Terry Bogard (KoF '02 UM)

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As much of a homeless bum as Ryu. Both carry bum knapsacks.

Move list

At a glance:

Normal Throws
Grasping Upper (throw) f./b. + C
Buster Throw (throw) f./b. + D
Command Moves
Rising Upper df. + C
Hammer Punch f. + A
Special Moves
Power Wave qcf + A
Round Wave qcf + C
Burn Knuckle qcb + P
Quick Burn dp + P
Power Dunk dp + K
Power Charge hcf + K
Rising Tackle [d.] u. + P
Crack Shoot qcb + K
Desperation Moves
Power Geyser qcb f. + P (shortcut input)
High Angel Geyser qcf x2 + K
Super Desperation Moves
Power Geyser qcb f. + PP (shortcut input)
Hidden Super Desparation Moves
Rising Force qcf x2 + PP

Normal Moves


  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able
  • cl.A hits crouching opponents and is chain-able into itself, cl.B, cr. B, cr. A, df+C
  • cl.C hits twice and the first hit can be special cancelled, and canceled into df+C or f+A
  • cl.D is special cancel-able, and can be canceled into df+C or f+A


  • st. A & st C are special cancel-able
  • st. A is chain-able into st. B, and df+C.
  • st. A is good for stopping hop attacks
  • st. B has a very far hit box and can be used as a mid-range poke
  • st. D moves Terry forward a bit, and pushes him back on block


  • cr.A/B/C/D are all special cancel-able
  • cr.A and cr. C hits mid
  • cr.B hits low and is chain-able into itself, cr. A, st.A, st.B and df+C
  • cr.C can chain into df+C and f+A
  • cr.D is a sweep that hits low but has an animation that looks like it may hit mid
  • cr.B/C/D are all whiff cancel-able


  • j.A is good for air to ground attacks
  • j.B is good to use for air-to-air and to stop incoming hops and jumps from a mid to long range distance, can be low profiled if performed too early in jump
  • j.C is good for air to ground
  • j.D is good for air to ground and can cross up standing and crouching opponents easily
  • neutral j.D can be used for air-to-air but it has a more vertical hit box


  • CD: good ranged vertical hit box, pushes terry back far on block, whiff cancel-able
  • j.CD: great air-to-air attack, and can be used to pressure the opponent in the corner, can be low profiled

Normal Throws

Grasping (b / f + C) close

  • Terry grabs the opponent then uppercuts them (df+C animation). The opponent lands near the corner of the screen.
  • Soft knockdown

Buster Throw - (b / f + D) close

  • Grabs and slams opponent in opposite direction. The opponent lands 1 character space away from the corner of the screen.
  • This throw is great for okizeme setups like cross-ups with j.D or empty jump low mixups, etc.
  • Hard knockdown

Command Normals

Rising Upper - (df + C)

  • *This is Terry's command normal uppercut. Good & easy to use in combos before a special move or DM, or at the end blockstrings. It can be used as an anti-air but be mindful of its slow start-up as it may trade or get beaten out by the opponent's jump normals if timed improperly.
  • Very easy to combo into from a cr.B, cr.A, st.A, close C, crouching C, close D, and crouching D.
  • Special cancel-able

Hammer Punch - (f + A)

  • Terry takes a large step forward to deliver a low aiming hook punch that hits overhead. Not cancel-able by itself, but it is as easy to cancel into from many of his crouching and standing normals similar to his df+C command normal. It can combo only from heavy normals, and it is special cancel-able but loses its overhead properties. Terry gets pushed back a great distance if its blocked, which is good if you need some space away from the opponent for you can properly react and read their next actions of movement.
  • Be careful using f + A at the end of a blockstring, the opponent can roll before the f+A hits if your opponent is expecting it.
  • Hits overhead
  • Special cancel-able if cancelled from other normals

Special Moves

Power Wave - (qcf + A)

  • Projectile which travels along the ground at a good speed and has plus frames
  • Great for zoning or to end in blockstrings

Round Wave - (qcf + C)

  • Energy explosion around Terry's fist. You can't combo into it, but if it hits, it's possible to special cancel it (except into qcf+A) as a follow up.
  • Has pretty slow start-up, and isn't safe on block, plus you can't combo into it which makes it's use it battle rather limited and unsafe
  • Soft knockdown
  • Super cancel-able
  • Special cancel-able

Burn Knuckle - (qcb + P)

  • Terry charges with a glowing fist
  • A version travel one third of the screen; C version travels full screen
  • Light punch version has a good amount of start-up which makes it easy to combo into, and hard to punish if spaced at its maximum distance. At point blank it is very unsafe on block
  • Heavy punch version has slower start-up (can't combo into it), and hard to punish if spaced full screen. Similar to the light punch version, at point blank it is very unsafe on block.

Quick Burning - (dp + P)

  • One close uppercut followed by a long range overhead blow
  • Even though the second hit is negative frames, Terry is pushed back a fair distance if blocked.
  • The second hit which is the overhead doesn't lose it's overhead property if if the whole special move is cancelled from a normal attack (example cr. D into dp+P)
  • Both punch strengths (light punch and heavy punch) of Quick Burning have similar qualities and properties

Power Dunk - (dp + K)

  • Rising knee followed by a punch to the ground. Best used at the end of a combo, not reliable as an anti-air or a reversal because it has no invincibility or very fast start up. It has horrible recovery on whiff, and is easy to punish if blocked up close. The opponent can roll in between the first and second hit if blocked. The second hit causes a hard knockdown and Terry lands very close to their fall body which can provide good wake-up option setups.
  • Light punch version has a shorter distance than the heavy punch version. Second doesn't hit if you combo it from any standing or crouching normals.
  • Heavy punch version has a much longer distance than the light punch version, and second hit connects are reliably from cancel-able light or heavy normals.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Hits mid

Power Charge - (hcf + K)

  • Lunging attack which pops opponent into the air. Best used in the middle of combos to end with Power Dunk. Very slow start-up, no invincibility, long recovery if whiffed and punish-able on block. It doesn't deal much damage except a good amount of the opponent guard meter.
  • Light kick version and heavy kick version deal the same amount of damage, but the heavy kick version travels a farther distance than the light kick version.
  • Can be cancelled on block and on hit into Power Dunk.
  • Easy to combo into from heavy close standing normals, df+C and f+A
  • Super Cancel-able

Rising Tackle - Charge ((d) u + P)

  • Rising attack spinning punches, aimed at the feet first. Best used as a reversal & anti-air because of its quick start-up, more-so the heavy punch version. Both punch versions are highly unsafe if whiffed and on block.
  • Light punch version travels vertically at a shorter distance than the heavy punch version and doesn't have any invincibility. This version can be used to anti-air regular jumps and super jumping attacks but must be performed rather early or else it may get beaten out. Delivers 5 hits.
  • Heavy punch version travels farther vertically than the light punch version, and has a small amount of start-up invincibility which is best used as a reversal option and anti air. Delivers 7 hits.

Crack Shoot - (qcb + K)

  • This flip kick can be used as a preemptive anti-air against mid to long range jumps or full jumps.
  • Light kick version starts up faster, travels towards the opponent at a short distance and is hard to punish on block, while the heavy kick version travels farther, easier to punish on block and whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • B version hits twice; D version hits once
  • Doesn't knockdown opponent if hit
  • Hits mid

Desperation Moves

Power Geyser - (qcb db f + P)

  • The Power Geyser can be used as an preemptive anti-air against mid to long range jumps or super jumps, as a quick punish against whiffed reversals or DM's that have very poor recovery. It is also very easy to combo into from standing heavy normals and command normals (df+C, f+A). Be careful because of its long recovery on whiff and it is very punish-able on block.
  • dmg 210

High Angle Geyser - (qcf qcf + K)

  • This is pretty much a Desperation Move version of three moves, his Power Charge, Power Dunk and it ends with his Power Geyser Desperation Move. It has very fast start-up which can punish moves up close that have negative frames and it's very easy to combo into similar to his Power Geyser.
  • Soft knockdown
  • dmg 200

Super Desperation Moves

Power Geyser - (qcb db f + AC)

  • A triple power geyser. This is the more beefed up version of the single stock DM. It can be used in the same situations as the normal Desperation Move Power Geyser but be careful that the opponent can Guard Cancel Roll the 2nd or 3rd geyser and punish Terry while he is recovering.
  • Soft knockdown
  • dmg 320

Hidden Super Desperation Moves

  • Rising Force - (qcf qcf + AC) [%]
  • Terry performs an energized shoulder tackle, Power Charge into a Rising Tackle. One of the more easier HSDM's to combo into in the game. Only disadvantages is that it has no invincibility, the start-up isn't as fast as his High Angle Geyser, and it doesn't reach full screen as it may look. Overall, it's best to use as a combo finisher.
  • Soft Knockdown


  • cl.C (2) > [9%]
    • f + A > [16%]
      • HSDM qcf qcf + AC [56%] {3 stocks}
      • (S)DM qcb db f + P/AC [37%/48%] {1/3 stocks}
      • DM qcf qcf + K [35%] {1 stock}
      • hcf + K > [20%]
        • dp + B/D [28%/29%]
      • qcb + A (Close.) [26%]
      • dp + P (Close.) [27%]
      • qcf + A [23%]
      • qcb + B (Close.) [22%]

You may replace f + A for: df + C (~+2%)

  • cr.B, cr.A > [9%]
    • DM qcf qcf + B
    • (d) u + A/C [18%/25%]
    • dp + D (Close. B Version will miss the second part.) [26%]
    • dp + P
    • df + C > ...

  • qcf + C >


The Basics

He doesn't have Buster Wolf, get over it.

Advanced Strategy

Safe jump.


You already fucked everyone up unless it's Leona's hop j.D. Have fun trying to anti-air that.