it proves to be a all purpose attack.
  • Strike Arch has decent speed which makes it a very good overhead and primary tool when doing mix-ups, in addition it is a hard knockdown preventing opponents to tech roll.
  • Strike arch can combo into Leona's X-Caliber and her V-Slasher SDM.
  • Also when Leona is performing Strike Arch she is airbourne and cannot be regular/command grab unless from a air grab (Daimon and Clark).

Special Moves

Moon Slasher - ((d) u + P) [A: 14%] [C: 15%]

  • Leona does a circular slash motion swiftly creating a blue flash.
  • Moon slasher hitbox is completely covers her body which allows Leona to stop any type of cross-up attempts.
  • Moon Slasher comes out very fast and its C version moves her forward and has a higher vertical hitbox making it a really good anti-air to prevent any jump-in attempts, but it comes out a little slower than her A version, her A version is her fastest attack that works very well to stop short/bunny hop pressure in its tracks.

Voltaic Launcher - ((b) f + P) [A: Up to 13%] [C: Up to 18%]

  • Leona streches her arms to create a energy blade ball (C version leona jumps toward the foe with the blade ball being manipulated).
  • Voltaic Launcher is useful in keeping the opponent at a distance. If the ball hits the opponent you can follow up with Revolver spark when mid screen, if the you manage connect the VL when the foe is in the corner you can follow up with ANY attack other than another VL.

X-Caliber - (air qcb + P) [A: 12%] [A: 13%]

  • Leona makes a cross motion with her arms creating a blade.
  • X-Caliber is a projectile but does not have much use outside of a follow up combo from her Strike arch.
  • It can be used as a tool to build meter safely however.

Grand Saber - (b) f + K [12%]

  • Leona dashes toward the foe and performs a half crescent slash. Grand saber can go under some projectiles and if she connects while the foe is near the corner, Leona can follow up with a special attack, DM, or SDM.

┗Gliding Buster - f + K after D version only [21% (Total.)]

  • Leona follows up with a backflip slash attack. Gliding bustermis a tri pronged attack and moves leona forward through the air. It is also super cancel-able so it can be followed up with a V-Slasher.

Earring Explosive - (qcb + K) [11%]

  • Leona takes a earring out of her ear and toss it towards the opponent. This is a unique projectile.
  • When the earring is airbourne it has a mid hit detection and when it begins to bounce on the ground it is a low hit detection.
  • In addition, Leona can follow up with grand saber making it a very deadly projectile.

Heart Attack - (rdp + K) [0%]

  • Leona takes a earring explosive and sticks it to the foe flashing its coming detonation (7 flashes).
  • This special move is very unique. when embedded into the foe it becomes an unblockable explosion.
  • In addition when performed in a combo string it can can reset your combo allowing you to perform another combo. (NOTE: The explosion can be avoided if the opponent rolls or if you or the opponent does a regular throw.

┗Explode - rdp + B/D [12%]

  • Leona detonates the earring early.

Desperation Moves

V-Slasher - (air qcf hcb + P) [23%]

  • Leona cuts through the opponent creating a V.
  • V-Slasher is Leona's most reliable DM.
  • When doing a combo string that involve Strike arch, Leona is considered airbourne which allows you to freely link V-Slasher.
  • This DM is best utilized in combos, when you can predict a projectile, and in a air-to-air situation.

Rebel Spark - (qcb hcf + K) [25%]

  • Leona dashes toward the opponent and pierce them with a already active earring then steps back and detonates it.
  • Rebel spark is a standard running DM.
  • Rebel Spark can link after most of Leona's special attacks.

Grateful Dead - (qcf qcf + P) [21%]

  • Leona vaults toward the opponent and places her hand on the opponents head and drains their energy.
  • Grateful dead is a blockable grab, however Leona has many ways to combo into it making it a fearsome DM.
  • This attack can also grab an opponent out of the air.

Awakening - (u d u d u d + BD) [-]

  • Leona screams as her orochi blood suddenly takes control of her mind. When Leona turns into this mode her stance, movement, and she gains a SDM.
  • Due to Leona's feral disposition she becomes significantly faster and her jump arc is altered as well. Leona can super jump full screen swiftly making it difficult for a character that zones/plays keep away but to activate this mode will cost Leona 50% of her health so its best to utilize this mode when she is near her limit.
  • Absorbs 50% life but transforms her into the Riot of Blood mode
  • Faster jump arc
  • More speed

Super Desperation Moves

V-Slasher - (air qcf hcb + AC) [34%]

  • Leona perform the same motion as her DM version. V-Slasher SDM version is significantly faster than her DM version and does more damage.

Rebel Spark - (qcb hcf + BD) [37%]

  • Leona runs on all four's toward the foe and penetrates them with a explosive and then backs up and let out a feral scream as the earring ignites then explodes.
  • Riot of Blood's Rebal spark is similar to the original version in every way except the difference in damage output which is more in her mode.
  • Riot of Blood mode only


Dead End Inferno - (qcf hcb + BD) [44% (Regular Leona.) / 50% (Leona Orochi.)]

  • Leona runs toward the opponent slashing them then kicking them into the air where she then crushes them into the wall and finally Leona turns into her Riot of Blood Mode. *If Leona is already in her mode she crushes the foe into the wall twice then returns to normal.
  • Dead End Inferno can be comboed into and unlike her quick activation it will not consume 50% of Leona's health.
  • Transforms her into Riot of Blood mode, if she's already transformed she'll revert back to normal


  • cl.D (1) > [5%]
    • rdp + K, any combo [5+% or +17% if earing explosion hits.]
    • b / f + B > [9%]
      • air qcb + A (Point blank.) [21%]

  • cr.B, cr.A > (d) u + C

  • cl.C (2) > [7%]
    • HSDM qcf hcb + BD
    • (S)DM qcb hcf + K/BD
    • b / f + B > [11%]
      • (S)DM air qcf hcb + C/AC
      • air qcb + A (Corner.) [23%]

You may replace cl.D (2) for: cl.C (1) (+~2%), cl.C (2) (+~5%), cr.C (+~3%), st.C(~+5%)

  • cr.C > (d) u + C [25%]

  • j.D > (S)DM air qcf hcb + C/AC

  • (b) f + D > f + D >>> (S)DM air qcf hcb + C/AC

- cr.C or (cr.B×1~2, cr.A) d~u+C

- strong X, b/f+B, (air) qcf hcb+P

- (corner) strong X, b/f+B, (air) qcb+P

- sh (neutral).D, (air) qcf hcb+P

- cl.D (1), rdp+K, cr.C, d~u+C

- cl.D (1), rdp+K, cr.C/cl.D, b/f+B, (air) qcf hcb+P

- cl.D (1), rdp+K, cl.D, [BC] cl.D (1), d~u+C, b~f+D~f+D, qcf hcb+P, Explode (rdp+K)

- cl.D (1), rdp+K, cl.D (1), f+B, (air) qcf hcb+AC, Explode (rdp+K)

- cl.D (1), rdp+K, cl.D, [BC] cl.D (1), f+B, (air) qcf hcb+AC, Explode (rdp+K)

Heart Attack combos are very important because they do a lot of damage when you lack bars, with meter Leona controls the air because one poorly timed projectile/attack on the opponents end can (will) leave them open to eat a V Slasher punish. Defensive options generally revolve around jump D/CD, (dash) crouch B/D, Moon Slasher, weak Baltic Launcher, and V Slasher whenever you have meter. Learn the tricks of (dash) nj.D (Instant Overhead) because it combos into and out of a few moves, IO~V Slasher on opponents goes like qcf>u+D>qcb+C all in one swift motion

- j.D, cl.D(1), [KAKUSEI] cl.D(1), [BC] cl.D(2), [d~u+P, b~f+K]x2, d~u+P, [SC] qcfx2+P

- (End on the screen) cl.D(1), rdp+K, cl.D, [BC] cl.D(1), d~u+P, b~f+K, d~u+P, [KAKUSEI] j.CD, Explode

- cr.Bx2, d~u+BC, qcb hcf+K

- cr.Bx2, d~u+BC, [SC>Kakusei] jump qcf hcb+AC

- cl.D (1), [BC] cl.D (1), rdp+K, cl.D (2), f+B, qcf hcb+AC~Explode [Kakusei mode only]

- cr.B, [BC] sh.C, V-Slasher

- cr.B×2, [BC] sh.B, V-Slasher

- (Counter) j.CD, d~u+C / (rising, like Virtua Fighter) j.CD / C or AC V-Slasher / qcb hcf+K

The Basics

Advanced Strategy