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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Spikes-Morrigan steps forward and shoots out spikes from her wings. This can be used at the end of a normal ground combo. This normal move causes knock down.
  • 6C-Blade Launching Kick-Morrigan does a split launching kick. This has two routes of effect. If you use it by itself or part of her normal ground combo, you will make the enemy fly in the air (normal jump height). If you use this move after her sweep (2C), this normal would cause your enemy to fly int the air (super jump height), making this move an alternative launcher for Morrigan.

Special Moves

  • Soul Fist-236A/C (this can also be done in the air)-Morrigan's fireball. Each version has its own speed. A version travels the slowest, B version is faster than A, and C version travels the fastest. There is a nice little trick with her fireballs. If you are all the way across the screen, you can combo her Soul Fist A into Soul Fist C. The air versions has their own speed and angle directions as well. A version travels the slowest at a 45 degree angle, the B version is faster than A and travels at a 50 degree angle, and the C version travels the fastest at a 60 degree angle. You can use the air Soul Fist in an air combo and can connect it into her level 3 for some damage.
  • Shadow Blade-623A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Morrigan's uppercut special. Each version has it's own air travel distance, number of hits, and damage output. The A version both ground and air does 1 hit and travels slightly above the ground, the B version both ground and air does 3 hits and travels slightly above normal jump height, and the C version both ground and air does 5 hits and travels slightly below the height of a launched character. You can use this move to end your air combo. It's not a bad option, especially if you are trying to push your enemy away (because your enemy will fly to the other side of the screen). This special is also a pretty good anti-air; however, do not overuse this special as an anti-air, because your enemy may "punish" you for your whiffed special.
  • Shell Kick-(air only) 214C-Morrigan creates a drill horizontally attacking her enemy and drilling at the enemy's body. This is a great special to use as a surprise, or to pressure your enemy since Morrigan's dash, air dashes make her temporarily fly. If you are fast enough, you can do a dash/air dash into Shell Kick special and right away start to combo. You can also use this to end your air combo. which does 5 hits and slams your enemy to the ground.
  • Vector Drain-when close, 63214A/B/C-Her command grab. She grabs the enemy, flies in the air slightly, and slams the enemy head first into the ground. You can ground combo into this. This special can be used to surprise your enemy (especially if he/she is very defensive). However, if you are outside the throwing range, Morrigan will do her whiff throw animation, leaving her open for attacks.

Super Moves

  • Finishing Shower-236+Any two attack buttons (this can also be done in the air)-Morrigan takes her wings and projects missiles at her enemy. You can control the direction of the missiles by pressing up and down on your controller/arcade stick. Unfortunately, this super is very hard to use in a combo/air combo. You might be able to find a few exceptions with the right Assist...This super may be used nicely with a Tag Team Super/Cross-Over Combination.
  • Valkyrie Turn-63214+Any two attack buttons, then while she is flying. hit any attack button to activate (this can also be done in the air)-Morrigan flies past her enemy, and returns a second later ready to do a super version of Shell Kick. Once again, this super is very hard to connect into a combo/air combo. And with the right Assist, you might be able to connect this super. What is nice about this super is that you may add confusion for your enemy. This super may be used nicely with a Tag Team Super/Cross-Over Combination.
  • Darkness Illusion-(Level 3, 421+Any two attack buttons, this can also be done in the air)-Morrigan dashes at her enemy (less than half-way across the screen). If this connects, she summons Lilith, and they both do a "tag team" beat up on your enemy. There are two versions of her level 3 super: the ground and air version. Both do 46 hits and around 19,500 Billion damage. The nice thing with this super is that it is an excellent way to end your combo/air combo. Since Morrigan builds her super meter pretty quickly, you will more often use this super than the other two.

Infinite Combo

Morrigan Aensland has an infinite combo. Do do this, you must perform a ground dash->dash cancel (by pressing 7,8, or 9)->j.AA. Once you land, you have to repeat the whole sequence. So, in notation, it's this: 66(hold until slightly above enemy's head)xx 7,8,9 xx j.AA x N. This infinite is very hard to perform. Here is a youtube video link of the infinite:

As An Assist

Morrigan jumps out and shoots out her C version of Soul Fist. Just like Ryu's Assist, this is a great Assist because you are able to cover ground, combo with this (or into a combo), and you can use her assist to either pressure your enemy or keep away your enemy.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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