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Noriaki Kakyoin (花京院 典明 Kakyōin Noriaki), who is known here as New Kakyoin (恐怖を乗り越えた花京院 lit. "Kakyoin who overcame his fears"), is an alternative version of Kakyoin wearing sunglasses. This is due to an attack from N'Doul's stand Geb, which nearly made him blind. The community calls him New Kak or Nkak, alternatively meaning Neutered Kak. He is one of the six hidden characters, and he was released in the latest version of HFTF.

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future, New Kakyoin gains a simplified and restricted moveset in his Stand Off, while receiving an almost completely new one in Stand On. Difficulty wise he is harder to play than normal Kakyoin, due to his more noticeable flaws and higher execution requirement.

While he has worse tools at his disposal in general and his combos become much harder and shorter due to that, in Stand On he receives a Jedah/Morrigan dash, which makes him rise into the air at a roughly 65° angle. This gives him nigh unmatched movement speed and unpredictable behaviour, turning him into a generally more unique character.

If you like footsies, hard combos, having a lot of options, uniqueness and medium risk/high reward, then New Kakyoin is the character for you.

Pros Cons
  • Decently fast mobility with the inclusion of Stand ON hover dashes
  • Majority of his Stand OFF moves are unscaled, allowing for damaging combos
  • Great set of Normals in both Stand OFF and ON
  • Nets, despite being nerfed compared to Kakyoin, are still very Strong
  • Great Throw that provides Okizeme
  • Slim and Short Hurtbox in Stand OFF can make it hard for the opponent to hit
  • Generally strong Okizeme game, including Character-specific Unblockable setups
  • Unique stand off remote mode activation that acts as a sort of parry move
  • Swagger Shades
  • Steep learning curve
  • Hardest Remote Mode to use efficiently
  • Second lowest Defense in the game, making him easier to kill, especially if he gets Stand Crashed
  • Meter hungry for Optimal Damage
  • Second Slowest Wakeup time tied with Regular Kakyoin
  • His combos are dependent on factors such as RNG, opponent's Pre-jump state and P1/P2 sides, which might fuck you up
  • Blind
New Kakyoin

New Kakyoin A.png

Stand: Active

Defense Value Stand OFF: 94 (Low)

Defense Value Stand ON: 89 (Low)

Stand Durability: 88 (High)

Roll Speed: 34 (Average)

Wakeup Speed: 50 (Very slow)

Prejump Stand OFF: 6 (5 if jumping diagonally)

Prejump Stand ON: 4

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
WJ Japan Arcade (BigOne2nd) Twitter: @WJ_HD God Gamer Jr., known for his grimy playstyle
Status: Active
Posterd USA, East Coast Fightcade 2 Twitter: @FgcPosterd
Fightcade: posterd
Discord: Posterd#7176
God Gamer 3: Gaming
Status: Inactive
vokxx Russia Fightcade 2 Twitter: @vokxx666
Fightcade: vokxx, triple six,
Discord: vokxx#2006
God Gamer Jr. 2. Also plays DIO and Vanilla Ice
Status: Inactive
Trolldd USA, West Coast Fightcade 2 Fightcade: Extreme_Sportss
Discord: trolldd#4719
Mastered the arts of sandwich loop. Net Camping taken to the extreme!

Also plays Rubber.
Status: Inactive (24).gif
ProjectPotato USA, West Coast Fightcade 2 Fightcade: ProjectPotato
Discord: ProjectPotato#5491
The techie one. The India's Arm enjoyer.

Aggressive playstyle, can and will stand separate.
Status: Active

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