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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6C-Chun-Li does a flip kick on the enemy's face. This can be used for mix-ups, and if done correctly, leading into a combo (usually with a Baroque)
  • Jumping 2B-Chun-Li's air foot stomp. Depending on when and where you use it determines how you can combo with this move. It has it's use; however, do not rely on this as part of your combo, because if you use this move during an air combo, Chun-Li will automatically do a forward jumping animation, making it very hard to combo with or to continue to combo. Of course, you can connect this normal move with her level 3 super (but there are better alternatives to connect into her level 3 super).
  • Jumping CC-Chun-Li's double punch. Players that are familiar with Chun-Li in Third Strike (3S) should be familiar with this normal. This normal move is usually used in her air-combo (the first hit), but the second hit causes a knock down. There are better air-combo ender's for Chun-Li than the use of her second jumping C knock down.

Special Moves

  • Kikoken-41236A/B/C-Chun-Li's fireball special move. The A version travels very slow, but travels all the way across the screen, B version travels half-way across the screen and is faster than A version, and C version is the fastest but only travels 1/5th across the screen. C version is usually used in her ground combos (example, C fireball -> 623+two attack buttons). All fireball versions do the same amount of damage.
  • Tenshokyaku-623A/B/C (this can also be done in the air)-Chun-Li's spinning arc kick. This could be considered her anti-air (on the ground). A version does 3 hits, B version does 5 hits, and C version does 7 hits. This special is usually used in her air combos (C version-to end her air combo or to link this special into her level 3 super).
  • Hyakuretsukyaku-Tap A/B/C rapidly (this can also be done in the air)-Chun-Li's signature special move. Her lightning kick. Each version has its own speed. A version is the slowest with her kicks, B is faster than A, and C is the fastest. C version is usually used for ground string combos (or as an anti-air). This special is also used in her air-combos (for mix-ups or resets, or you can even connect this (it whiffs a little) into a level 3 (which resets the damage scale!))
  • Spinning Bird Kick-Charge 2 for a few seconds, then 8 A/B/C (this can also be done in the air)-Chun-Li does a reverse split spinning kick. A version travels 1/3 across the screen, and does 3 hits, B version travels half-way across the screen and does 5 hits, and C version travels 3/4th's across the screen, and does 7 hits. This can be used in an air combo (and can connect into her level 3 super, if timed correctly).

Super Moves

  • Kikoushou-236+Any two attack buttons-Chun-Li's super fireball. This super surrounds Chun-Li and hits the enemy 14 times. This super is not used as much as her Hoyokusen (623+Any two attack buttons) because you cannot continue to her the enemy after using her Kikoushou.
  • Hoyokusen-623+Any two attacks buttons-Chun-Li's super kicks. She does 13 hits, ending it with her launcher. You can follow up with an air combo (hold 8). This super is usually used in ground combos (after her C version Kikoken) for more damage.
  • Shichisei Senkukyaku- (Level 3, in the air 236+Any two attack buttons)-Chun-Li's super from Marvel V.S. Capcom 1 has returned. She does an air dash kick right into the enemy, with fast flashing lights (along with 5 symbols that pop up), ending with the enemy flying in the opposite direction of the screen. This super can be used in her air combo.

As An Assist

Chun-Li does her A version of Tenshokyaku (3 hits). This is a great Assist because it allows you to continue to combo (especially in the corner). This Assist also has some unique properties, whether you hit your enemy while Chun-Li does her A version Tenshokyaku or if you wait before or after she does it (this may lead to different combos. Try testing this out). This Assist is also good as an anti-air (or if you need to surprise your enemy).

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