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Yatterman-1 is an extremely free form and powerful character in TvC:UAS. He can zone, pressure, build meter, and mixup better than most of the cast of the cast. He has the fastest and possibly most useful jab in the game, he has the fastest dash speed and the best wave dash, a practical reset game after his combos along with one of the best level 3 supers for damage. His air kendama spins gives him more movement options while controling mid range space extremely well and can be combo'd from. One blocked air kendama spin or almost any blocked hit can lead into scary mixups with his yatter run crossup and other high low mixups when covered with an assist. His kendamagic is a very fast and useful "projectile" that can keep characters at bay from full screen it is probubly the fastest full screen non-super move.

His downsides would be having relatively low health and having bad, but not useless level one supers and probably the worst assist in the game. But in return for these you get a versatile and top tier point character.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Kendamagic Stretch-Yatterman-1 shoots up his Kendamagic at a 45 degree incline angle. This move can be used in a ground combo (usually a move that which is in Baroque before using Kendamagic Stretch). This normal move is good to use as an anti-air (especially one that can reach a little over half-way across the screen).
  • 6C-Kendamagic Sweep-Yatterman-1 swings his Kendamagic at his enemy's feet, causing the enemy to fly slightly into the air. This move can be used in a ground combo (for example, 5C2C6C->214A~A...) This move is also not bad to use as a poke (however, if you miss, or if your enemy blocks this move, be prepared get punished).

Special Moves

  • Kendamagic-236A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Yatterman-1 whips his Kendamagic at his enemy. Each version (both ground and air) travels its own distance (however, all ground version's damage output is around 2,800 Billion Damage while the air version's damage output is around 2,400 Billion Damage). A version (both ground and air) will travel about 1/3 across the screen, B version (both ground and air) will travel about half-way across the screen, and the C version (both ground and air) will travel all the way across the screen. You can use Kendamagic in both ground and air combos. However, you should be careful as to which Kendamagic version to use; it is possible that the special move will miss the enemy entirely (and the enemy does not have to avoid Kendamagic at all!). Know when and how to use this special move, know your spacing and time the Kendamagic. This special move is great to use for pokes (especially if you are trying to play "run away" from your enemy).
  • Yatter Shock-Charge 4 for a few seconds, then press 6A/B/C-Yatterman-1 performs a roundhouse kick and then takes his Kendamagic, ties it around his enemy's body, and electrocutes the enemy. All three versions do 12 hits (and you do not need to first hit, Yatterman-1's roundhouse kick to hit in order for this special move to work) and all three versions of Yatter-Shock travels a little over half-way across the screen; however, each version has its own damage output. A version does around 3,100 Billion Damage, B version does around 3,500 Billion Damage, and the C version does around 3,850 Billion Damage. You can use this special move during Yatterman-1's ground combo. If you successfully hit the enemy with Yatter-Shock, you can dash towards the enemy and continue to ground combo the enemy (even launch the enemy into the air with his launcher (3C)).
  • Yatter Medium Attack-623A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Yatterman-1 takes a jumping leap towards his enemy, and spins his Kendamagic around (in a circular direction) at his enemey's face. All three ground versions of Yatter Medium are the same (around 3,200 Billion Damage) as well as the air versions damage output are the same (around 3,400 Billion Damage); also, all three versions (both ground and air) do 7 hits. However, each version has its own traveling distance. Ground Yatter Medium Attack: A version travels about 1/3 across the screen, B version travels about half-way across the screen, and C version travels about 3/4ths across the screen; Air Yatter Medium Attack: A version travels 1/5th across the screen, B version travels about 1/3 across the screen, and C version travels about half-way across the screen. Yatter Medium Attack can be used in both ground and air combos. A nice trick with Yatter Medium Attack (when used during an air combo, in the corner) is to get two sets of Yatter Medium Attacks, ending the air combo with j.C->land->Yatter Wan Flame super (too add as much damage as possible). The air versions of Yatter Medium Attack can also create confusing cross-ups while your enemy is in the air, recovering from an air combo (example: you end your air combo with air B version of Yatter Medium Attack->land-> (enemy is in air flip recovery state)->Launcher (3C)->repeat).
  • Yatter Run-214A/B/C-Yatterman-1 runs at his enemy. He can do the following:
    • A-Flip Jump-Yatterman-1 jumps and flips towards the enemy. During his jump, you can use any air normal move (A/B/C), air special moves, or even cancel the jump into his Yatter Wan Special Attack super. Flip Jump can be used during a ground combo (for instance, using 6C->Yatter-Run->Flip Jump~j.A->land->5AAAA3C->air combo).
    • B-Running Slide Kick-Yatterman-1 does a sliding kick, causing knock down. This move is good for mix-up games, especially if the enemy is anticipating Yatterman-1 to do Jump Flip or Yatter Medium Attack instead. You can ground combo into this (and if you want to continue to ground combo, Baroque Running Slide Kick).
    • C-Yatter Medium Attack-Yatterman-1 does his C version of Yatter Medium Attack. Same damage, properties, etc. (stated above). This is another way to ground combo into Yatter Medium Attack.

Super Moves

  • Yatter Wan Special Attack-236+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Yatterman-1 calls out his car dog and runs over his enemy. This super varies on the number of hits and the damage output (this depends on where Yatterman-1 and his enemy are at on the screen). The nice thing about this super is that you can do this in the air. You can interrupt your air combo midway and try to create confusion onto your enemy. This super has body armor (and will go through all hits), making this a great super to use against the giants (Gold Lightan, PTX-40A)!
  • Yatter Wan Flame-214+Any two attack buttons-Yatterman-1 calls out his car dog, where the car dog slams into the enemy (causing knock down), and performs a long (both distance and the duration) fire breath. The number of hits and damage output varies (you can control the car dog's fire breath's direction, by pressing 2 or 8). This super is used mostly in the corner to add more damage (see Yatter Medium Attack notes for more information).
  • This Week's Surprise Robots (Level 3 Super)-623+Any two attack buttons-Yatterman-1 throws a dog bone at the enemy (the dog bone will travel all the way across the screen). If the dog bone hits, the dog bone flies into the car dog's mouth. After the car dog swallows the dog bone, the car dog will release a series of robotic alligators (ending the super where a robotic alligator leaves a bomb right next to the enemy's feet). This super does 44 hits, and the damage output is around 29,900 Billion Damage. Yatterman-1 can ground combo into his level 3 super.

As An Assist

Yatterman-1 jumps out and does his ground B version of Kendamagic. His Assist's properties (as well as the spacing still applies). Yatterman-1's Assist is good to use to play "keep away;" you can also use his Assist to create some very interesting combos that otherwise would not be possible to do under normal circumstances.

The Basics

Float around the screen building meter using his air dashes and air kendama spins and his kendamagic, anti air with st.a, avoid damage while trying to land any hit blocked or not and keep them guessing with his 3 special overhead moves, his crossup with his yatter run jump move or use one of his 3 low hitting moves while covering with assist as necessary. Try and maintain and exploit a meter advantage and use baroque wisely.

Advanced Strategy


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