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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6C-Saber Charge-Zero charges at his enemy with his saber (which turns purple). You can use this in your ground combo.
  • j.2C-Reverse Saber Spin-Just like Zero's regular j.C, this move hits 3 times. The only difference is that he is now spinning counter-clockwise (and starts with a slight delay). You may be able to use this normal move as part of your IAD (instant air dash) mix-ups.

Special Moves

  • Ryuenjin-623A/B/C (this can be performed both on the ground and in the air)-Zero's dragon punch (and his anti-air special move). Zero jumps in the air with his fire saber and hits the enemy with it. Each version does a number of different hits and has different damage outputs (both ground and air versions). A version does 1 hit and does around 2,400 Billion Damage, B version does 3 hits and does around 3,290 Billion Damage, and the C version does 5 hits and does around 4,430 Billion Damage. You can use Ryuenjin in both ground and air combos. A little neat thing about Ryuenjin (when you and your enemy is in the corner) is the ability to do A Ryuenjin -> C Ryuenjin, this will combo!
  • Hadangeki-Charge 4 for a few seconds, then press 6A/B/C-Zero throws out some of his saber energy at his enemy (all three versions travel straight across the screen). Each version travels at different speed, has different damage outputs, and does different amount of hits. A version will travel slow, does 1 hit, and does around 2,280 Billion Damage, B version travels fast, does 1 hit, and does around 2,280 damage, and the C version travels fast (slightly slower than the B version but faster than the A version), does two hits, and does around 3,360 Billion Damage. This is good to use in case you do not have your Hyper Zero Blaster special being charged up. You can use this in a ground combo.
  • Hienkyaku-214A/B/C (this can be performed both on the ground and in the air)-Zero does his infamous dodge from the X series. Each ground and air version travels in different directions. The ground: A version will travel forward (toward your opponent, less than half-way across the screen distance), B version is the same as A version (except you travel over half-way across the screen and your Hienkyaku is faster), and C version will make Zero do a jumping "dodge," ending it with Zero landing on the ground; the air: A version will make Zero fall straight down, B version will make Zero dodge half-way across the screen (horizontally), and the C version will make Zero do a jumping "dodge," ending it with Zero landing on the ground. You can mix up the dodges from ground to air, or air to ground. Note: you can get hit during Zero's Hienkyaku, so do not overuse this special move. This is great to use for mix-up and for opponents that like to block a lot (also called turtles).
  • Hyper Zero Blaster-Press and hold down A/B/C, then release when ready (this can be performed both on the ground and in the air)-Like Megaman Volnutt, Zero can charge his blaster and release a ball of energy at his enemies. Holding down any attack button for a certain amount of time (both ground and air) determines the number of hits, how fast the energy ball will travel, and how much damage the Hyper Zero Blaster will do. The difference between ground and air versions of Hyper Zero Blaster is when Zero is on the ground, he will shoot his blaster straight across the screen, whereas when Zero is in the air, he will shoot his blaster at a 45 degree declining angle. A version (held for 2 seconds) will shoot a small yellow energy ball, travels at a moderate speed, does 2 hits, and does around 1,080 Billion Damage, B version (held for 3 seconds) will shoot a larger colorful energy ball, travels fast, does 3 hits, and does around 3,000 Billion Damage, and C version (held for 5 seconds or more), travels very fast, will shoot a large blue energy ball, does 5 hits, and does around 4,420 Billion Damage. Both B and C versions will cause knock down (giving you the opportunity to continue your ground or air combo).
  • Sentsuizan-While in the air, 236A/B/C-Zero takes his saber and lunges at his enemy from the air at a 45 degree declining angle. Each version has its own properties and output damage. A version will do a "fake" Sentsuizan (meaning Zero will do the beginning animation but will not actually perform the move), B version make Zero lunge almost instantly, does around 2,480 Billion Damage, and the C version is slightly delayed in start-up (but is much faster), and does around 3,600 Billion Damage. B and C versions will cause the enemy to stagger (when the enemy is on the ground). You can use Sentsuizan both in ground and air combos. Note: When you knock down your enemy, you can do an off-the-ground (OTG) hit with Sentsuizan, adding another hit to maximize your damage output.

Super Moves

  • Rekkoha-236+Any two attack buttons-Zero slams his hand into the ground, and summons multiple rainbow energy beams at his enemy. It is possible to combo into Rekkoha if you Team Hyper Combo/Cross-Over Combination. Use this super to keep away your opponent's character(s). This super is pretty fast and does average damage.
  • Sougenmu-214+Any two attack buttons-Zero goes into a stance, calling upon inner energy (I'm guessing here). For those who are familiar with SFA3 V-ism, Yun's Genji Jin, or any form of custom combo, this super is similar in that form. However, the only time in which Zero gets his "shadow" form to hit right after him is when Zero does any of his special moves.
  • Dark Hold-(Level 3 Super)-623+Any two attack buttons-Zero takes his saber and slashes at his enemy, causing the enemy to fly into the air. Zero suddenly shouts "Dark Hold," in which time freezes for several seconds. Zero then increases his saber into what it looks like a saber lance, flies at the enemy, and cuts right through the enemy, causing a dramatic finish. You can ground combo into this; however, doing a ground combo into his level 3 super will significantly reduce the damage output of Zero's level 3 super. It is better to use this super by itself to punish your opponent's mistake(s) than it is to use during a ground combo.

As An Assist

Zero jumps out and does his B version of Ryuenjin. His assist does 3 hits, causes the enemy to fly in the air (normal jumping height), and you can continue to juggle your enemy. Zero's Assist is good to use in corner combos or as an anti-air attack.

The Basics

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