K' (KoF '02 UM)

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  • Close A, C, and D are whiff cancel-able into special moves.
  • All of K's close normals are cancel-able on block or hit.
  • Close A and B are chain-able.
  • Close C and D are primary combo starters.
  • Close C hits twice, and the second hit will often push K' too far away to get optimal combo damage midscreen, so it's recommended to cancel the first hit into a special move or his f+A command normal in most cases.


  • Far standing A is good for stopping short hops.
  • Far standing A and C are cancel-able into specials on whiff, block, or hit
  • Far standing C can be cancelled into f+A, but will usually push K' back too far for the f+A to connect.
  • Far standing D is an awkward normal to use because of the space it covers and its laggy recovery, but it can be used as an anti-air at around max range.


  • All of K's crouching normals can be cancelled into specials on hit, block, or whiff.
  • Crouching B is K's main combo starter from lows.
  • Crouching C is a decent anti-air, although it's a little slower than some other characters. It can be made safer on block or whiff though if cancelled into Eins Trigger.
  • Crouching D is an amazing sweep with longer range than most. And when cancelled into Eins Trigger, his sweep becomes less vulnerable to being hopped over, and its recovery is shortened substantially.


  • Jumping A is a punch aimed downward. Can be used as a deep hop in during hop pressure
  • Jumping B is a knee attack that covers the area slightly in front of K', and slightly below him. Decent close range air to air, and it's active for a good second or so. Neutral jump B has a different animation with K' sticking his leg out horizontally, and slightly downward (looks similar to his jumping CD).
  • Jumping C is a great tool for hop pressure. The animation is similar to that of jumping A, which is aimed pretty much straight down below K'. It also causes more hit-stun than jumping A so it's easier to combo off of. This is also K's most reliable cross-up tool, but the spacing is still kind of tricky to get down.
  • Jumping D. This is probably K's best jumping normal. It covers a ridiculous amount of space in a very short time. The animation starts with K' extending his leg pretty far out at about the height of his head, then sweeping down quickly to cover the area slightly below and in front of him. This is a useful move for controlling the air, as well as getting in on the opponent to start pressure. It's a difficult move to anti-air when spaced for the tip of K's foot to hit a grounded opponent. It is however, susceptible to being crouch B anti-aired if used too close and activated too early against a grounded opponent.

Blowback Attack

  • K's standing CD starts up rather fast for a CD, and covers a huge chunk of space in front of him. Can be used as an anti-air, to chip away at the opponents guard meter, or as a combo ender in the corner.
  • K's jumping CD has great horizontal range, starts up quickly, and is often the most damaging meterless combo ender in midscreen juggles. Its main weaknesses are that it can be crouch B anti-aired if activated to early (like most jumping CDs), and that most characters can beat this out air to air if they jump higher than K'.


Spot Pile - b/f + C

  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Knee Strike - b/f+D

  • Can be broken
  • Reverse knockdown

Command Moves

One Inch - f + A

  • K' does a 1 inch punch which connects at about the same range as his far standing C. The main use for this move is to cancel into it from K's close standing C as a combo starter. It's rather slow if used on its own and is very frame disadvantageous on block whether it's cancelled into or not. But if cancelled into from another normal, it can be special cancelled out of which can make it fairly safe to use in block strings (i.e. close C, forward A, Eins Trigger). Overall it's not the greatest command normal in the game, but it can be used sparingly in block strings and as a combo starter when cancelled into from the first hit of close C.

Knee Assault - f + B

  • This is an amazing command normal which can be cancelled into from normals and can always be special cancelled out of with K's air Minutes Spike. It hits overhead (unless cancelled into) and is nearly impossible to react to. It can be used after an opponent blocks a hop in to beat fuzzy guarding, as part of a combo, or simply on an opponent's wake up as part of okizeme. One thing to be wary of with this move though, is that it's punishable on block, even when cancelled into air Minutes Spike. So as long as it's used sparingly, it can be one of the scariest tools in K's arsenal.

Special Moves

Eins Trigger - qcf + A/C

  • K' summons a ball of fire in front of him. This is probably one of the best special moves in the game. It's used in most of K's best combos from normals. The A version is more useful for starting juggle combos, as it puts the opponent in a juggle state on hit. The C version keeps the opponent grounded, and has slightly better hitboxes and active frames for space control. Covers the hop space in front of K' very well, and also nullifies most 1 hit projectiles. It starts up very fast, and it can be whiffed at pretty much any time with little to no risk, and builds meter in the process. Its various follow-ups give it a lot of versatility as well.

┗Second Shoot - f + B

  • K' kicks his Eins Trigger horizontally to form a projectile that travels all the way across the screen. The speed of the projectile is determined by whether the A version or the C version of Eins Trigger was used. The C version moves very quickly while the A version moves noticeably slower. This is a good long range zoning tool, and can be used to counter an opponent's projectiles by using it after nullifying a projectile with Eins Trigger. Over using this follow-up is generally a bad idea though, because if an opponent jumps over it or guard cancel rolls through Eins Trigger, you're most likely going to eat a combo. The A version is also used in corner juggles.

┗Second Shell - f + D

  • K' kicks his Eins Trigger vertically to cover the area above his head and slightly in front of him. This is a key juggle starter when K' is in close or has the opponent cornered. Also works well as an anti-air against normal jumps, which he can almost always follow-up with a jumping normal, Minutes Spike, or DM on hit. It's also deceptively safe on block, even at point blank range.

┗Blackout - b + B/D

  • K' turns into a shadow and does an insanely fast command dash. The distance traveled is determined by whether the B or D version is used. The B version travels about half screen, while the D version travels almost full screen. This follow-up has various uses. It can be used to get out of the corner, to get in on a defensive opponent, or for left/right mixups up close. Remember that this is a command dash, not a true teleport. This means that K' can be hit out of this move at any time during its animation, so don't get too predictabo with it.

┗Second Spike - qcb + B/D

  • K' does a kick move which sort of resembles his Minutes Spike, and it's active for a long time. A staple midscreen combo ender. Outside of that, there's not much use for this move. It's very frame disadvantageous on block at any range, so it's best to stick to using this as a combo ender.

Crow Bites - dp + A/C

  • K' does a dragon punch-like uppercut. The C version has full body invincibility on startup, while the A version has upper body invincibility on startup. The C version travels almost full screen, but will only anti-air opponents that are slightly less than half screen away or closer. The A version is almost stationary while slightly leaving the ground. The C version has more utility, but the A version starts up a little faster so it's a little easier to anti-air short hops with. This move can be used as an anti-air, reversal, and a corner combo ender. As with almost any DP move, this is risky to use as a reversal because it gives your opponent a guaranteed punish on block or whiff.

┗Secondary Bites - f + B/D

  • Follow-up to the C version of Crow Bites. Causes a hard knockdown.

Minutes Spike - qcb + B/D

  • K' does an aerial kick that moves him forward pretty fast. Can be used on the ground or in the air. The B version travels about half screen, while the D version travels about 3/4 of the way across the screen. The air versions travels slightly farther. The main uses for this move are cancelling into it from K's f+B command normal, and to tack on extra damage after landing an Eins Trigger-Second Shell. The ground D version can be cancelled into Narrow Spike almost instantly. Highly unsafe on block.

┗Narrow Spike - qcb + B/D

  • Follow-up to Minutes Spike. K' drops back to the ground and slides a short distance. Can only be used after the D version of Minutes Spike on the ground. Generally used after a ground Minutes Spike connects to shorten recovery and close the distance to the opponent better. It's also fairly safe to use in the neutral game if cancelled into early and spaced to hit at about max range. It also hits low, so it can catch people off guard sometimes. But if this move is spaced improperly and is blocked, your opponent gets a guaranteed punish of their choice.

Blackout - qcf + B/D

  • Functions exactly the same as the Eins Trigger follow-up.

Desperation Moves

Heat Drive - qcf x 2 + A/C

  • K' does a flaming dash punch nearly all the way across the screen. Good for a mid screen combo ender in situations where Chain Drive won't connect. Sometimes super cancelled into from Crow Bites to make a reversal a little bit safer on block, but it's still punishable if anticipated. Can be delayed by holding down the button used to activate the super. Becomes unblockable if the button is held down as long as possible, but the opponent can just roll through it and sometimes punish you.

Chain Drive - qcf hcb + A/C

  • K' throws his flame imbued sunglasses at the opponent, then dashes forward quickly into a typical KOF ranbu-like combo. The go-to super combo ender in situations that it will connect in, which are usually in the corner or directly from ground normals. Can sometimes be used as a weird anti-air or to go through projectiles and punish, though you need to be high on crack to react in time to do either one of these.

Super Desperation Moves

Chain Drive - qcf hcb + AC

  • More damaging version of K's Chain Drive. This version comes out slower, and is even harder to use in combos than the normal version. Mostly used as a corner maxmode combo ender, or cancelled into directly from standing D or close C, f+A.


Crimson Star Road - qcb + C, A

  • K' goes into a state resembling his Blackout special move, and slowly glides toward the opponent. After grabbing the opponent, he gives them thumbs down, and a large explosion sends them flying off of the screen. This HSDM is an unblockable move that hits instantly if activated at about Crouch B range, but can be jumped away from after the super flash if used any further away than that. Unfortunately, it does pretty mediocre damage for 3 bars (about 30%). The input is also sort of tricky at first. After the qcb motion, you have to piano from C to A very quickly. Can be used as a corner combo ender, but K's Chain Drive DM does almost the same damage.


  • cl.D or cl.C, f+A, qcf+P~qcb+D
  • cl.D or cl.C, f+A, qcf hcb+A/AC
  • cr.B×1~3, qcf+P~qcb+D
  • cr.Bx1~3, qcf+P~f+D, j.X/qcfx2+P (doing more than 1 cr.B midscreen will make the f+D Eins Trigger follow-up whiff)
  • f+B, qcb+B
  • cl.C (1), f+A, qcf+P~f+D, j.X/DM
  • Far C, qcb+D~qcb+K/qcfx2+A
  • (CH) f+A, st.X/j.X/qcb+D~qcb+D [dp+C/qcfx2+A/qcf hcb+AC/qcb+C.A]
  • (Corner) cr.B×1~2, qcf+A~f+D, qcf+A~f+B, st.X (dp+C/qcf hcb+P/qcb+C.A)
  • (Corner) cl.C (1), f+A, (BC) cl.C (1), f+A, [dp+A (2),(DC) qcb+D~qcb+D]×3, dp+C (1), (DC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+AC
  • (Corner) cr.B×1~2, qcf+A~f+D, (BC) [dp+A (2), (DC)qcb+D~qcb+D]×2~3, dp+C (1), (DC) qcf hcb+AC