Kyo-1 (KoF '02 UM)

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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able


  • Standing A Has short reach
  • Standing B has short reach

Crouch cr.D Sweep


  • Jumping C cross-up

Blowback Attack

  • CD comes out slow, Decent range
  • OTG special moves(Dark Thrust) and DM's can combo.


Anvil Slam - (b/f + C close)

  • Kyo-1 grabs the opponent and performs a shoulder thrust knocking them back.
  • Standard knockdown
  • Can be broken

Swift Shoulder Throw - (b/f + D close)

  • Kyo-1 flips the opponent and follows up with an elbow drop.
  • Standard grab
  • Can be broken

Command Moves

Kurokami - f + A

  • Kyo-1 steps in while shifting his body forward and strikes(Like a flame-less Poison Gnaw Fest). Kurokami is a decent command move due to it being able to cancel all special moves,DM's, SDM,and HSDM. It do not come out slow nor fast, and its one of the very few pokes he has. Kurokami can be mainly utilized as an poke and pressure tool. Some cons about this move is that although it Can cancel into all of his specials, it will not combo into some specials(Dark Thrust and New wave Smash)and his SDM(Serpent Wave).
  • Free Cancel-able

Honofuri - f + B

  • Kyo-1 takes two steps forward and uses his elbow to perform a overhead. Honofuri is a tricky overhead that has good speed and it deals good damage.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Free Cancel-able when combo'd

Instantaneous Smash - df + C

  • Kyo-1 strikes bends down to his knees and strikes the ground(OTG). Instantaneous Smash is a very reliable command move. When you perform a BnB or any combo that knocks an opponent to the ground and they fail to tech, Instantaneous Smash is the best tool to punish. Cons for this command move is nonexistent due to the fact that it should only be used as an OTG.
  • Hits Low
  • OTG OK

Special Attacks

Dark Thrust - qcf + A/C

  • Kyo-1 creates a fire in his hand and spikes it to the floor traveling towards the opponent. Dark thrust is a unique projectile. Unlike most projectiles Dark thrust comes out very slow and Can connect even if opponent is down. When you perform a combo and cannot reach the opponent for a df+C its best to resort to dark thrust for the OTG damage. It also has bad recovery so be mindful when using to zone.
  • OTG OK

Spinning Kick - dp + B/D

  • Kyo-1 performs a jumping roundhouse kick(B Version), Kyo-1 performs a two aerial roundhouse kicks and Knocks the opponents hard to the ground bry ending with an somersault heel kick. Spinning kick is Kyo-1 best special attack. It has most damage(varies from B or D), Combos from an launch, and its B version can be used as an anti-air. Spinning kick is primarily used in his BnB due to the lack of speed and reach most of his special attacks have.

New Wave Smash - qcf + B/D~K

  • Kyo-1 Performs a rising kick and can follow up with another airborne. New wave Smash (Like every other variation) is primarily used as a launch attack. Kyo-1's New wave Smash is fast but has poor range. The strong variant launches the opponent higher into the air and allows follow-ups because of the juggle after the second kick. The weak version also juggles but the follow-up will only hit while they're still about a neutral jumps distance from the ground.

Blue Ogre - qcb + A/C

  • Kyo-1 dashes forward while striking with his elbow and if it connects he performs a rising shoulder attack. Blue Ogre is a decent special attack. It comes out very fast and is super cancelable. Some drawbacks that this special move has is that its reach is very poor and leaves Kyo-1 completely open if blocked/whiff. Its best to use Blue Ogre as a punish tool.
  • Super Cancel-able


Serpent Wave - qcb, hcf + A/C(Push down to hold)

  • Kyo-1 Creates a small flame in his palm and then throws creating a large spark knocking the opponent back. Serpent Wave is on of the main reasons why Kyo-1 is dangerous at close range. It does good damage, can be canceled/combo into from a majority of his moves set, and has good range. When holding down on A/C the damage will not increase nor will it become unblock-able. A version has lower body invincibility and its C version has upper body invincibility and is great for punishing predicted jump-in's.

Vermilion Heaven Exorcism - qcf x 2 + A/C

  • Kyo-1 smashes the ground then a large flame circle his hand then swiftly burn across the ground. VHE (abbreviation) is a combination of his Instantaneous Smash and Dark Thrust and share both properties. The versions A/C dictate its effects. A version comes out very fast compared to his C, It launches the opponent airborne and can combo into. The C version is very slow, Has very great hit-stun, and cannot combo. Even though the C version takes longer the damage does not change.
  • OTG OK

Super DM

Serpent Wave - qcb, hcf + A/C

  • Kyo-1 mimics the same motions as his DM version but is completely surrounded with flames upon its completion. SDM version of Serpent wave has very little difference compared to his DM version. SDM version is slower, It has full body invincibility, and its damage significantly increase.


Tenuuzan - qcb, hcf + BD

  • Kyo-1 Holds flames in his hand and instead of throwing them instantly he performs a heavy/swift strike then unleashes a barrage of flames knocking the opponent away. Tenuuzan does not have the invincibility of his DM and SDM versions, deals very good damage, and like his other versions it can combo from a majority of his BnB's and normals.


0 stock

  • j.X, s.C, f+A, qcb+A or dp+D (standing only)
  • c.B, c.B, c.A/s.B, qcb+A
  • c.B, c.B, c.A/s.B, dp+D (standing only)
  • s.C, qcf+D.D, dp+D, OTG qcf+C or df+C (OTG only possible in the corner)
  • c.A, s.C (link)

1 stock

  • j.X, s.D, f+A, qcfx2+A DM
  • c.B, c.B, c.A/s.B, qcfx2+A DM
  • s.C, qcf+D.D, run qcfx2+A DM
  • s.C, qcf+D.D, dp+D, OTG qcfx2+A DM (only possible in the corner)

2 stock

  • j.X, s.C, f+A, BC run, s.C, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf+D.D, run up qcb+C [1 or 2 hit] SC to qcb,hcf+C DM (midscreen)
  • j.X, s.C, f+A, BC run, s.C, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf+D.D, run up qcb+C [1 hit], dp+D, qcfx2+A DM (approaching corner)
  • j.X, s.C, f+A, BC run, s.C, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf+D.D, backdash, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf.B.B, walk back, qcb+A [2 hit], qcf.B.B, dp+D, qcfx2+A DM (corner)

Any combo ending in qcb+A [2 hit] SC to qcfx2+A DM. Can start these from f+B instead for an overhead.

3 stock

midscreen BC combo using SDM instead (supercancel from the second hit of qcb+C, you have the option of holding it to hit them with the flame a little first)

  • any BC combo... qcf+D.D, qcb,hcf+BD HSDM
  • j.X, s.C, f+A, qcb,hcf+BD HSDM
  • c.B, c.B, s.B, df+C, qcb+BC, hcf+BD HSDM (max bypass)

Note that s.D does more damage than s.C but also pushes back further which makes it iffy for certain combos. You can activate after a qcf+D.D in the corner and loop qcb+A, qcf+B.B multiple times and then finish the combo, but it's ridiculously hard to do so I would say it's not practical.


  • j.A, j.B and j.C can all be used to crossup. j.C only works on standing or large crouchers. j.A is the most consistent.
  • qcfx2+C DM will stun the opponent allowing a followup if only the fireball part hits them (hits low). qcfx2+C has invincibility.
  • qcb,hcf+BD has complete invincibility until you let it go (can be held by holding BD)
  • qcb,hcf+A has lower body invincibility, C version has upper body.

Frame Specifics

Frame Advantage

Close Normals

cl.A - 3F (-1F)

cl.B - 4F (-4F)

cl.C - 3F (-7F)

cl.D - 5F (-11F)

Far Normals

st.A - 3 (-1F)

st.B - 4F (-4F)

st.C - 9F (-8F)

st.D - 13F (-7F)

CD - 19F (-4F)

Crouch Normals

cr.A - 4F (+1F)

cr.B - 4F (+0F)

cr.C - 4F (-10F)

cr.D - 7F (-7F)

Command Normals

Kurokami (f+A) - 13F (-16F)

Honofuri (f+B) - 21F (-8F)

Instantaneous Smash (df+C) - 11F (-16F)

Special Attacks

Dark Thrust (qcf+A) - 22F (-9F)→Close Guard

Dark Thrust (qcf+C) - 17F (-6F)→Close Guard

Blue Ogre (qcb+A) - 6F (-13F)

Blue Ogre (qcb+C) - 13F (-19F)

New Wave Smash (qcf+B~B) - 14F (-5F~+2F)

New Wave Smash (qcf+D~D)

  • [Start-up] - 18F
  • [2] - (-5F~+2F)

Spinning Kick (dp+B) - 10F (-19F)

Spinning Kick (dp+D) - 9F


Orochinagi (qcb hcf+A) - 21F (-19F)

Orochinagi (qcb hcf+C) - 19F (-23F)

Vermilion Heaven Exorcism (qcfx2+A)

  • [Start-up] - 6F (-41F)
  • [Whole Guard] - (-8F)

Vermilion Heaven Exorcism (qcfx2+C)

  • [Start-up] - 27F (-36F)
  • [Whole Guard] - (+15F)


Orochinagi (qcb hcf+AC)

  • [Flame Aura] - 3F 
  • [Attack] - 20F (-3F)


Tenuuzan (qcb hcf+BD) - 15F (-1F)


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