Help page

This page is a quick reference for new wiki editors. SuperCombo Wiki uses the MediaWiki software, meaning that information from MediaWiki documentation will apply here. For more in depth help with MediaWiki markup please visit the MediaWiki User Guide.

Register an account

Presently you can create an account online through the sign up page. Once you have signed up you need to wait 12 hours to gain permission to edit.

Starting a new wiki

While SuperCombo's mission is very all-encompassing and ranges from niche to mainstream titles of all kinds in the FGC, there are a network of community run wiki sites out there that serve specific niches. To make sure we're the best fit for your community's wiki project, we ask that you:

  1. Join our Discord server.
  2. Visit the #welcome-rules-info channel and read it in full.
  3. Submit the New Game Application Form.
  4. Await a response from one of the Bureaucrat staff in the server before beginning work.

The only hard criteria we have are that at least 2 people are able to work on the project to begin with and that there are not other actively run community wikis that exist. When we say "Community wiki", we refer to FGC-specific sites like Dream Cancel, Dustloop, Wavu, etc. and not Fandom.

How to edit

It's very easy to edit the contents of a wiki:

  1. Click the "[edit]" button next to an article, or at the top of the page
  2. Make changes to the text.
  3. Click the "Save changes" button.

Simple as that!

Formatting tools

For those of us who have never worked on a wiki before, the following sections can be used to see what available tools you have at your disposal. Click 'Edit' and view the source so you know what the code is to use these effects.

Collapsible sections

See Manual:Collapsible Elements to learn how to make sections of a page collapse either by default or when a user clicks a button.


Start with

== Level 2 Headers ==

then use

=== Level 3 Headers ===

and so on. Maximum is level 6, level 1 should be avoided.

Images & videos

See Help:Images to learn the syntax for embedding images (and videos). To learn how to upload, read File uploads.



  • you can have a list of items
  • by adding a * at the start of a line
    • You can also have
    • nested lists
      • by adding more *s in the front

  1. or you can have a numbered list
  2. by adding a # at the start of a line
    1. and do nested numbered lists
    2. the same way

Property Icons

To use an icon to represent motions or properties i.e. Qcf.png for quarter circle forward or Unblockable.png for unblockable properties, refer to the icon index.


Tables are quite powerful in Mediawiki, see Help:Tables to learn the syntax for using tables.

Table of contents

Table of contents are automatically generated when you have enough headings on the page. The sections are divided by the size of the heading used.

If you don't want a ToC, add the following to the top of the page:


If you want to add a ToC somewhere in the middle of a page, add the following at the desired location:


If you want a ToC but don't want to show all the sections used in it: {{TOClimit|3}}

This is primarily used in character pages. Each move is its own section for the sake of convenience.


It's possible to copy a section of a page to another without actually copy-pasting it and using the original page's contents whenever it updates through Transclusion, read the MediaWiki help article to learn how it works.

We also have the Labeled Section Transclusion extension enabled, which allows for more flexibility in how sections are defined.

File uploads

Guide to uploading images to SuperCombo Wiki through Special:Upload.

Please name files using the game abbreviations when possible, as well as a short description that will let the file be easily identifiable by name alone.

Other than the usual - (dash) and _ (underscore) characters, avoid using special characters in file names as it can lead to confusion and may not work nicely with templates.

Format Examples
Examples for Under Night In-Birth
  • UNICLR_Logo.png
  • UNI_Linne_5B.png
  • UNI_Help_HUD.png

How to upload new files

  1. Have the file(s) you want to upload ready.
    • (Optional for single file upload) Rename the file to SuperCombo Wiki file name convention above.
  2. If multiple files need to be uploaded, select "Yes" for the "Upload multiple files" option.
    • Note: Please ensure files are named properly. The multiple file upload will overwrite any files with the same name without any warning.
  3. Click on the "Browse..." button.
  4. Select the file(s) to upload.
    • Tip: For multiple file upload, hold down Ctrl when left-clicking to select multiple files.
  5. (For single file upload) If the file isn't named to the convention above, rename the file using the "Destination filename" field.
  6. Add categories for the file(s) by adding the following to the "Summary" field:
    • [[Category:GAMENAME]]
    • [[Category:CHARACTERNAME]]
    • [[Category:Under Night In-Birth Exe:Lateclr]]
    • [[Category:Linne]]
  7. (Optional) Also in the "Summary" field, feel free to add a short description for the file(s).
    • Note: For multiple file uploads, the summary will be used for all files.
  8. Select a license.
    • In most cases, "This is from the game or its official website" should be used.
  9. Click the "Upload file" button.
  10. (For multiple file upload) Before closing or navigating to a new page, wait for the "Done." message to indicate all files are uploaded.


Templates are a way to generate some formatting by supplying "argument" text with a syntax to "call" the formatting with your arguments filled in where specified. This is how SuperCombo generates views of frame data, hit boxes and other complicated formatting repeatedly.

See Help:Templates on the MediaWiki Help pages to learn the basic syntax and see our own Templates Help page for information on creating or using templates within our guidelines.