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A lighter that can turn into a Giant Robot, Gold Lightan is a Giant character, and is a solo character who can't have an assist. As such, they have a large amount of super armor, and can only be staggered after a few hits.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Gold Overhead Slamming Punch-Gold Lightan does a powerful overhead punch. While you cannot combo into this normal move, you can combo after you Baroque Gold Overhead Slamming Punch (into his launcher (3C) or ground version of Gold Crash super, for example).

Special Moves

  • Tank Slice-41236A/B/C-Gold Lightan does a sideways karate chop. All three versions hit 2 times. Each version own damage output and properties. A version does around 6,200 Billion Damage and will cause minor staggering, B version does around 6,800 Billion Damage and causes knock down, and C version does around 7,300 Billion Damage and also causes knock down. You can ground combo into Take Slice. This special move is good to score a knock down on your enemy (since most of the time, your enemy will play "keep away" and only poke you, while building super meter).
  • Battleship Breaker-63214A/B/C-Gold Lightan jumps in the air does a drop kick. All three versions do 1 hit and all cause knock down. However, each version has its own damage output. A version does around 3,400 Billion Damage, B version does around 3,800 Billion Damage, and C version does around 4,200 Billion Damage. Note: A/B versions will cause the enemy to bounce off the wall (wall bounce) if the enemy is in the air, while C version of Battleship Breaker will cause a "Snap Back," forcing your opponent to switch out his/her character (unless you are fighting against another giant or if the opponent only has one character left). You can ground combo into Battleship Breaker (or even from a launcher (3C), where you have the opportunity to create resets).
  • Gold Quake-22A/B/C-Gold Lightan slams his foot to the ground, causing a shock wave of gold energy to pop from the ground. All three versions do 1 hits. However, each version has its own damage output. A version does around 5,600 Billion Damage, B version does around 6,000 Billion Damage, and C version does around 6,400 Billion Damage. Note: If you are able to trip your enemy (or cause any knock down), and if you are fast enough, Gold Quake can be considered and off-the-ground (OTG) special move, doing two additional hits, and over at least 10,000 Billion Damage.
  • Gold Press-63214789 (a.k.a. 360 motion)C-Gold Lightan grabs his enemy, slams the enemy to the ground, and finally body slams the enemy. Gold Press does 2 hits and does around 12,000 Billion Damage. This is possible to combo into Gold Press (especially off of his launcher (3C)).

Super Moves

  • Gold Crash-41236+Any two buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Gold Lightan does a Gold Quake, lands, and grabs the enemy with his fist (while collecting gold energy from his body). He then takes energy from his enemy, and squeezes the enemy's energy (causing the enemy to explode). This super (both ground and air) does 2 hits; however, the damage output is different. Ground version's damage output is around 14,200 Billion Damage while the air version's damage output is around 13,200 Billion Damage. It is possible to combo into Gold Crash after Gold Lightan sweeps the enemy (2C) or from any move that knocks down the enemy (and if you're fast enough to input Gold Crash).
  • Gold Kick-63214+Any two attack buttons-Gold Lightan does a lunging kick. If the kick hits, the enemy will fly into the air, ending with Gold Lightan slamming the enemy into the ground with his foot on top of the enemy. This super does 2 hits and does around 16,800 Billion Damage. This super can be used during a ground combo (especially off of his launcher (3C)).
  • Gold Finger Crash (Level 3 Super)-During the Gold Crash super, 236+Any two attack buttons-After Gold Quake, Gold Lightan will grab the enemy, and his eyes will flash. The next moment, Gold Lightan is in the air with the enemy, ending the super with Gold Lightan throwing the enemy straight into the ground (like a meteor crashing into the ground). This super does 2 hits and does around 23,400 Billion Damage. His level 3 super is great to use to end a match (especially if it makes a difference).

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