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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Press and hold 5C, 2C, or j.C-Charging Electric Wand-All Charging Electric Wand attacks will become unblockable. This is great to use to create interesting set-ups.

Special Moves

  • Yatter Shield-214A/B/C-Yatterman-2 spins her electric wand around in front of herself. All three versions do 1 hit and have the same damage output (around 0,300 Billion Damage). If the enemy is hit by this, the enemy will go into a staggering state, giving Yatterman-2 enough time to continue her ground combo. This move can also reflect projectiles (and turn them into electric balls).
  • Yatter Step-236A/B/C-Yatterman-2 dashes towards her enemy. Each version travels its own distance. A version will travel 1/4th across the screen, B version will travel about 1/3 across the screen, and C version will travel less than half-way across the screen. From there, you can do:
    • Electric Wand Poke-Press A-Pokes her enemy with her electric wand. Does 1 hit and does around 2,220 Billion Damage.
    • Electric Wand Overhead-Press B-Yatterman-2 does an overhead attack. Does 1 hit and does around 2,220 Billion Damage.
    • Electric Wand Toe Pole-Press C-Yatterman-2 pokes at the enemy's foot. Does 1 hit and does around 2,220 Billion Damage. If the enemy is on the ground (and if you are fast enough to input this special move), you can use this special move as an off-the-ground hit (nice to use after an air combo and near the corner).
  • Yatter Swing-Press 4 for a few seconds, then press 6A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Yatterman-2 creates an electric ball and hits the electric ball with her electric wand (duh! What else would she use? Her shoe?). All three versions do 1 hit and all three versions have the same damage output (does around 1,520 Billion Damage). A version (both ground and air) makes Yatterman-2 shoot the electric ball towards the ground, causing the electric ball to bounce at 45 degree inclining angles; B version will shoot straight across the screen (bouncing back and forth if the electric ball hits the wall); and the C version will shoot straight into the air (and if it hits the floor, the electric ball will bounce straight into the air again). Yatter Swing is great to lock down your enemy's movement (especially to create mind-games).
  • Yatter Splash-Press rapidly A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Yatterman-2 dashes (while on the ground) and pokes her enemy with her electric wand. Each version (on the ground) has its own properties. A version will poke directly in front of her (horizontally), B version will poke directly above her head (vertically, or near vertically), and C version will make Yatterman-2 dash towards her enemy and poke them with her electric wand. The air versions will just make Yatterman-2 poke with her electric wand in the air in the following directions: A version horizontally, B version at a 45 degree declining angle, and C version straight down (or vertically). You can use Yatter Splash in both ground and air combos.

Super Moves

  • Super Passion-236+Any two attack buttons (it is possible to charge this super)-Yatterman-2 shoots out an electric ball. If you just simply input the super, she will shoot out a small electric ball in which it will bounce all over the floor and wall. If you hold the two attack buttons down for 2 seconds, the electric ball will increase in size, and travel towards the enemy. And if you hold down the two attack buttons for 4 seconds, the electric ball will take up the majority of the screen, traveling towards the enemy. The number of hits and damage output varies due to where Yatterman-2 and her enemy are at on the screen. A great super to use to lock down your enemy's movement.
  • Omotchama's Roll-623+Any two attack buttons-Yatterman-2 calls out her robotic buddy. All of its hits are unblockable, it attacks at random times, and attacks the enemy up to three times. This is excellent to use if you want to get a chance to start a ground/air combo. However, it is possible for the enemy to hit the flying robot.
  • This Week's Suprise Robots (Level 3 Super)-214+Any two attack buttons (to summon more pelicans during the super, mash all buttons and even move the arcade stick/controller pad all over the place)-Yatterman-2 hits the enemy with a robotic fish. If the enemy is hit by the robotic fish, Yatterman-2 summons the robotic Pelican. She feeds the robotic Pelican the robotic fish (why else is it out and about?), where the robotic Pelican vomits out a series of mini-pelicans (where the mini-pelicans peck at the enemy). The super ends with all the mini-pelicans combining into one giant Pelican (in which the giant Pelican pokes the enemy with its giant beak in the enemy's...rear end). Depending on how fast and how long you press (or in this case, mash) the buttons determines the number of hits and damage output of her level 3 super. This could lead to some excellent damage output if you go crazy with the buttons!

As An Assist

Yatterman-2 jumps out and does her B version of Yatter Splash. Her Assist is good to ground combo with (or as an anti-air attack).

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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