Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars/Yatterman-1

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Gan-Chan, the tinkerer turned superhero is here to bully people with a kids toy


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Can hit from anywhere on the screen
  • Godly pressure
  • Can convert off anything
  • Relaunches for days
  • Can run point or Anchor
  • Annoying projectile
  • Assist is beyond underwhelming
  • Very bad DHC potential
  • Requires very good execution
TVC Yatterman-1 Art.png

Moves List

Normal Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
4 5 12 - 800 - This jab wins matches, don't even challenge it
2A 4 4 13 - 800 - This one too
5B 10 13 15 - 2404 - Y-1 spins his kendama around him a few times, multihit, helps to charge YatterShock or visually confirm for launcher
6B 11 6 15 - 1680 - Shoots his kendama 45 degrees upward, this is 100% anti-IAD. Can follow up with Yatterrun -> B
2B 10 4 17 - 1600 - Gan sits down and punches up, Slight anti-air, can link link to 6C
5C 14 4 21 - 2400 - Gan swings his kendama all around him. Can be AA
6C - - - - - - Gan steps back slightly and swings his kendama at the ground, useful for juggles
2C 9 3 29 - 2400 Low/Hard Knockdown Fast half screen sweep, main char privilege is real. links to 6C in some scenarios.
3C 10 3 25 - 2400 Launcher Fast launcher, crazy hitbox, you'll see some yatters 2A->3C without even properly confirming and it works because it's him. Great launcher. and then it being fast isn't really the good part, but yatterman crouches a little while using it so he can low profile some moves or turn it into an out right anti air, and along with this crouching motion, he also swings forward and back making his hitbox constantly moving and hard to punish at times. Then they also gave this to him as his cross over counter, meaning that even when he's not on screen you're still scared of this move
j.A 5 12 15 - 800 - Fast jab, good amount of hitstun, helps juggle
j.B 8 5 24 - 1400 Overhead Fast medium, it's pretty good
j.C 10 3 3 - 2800 Overhead/Hard Knockdown Really fast j.C, angled downward slightly, not amazing but still good.

Universal Mechanics

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
VAR starter 10 - - - 2320 -
Counter Tag 25 1 - - 2320 -
Forward Throw - - - - 4800 Throw Cannot follow up but can crossup with 'Yatterrun -> A on wakeup
Back Throw - - - - 4800 Throw Cannot follow up but can crossup with 'Yatterrun -> A on wakeup
Air Forward Throw - - - - 5600 Throw
Air Back Throw - - - - 5600 Throw

Special Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
12/16/22 - 29 - - (ground) 2800
(Air) 2400
Yatter grabs his kendama and flicks it at the opponent, strength determines position. Since it's not a fireball, it will only hit the area that Y-1 chooses. For example if Y-1 uses a Heavy Kendamagic, but Ryu is standing in his face, Ryu will not have to contend with Kendamagic in any capacity. Doronjo is able to use her super counter against this move.
Yatter Medium Attack

- - - 3090 - Also known as Yatterspin is an annoying attack Gan can do which gives him insane lockdown. On the ground the strengths just determine his distance, but in the air it works differently.
  • A Yatterspin drops him to the ground like a rock, if you can tiger knee off the ground, this can become a frustrating lockdown
  • B yatter spin pushes him upwards, this can help in air combos to help his OTG super working
  • C yatter spin keeps him relatively horizontal.

Both A and C yatterspin help him with relaunches, A yatterspin can be used in the corner for yatterspin loops.


- - - - - - Yatterman starts running, strength doesn't change anything about this attack, but he comes with follow ups.
  • Yatterrun -> A makes yatterman do a short hop, this can lead to quick overheads or help with his midscreen combos. A -> B -> 2C -> 6C -> Yatterrun -> A -. j.A -> A -> 3C is a viable route.
  • Yatterrun -> B makes him slide across the floor, the slide is low and leads to a hard knockdown, but you can follow up with baroque or partner. Or use Yatter-wan Flame
  • Yatterrun -> C leads to a yatterspin, it hits overhead and moves the match back to neutral.
11/13/15 - - - 3090/3137/3857 Stagger Yatterman kicks, then grabs the opponent with his kendama, shocking them into a stagger. If the opponent is airborne, the kick will push them away. The grab only works if the enemy is grounded. After that, any hit leads to an air juggle Useable on Giants

Super Moves

Move Startup Active Recovery Block Adv Damage
Properties Notes
Yatterwan Special Attack
7+53 - - - 14736 OTG Gan jumps off screen and rides Yatterwan around, if hit the opponent is thrown down and hit OTG. After it's done Gan will jump back to his original position, unsafe if blocked, hitbox reaches top of normal jump height. Yatterwan is fully invincible. hits OTG
Yattter Wan Flame
7+53 - - - 14736 OTG/Wallbounce Yatterwan appears for the emergency and causes wallbounce, after that he shoots flames on the floor. Flames can be controlled by the player, Flames hit OTG
This Week's Surprise Robots
16+2 - - - 29136 - Gan goes invincible and throws a special bone, bone travels full screen. If it hits the opponent he'll produce special alligator bombs to blow up the opponent. Good damage, good DHC potential. costume 3 and 4 produces ducks instead, this is entirely cosmetic

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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