Maxima (KoF '02 UM)

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  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • Close A chains into other light normals.
  • Close C does two hits, it also the combo starter of choice because of it's hit-stun, links into all of his command normals after the first hit.
  • Close D can also start combos but has a slower start-up than Close C.


  • Stand A whiffs on crouch opponents.
  • All of his Stand normals are not cancel-able.
  • Stand A may look cancel-able but it just has a very quick recovery time.
  • Stand B/C/D can used as pokes but you have to space them well.


  • cr.A/B/C are whiff/cancel-able.
  • Crouch A is chain-able.
  • Crouch B hits low.
  • Crouch C can be used to start combos from a crouch attack.
  • Crouch D is fast and sweeps the opponent onto the ground.


  • Jump-in B/C/D all cross up.
  • Jump-in C has a very large hitbox making it difficult to counter, meaty attack.
  • Neutral jump C does a lot of hit-stun and can start combos.
  • Jump A is an instant overhead (hh.A).

Blowback Attack

  • CD goes far and can attacks be used to close the gap for a whiff cancel special attack, cancel-able/whiff cancel-able are soon as his arms are near his waist.
  • JCD is powerful but has very short range, meaty attack if used correctly.


Dynamite Headbutt - (b/f+C) close

  • Maxima grabs the opponent then dropkicks them away.
  • Can be broken
  • Regular knockdown

Choking Vice - (b/f+D) close

  • Maxima grabs the opponent then breaks their neck making them collapse to the ground, stand normals and Mongolian can be used as follow-up attacks if timed right.
  • Can be broken
  • Reverse knockdown
  • Combos into: Stand Normals, Mongolian (f+A)

Command Moves

Mongolian - (f+A)

  • Maxima steps forward to hit the opponent on the head with his arms, slow start-up and the recovery isn't much better either, works very well after strong normals and can be used to start or link moves together, when used alone it's an overhead attack but isn't cancel-able by itself, raw hit alone it can be super canceled into his Maxima Revenger (hcbx2+K), it can cancel in special attacks but it requires you to Max Mode bypass Mongolian on hit first, if you are familiar with Max Mode bypass this will allow Maxima to combo this command normal into his Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+P), M11 Kata Dangerous Arch (hcf+K), and his System 1-2: Maxima Scramble (qcf+P) rekkas.
  • Overhead Attack
  • Free Cancel-able but only if you cancel into it first
  • Super Cancel-able on Hit
  • Combos from: Choking Vice (b/f+D), Stand/Crouch C
  • Combos into: (Max Mode Bypass only) Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+P), M11 Kata Dangerous Arch (hcf+K), System 1-2: Maxima Scramble (qcf+P) rekkas

M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) - (df+C)

  • Maxima thrusts his right arm into the air hitting the opponent once, a great anti-air poke with a myriad of uses, off of raw hit on a grounded opponent it doesn't have that many uses and is more likely to put Maxima in range to be easily punished because of the chance that you'll whiff, and on a crouching opponent you'll completely whiff so that's never an option, now in terms of good use it's an anti-air poke, when used on a airborne opponent you have a couple options to continue with, if done mid range you can follow-up with his M4 Missle Cannon (dp+A) or his M19 Kata Blitz Cannon (dp+K) but it requires you to do his GCAB (Guard Cancel Roll), however if you score a counter-hit you may be able to look past using the GCAB, both of his dp attacks work on a cornered jumping opponent, he can also combo into his Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+P).
  • Anti-air poke
  • Free Cancel-able
  • Combos from: Stand/Crouch C
  • Combos into: (CH/GCAB/Corner) M4 Missle Cannon (dp+A), M19 Kata Blitz Cannon (dp+K), Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+P)

Special Moves

Viper M4 Kata Cannon - (qcb+A/C)

  • Maxima thrusts his left arm forward hitting the opponent in the chest and knocking them away, a fast, quick, and powerful move with a whole lot of priority, does a hard knockdown on hit, destroys projectiles if this move is timed right, can be used to keep the opponent at bay or at a certain distance because it goes that far, combos from regular Stand/Crouch C and Mongolian when combo'd into, it has counte-wire properties on counter hit, to elaborate if you score a counter hit it will send the opponent flying to the corner and make them bounce off in a triangle like formation, after the counter hit you can use M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C) to Viper M4 Kata Cannon (dp+P), Viper M4 Kata Cannon again to land another hit to finish the combo up.
  • Nullifies Projectiles
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Counter Wire Properties on Counter Hit
  • Combos from: Stand C/D, Crouch C, Mongolian (f+A) when combo'd into, and M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C)
  • Combos into: (CW) Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+A/C)

M4 Missle Cannon - (dp+A/C)

  • Maxima thrusts his right arm into the air with steam coming out hitting the opponent once, an awesome anti-air poke that's great for stuffing any kind of jump-in/meaty attack the opponents tries to throw out, on it's own it's unsafe to use because the recovery makes it stay out for a little too long, it can be combo'd into from M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C) if you ever manage to land a hit while on the ground, during a counter this move juggles the opponent on hit, which is when you can use M4 Missle Cannon (dp+P) or Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+P) to finish the combo up.
  • Anti-Air Attack
  • Juggles on Counter Hit
  • Combos from: (Anti-Air) M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C)
  • Combos into: (CH) M4 Missle Cannon (dp+P), Viper M4 Kata Cannon (qcb+P)

M11 Kata Dangerous Arch - (hcf+B/D) close

  • Maxima grabs the opponent then bear hugs them then slams them onto the ground, the only move in his move set that doesn't require any kind of technical set-up, it's best that you try to combo into it when you want to use it because if you miss the whiff animation lasts long enough for you to get hurt afterward, combos from his stand C/D normal, M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C), and Mongolian (f+A) but only if you Max Bypass into it.
  • Command grab properties
  • Combos from: Stand C/D, Crouch C, M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C), (MAX Mode Bypass only) Mongolian (f+A)

M19 Kata Blitz Cannon - (dp+B/D)

  • Maxima jumps into the air and if he makes contact with the opponent he does a close range Viper M4 Kata Cannon sending them flying towards the ground, another anti-air attack but it requires specific set-ups to be used properly, when used alone I would say it's a waste of time because you're more likely to whiff it and the recovery just isn't worth it, as for comboing into it use his M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C) then GCAB when used mid-range, if manage to corner them you can over look the GCAB.
  • Anti-Air Attack
  • Combos from: (Anti-Air/Corner) M9 Kata Maxima Missile (Shisaku) (df+C)

System 1-2: Maxima Scramble - (qcf+A/C)

Double Bomber System 1-2 - (qcf+A/C)

>┗Bulldogs Press - (qcf+A/C)

  • Maxima does a series of punches hititng the opponent 4 times, the first rekka does one hit and combos from stand/crouch normals to Mongolian (f+A) command normal, the second rekka has Maxima do two more hits, super cancel-able on the second hit, the third rekka has Maxima lift the opponent into the air then slam them onto the ground, as a move on it's own it isn't too good because it's too slow and has poor recovery, comboing into it however yields better results as it's a lot more safer and can build a good amount of meter if you get all the rekkas in.
  • Combos from: Stand/Crouch Normals, Mongolian (f+A)

System 3: Maxima Lift - (hcb+B/D)

  • Maxima hovers toward the opponent to grab, it's a running grab but the actual of the grab doesn't start until he gets close, can't be combo'd from much of anything so you'll just have to use it on it's own, makes for an okay suprised attack out of nowhere but it's not suggested to just throw it out at random.
  • Running Grab

Centoun Press: System 3 - (f+B/D)

  • After Maxima hovers forward he flips forward to crush the opponent afterward, the follow-up attack after System 3: Maxima Lift does additional along with the first part, if you manage to pull off the first part successfully always end the combo with this unless you have some kind of back-up plan, if you do the input too early Maxima will flip forward and hit the ground before the opponent does which will leave if open long enough to be punished.
  • Combos from: System 3: Maxima Lift (hcf+B/D)

Desperation Moves

Maxima Revenger - (hcbx2+B/D)

  • Maxima grabs and throws his opponent into the air then uses his head to hit them in the back when they fall towards the ground, his best DM of choice because it can be easily combo'd into from his close normals or his Mongolian (f+A) command, the damage it does isn't too great but compared to his other DM's it's better than nothing.
  • Grab properties
  • Combos from: Strong Normals, Mongolian(f+A)

Bunker Buster - (qcf,hcb+A/C)

  • Maxima puts his arm onto to the ground then launches high into the air then plummet back towards the ground knocking the opponent onto the ground, the weak version goes about 35% of the screen while the strong version stretches to about 65% instead, the start-up is slow making it impossible to combo correctly unless in certain situations in Max Mode, the recovery has a huge chunk of auto-guard which will prevent you from taking damage if you ever whiff, in terms of use I probably just wouldn't use it at all unless you can set it up, like a reversal or something along the lines of that.
  • Recovery frames have Auto-guard

M2 Kata Maxima Beam - (f,hcf+A/C)

  • Maxima opens up his shirt to shoot a laser out of his chest, the start-up is too long have much of any use what so ever, the best thing you can hope to get out of it is to nullify incoming projectiles or as awake-up tool to punish a reversal but then again the opponent will see it coming because it's just too slow.

==Super Desperation Moves==>

Maxima Revenger - (hcbx2+BD)

  • Maxima grabs and throws his opponent into the air then uses his head to hit them in the back when they fall towards the ground then hops up into the the air to slam them onto the ground for extra damage, his best DM of choice because it can be easily combo'd into from his close normals or his Mongolian (f+A) command, does more damage than the former and it has more options in Max Mode.
  • Grab properties
  • Combos from: Strong Normals, Mongolian(f+A)

Archenemy - (hcfx2+BD)

  • Maxima grabs then slams them onto the ground then proceeds to boost high into the air the slam into their back for a lot of extra damage, the start-up works the same as the System 3: Maxima Lift (hcb+K) which means you can't combo into it, the damage is great so it's worth using but the problem is that you have to catch them, try using it to catch them if they whiff a move with poor recovery or a long start-up.
  • Running Grab

Hidden Super Desperation

End of World - (b~f, b, f+ABCD)

  • Maxima shoots out a barrage of missles then a gigantic laser hitting the opponent over 15 times, the start-up is okay but it is a charge move, it works best when combo'd into or used in Max Mode combos, setting it up usually simple because it's charge move so it has limited options compared to the rest of his move set, the recovery is poor so if they guard it they can use a fast DM to hit you for damage.
  • Does a lot of chip damage


  • cl.C (1) / cr.C, f+A, qcb+P/hcbx2+K
  • {cl.A / cr.A}×1~3, (qcf+P)x3, (SC) hcbx2+K}
  • (CH) qcb+P, qcb+P / (run) df+C, dp+K
  • df+C (air hit), [AB roll cancel] dp+K
  • {cl.A / cr.A}×1~3, (BC) cr.B, (qcf+P)x3, (SC) hcbx2+BD
  • f+A, (SC) hcbx2+K / (BC run) cl.C~
  • f+A, (BC) cr.B, (qcf+P)x3