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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Sweeping Kick-Jun does a sweeping kick at her enemy. However, the enemy will not fall, but will go into a very mild staggering state. You cannot ground combo with or into Sweeping Kick unless you Baroque before you perform Sweeping Kick. Of course, this normal move is nice since it has potential abilities as a high/low mix-up game. One thing that you can do with Sweeping Kick is cancel into any of her supers to guarantee some nice damage.
  • 6C-Twin Swan Spinning Kicks-Jun does two break dancing spin kicks at her enemy. The second kick will cause the enemy to go into a staggering state, making it possible for Jun to continue her ground combo. The second kick is considered an over-head; so if your enemy does not block high, her enemy will go into a staggering state (this creates some nice mind games). You can cancel the first kick into a special or super move. Use this normal move during your ground combos to guarantee a launcher or super set-up.

Special Moves

  • String Bomb-236A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Jun throws her yo-yo bomb at her enemy. If the bomb hits the enemy, the bomb will stick to the enemy (unless the enemy hits Jun, which, in that case, the bomb will disappear). You can place up to 5 bombs on the enemy (of course, you can always throw more bombs at your enemy; however, only 5 bombs will stick to the enemy). This is a great special to use because it gives you the ability to scare your opponent from even moving! Creating mind games with her bombs are key (and igniting them with Bingo for great damage)! All three versions does around 1,200 Billion Damage. Each version travels its own distance. A version (both ground and air versions) will travel 1/3 across the screen, B version (both ground and air versions) will travel less than half-way across the screen, and ground C version will travel all the way across the screen, whereas air C version will travel 3/4th's across the screen. Also, each version has its own speed of Jun throwing the bombs at her enemy: A version is the fastest, B version is moderate, and C version takes the longest to throw a bomb.
    • Bingo-When a bomb(or more) is attached on the enemy, 214A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Jun does a pose and says "Bingo!," making her bomb explode (and causing the enemy to catch on fire and fly across the screen). This special can only be done while you have at least 1 bomb on your enemy. Each ignited bomb does around 2,800 Billion Damage. The nice thing about Bingo is that if you are in the corner, you can actually do a Bingo and super jump to do your air combo. This special could be an alternative launcher (when you and your enemy are in the corner). Experiment with this idea (and do more damage!).
  • Dancing Swan-421A/B/C-Jun jumps in the air and kicks her enemy in the face. If she connect with her kick, Jun will go into a series of kicks and teleports. Each version has its own number of hits, traveling distance, and damage outputs. A version will travel 1/4th across the screen, will do 3 hits, and does around 4,700 Billion Damage; B version will travel a little over half-way across the screen, will do 4 hits, and does around 5,700 Billion Damage; and the C version will travel almost all the way across the screen, will do 5 hits, and does around 7,300 Billion Damage. The nice thing about Dancing Swan is that you can ground combo into this special move (the A version) and continue your combo by air dashing toward your opponent's character for a few additional hits (or to do a super move, such as Talon Burst or Science Ninpo: Phoenix). You can also do the String Bomb special (A version)->Bingo right after the Dancing Swan animation is finished (A version). In the corner, you can do very unique and interesting ground combos.
  • Swan Rush-While in the air, 421A/B/C-Jun does a series of kicks in the air, ending it with a kick the face (causing the enemy a knock down if they were in the air being hit). Each version does its own number of hits and damage outputs. A version does 3 hits and does around 2,050 Billion Damage, B version does 4 hits and does around 2,700 Billion Damage, and C version does 5 hits and does around 3,200 Billion Damage. This is an alternative ending for your air combo (if you choose not to just j.C, Talon Burst, or Science Ninpo: Phoenix as a way to end Jun's air combo). The nice thing with Swan Rush is that you can cancel this special right into her Talon Burst or Science Ninpo: Phoenix to guarantee that her supers will connect.
  • Lightning Kick-623A/B/C-Jun takes her yo-yo bomb and throws it straight up in the air, and performs a somersault kick at her enemy's face. Each version has its own properties, number of hits, and damage output. A version will do a "fake" start-up, meaning she will just throw the yo-yo bomb straight in the air, but not perform the somersault kick (if you are fast enough, you can do a series of A Lightning Kicks, or cancel into a ground combo/special/super move); B version will actually do the Lightning Kick, it does 1 hit, and does around 2,800 Billion Damage, and the C version does 2 hits, and does around 3,000 Billion Damage. B a C versions of Lightning Kick can be used in a ground combo (either use Baroque before performing B/C Lightning Kick or you can do Twin Swan Spinning Kick->B/B Lightning Kick). You can also follow-up with this special in the air (once B/C Lightning Kick animation is completed) with a few additional hits (considered an air combo from the system), or into her Talon Burst/Science Ninpo: Phoenix supers. Doing this special in the corner can lead into some crazy corner ground combos.

Super Moves

  • Talon Burst-236+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Jun attaches 4 bombs on her enemy's body (the 4th hit causing the enemy to fly into the air), ending the super with a Bingo. This super is great to use during ground/air combos, because it adds great damage output. This super is interesting to use since you can use this super into some nice Team Hyper Combo set-ups (especially in the air). Delaying this super into a Team Hyper Combo could come out with some unique set-ups. If you do use a Team Hyper Combo, the bombs will stay on the enemy (again, unless Jun is hit, or if Jun is KO'ed, or if the enemy is KO'ed).
  • Mirage Swan-421+Any two attack buttons-Jun does a super version of Dancing Swan. She does a series of kicks and teleports, ending the super with an air throw. The nice thing about this super is if you have at least one bomb attached to your enemy, you can ignite (Bingo special) it right after the animation is completed for additional damage.
  • Science Ninpo: Phoenix (Level 3 Super)-214+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Just like Ken the Eagle's level 3 super, Jun does the same. However, unlike Ken's level 3 super, you can actually ground/air combo into Jun's level 3 super. This super does excellent damage; use it whenever you have the opportunity to do so (especially if you need the lead in your match!).

As An Assist

Jun the Swan jumps out and does her B version of String Bomb. The nice thing about her Assist is that if she hits the enemy with her Assist attack, the bomb will stay on the enemy (even if your current non-Jun character gets hit!). The only way the bomb can leave the enemy's body is if Jun is hit (or if she dies...or if Jun ignites the bombs or if the enemy gets KO'ed). You can use this in a ground or air combo (though you have to be careful with the timing of her bomb throw and the spacing, especially in the corner).

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