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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the tier list?

Community tier list (2024).
2024 Fightcade Tier List by Various Players

As of 2024, this is the most up-to-date tier list:
SS Tier (Banned): Kakyoin, Pet Shop
S Tier: Vanilla Ice, Polnareff, Jotaro, New Kakyoin, Avdol
A Tier: DIO, Chaka, Devo, Midler, Rubber Soul, Shadow DIO
B Tier: Alessi, Iggy, Old Joseph, Hol Horse
C Tier: Black Polnareff, Khan, Young Joseph
D Tier: Hoingo, Mariah

Other Tier Lists

2021 Fightcade Tier List by BiLL

BiLL's tier list from 2021 was the most agreed upon tier list for Fightcade back in 2021.
SS Tier (Banned in tournaments): Kakyoin, Pet Shop
S Tier: Vanilla Ice, Polnareff, Jotaro, Avdol
A Tier: New Kakyoin, DIO, Chaka, Midler, Devo
B Tier: Alessi, Shadow DIO, Iggy, Rubber Soul, Hol Horse
C Tier: Old Joseph, Young Joseph, Khan, Black Polnareff
D Tier: Hoingo, Mariah

Japanese Arcade Tier List by SQ
Full Matchup Table by SQ

SS+ (God) Tier: Kakyoin, Petshop
S (Top) Tier: Vanilla Ice, Polnareff, Jotaro
A (High) Tier: Avdol, DIO, New Kakyoin
B+ (Above Average) Tier: Chaka, Midler
B (Average) Tier: Iggy, Devo, Shadow DIO
C (Low) Tier: Alessi, Rubber Soul, Old Joseph
D+ (Upper Bottom) Tier: Young Joseph, Hol Horse, Khan
D (Bottom) Tier: Black Polnareff, Mariah, Hoingo

Why won't my game open?

There may be multiple reasons for your game not opening. Some common ones are:

  • Extracting the ROM files - The ROMs may come in .zip files, but do not extract them! They must be in seperate and files.
  • The ROMs may not be named correctly - you must have .zip files named jojoba with 42 jojoba-simm files inside and jojobanr1 with 8 jojoba-simm files and a jojoba_japan_nocd file inside.
  • There is many more reasons not listed, but there is a #hftf-questions channel in the JJBAHFTF Discord server where you can ask questions and get answers.

How do I change the game's language to English?

Once the game is running, go to Input > Set dipswitches and change the Region switch to your region of choice, as all non-Japan regions have the game in English. Make sure to change it back to Japan for playing online, as not only does the change not matter due to the game being launched from a save state, it could cause a desync when the game is reset if your opponent has a different setting to you!

How do I set my controls / Why is my controller not working?

In order for the Fightcade emulator to recognise your controller, it must be plugged in and ready before you launch the game. Once the game is launched, go to Input > Map game inputs or press the F5 key on your keyboard to open the menu where you can configure your inputs. Make sure that none of your inputs conflict, especially the Not in use inputs as this can harm your ability to perform certain special moves.

How do I unlock the secret characters?

You don't need to unlock the secret characters for playing online or using training mode, but in case you wish to play single player or offline using the characters then follow this guide:

  • Enter the test menu (The default bind for this is the F2 key)
  • Use Player 1 inputs to select menu option 7 and open another menu
  • Select option 2 on this second menu
  • Input the following: Up, Down, Right, Left, Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack, Stand (8 2 6 4 A B C S in numpad notation)
  • If done correctly, you will hear DIO's battle cry
  • Select the final option in the next two menus until you see "Saving Configuration to EEPROM"
  • Leave the test menu by either resetting the game with the F3 key or selecting the final option
  • Now, when you enter a local game, the secret characters should be to the left of Jotaro and the right of DIO on the character select screen.

How do I enter training mode?

Fightcade's universal training mode does work well for HFTF, but there is a community-made alternative that works better. You can follow this guide to install and use it:

I heard this game has interesting debug characters, where are they?

HFTF has a small selection of unfinished debug characters that were not meant to be played. And so, they were played. While competitively banned, the debug characters still have intrigue around them, most notably Death 13 and Boss Ice. Death 13's wiki page can be found here, and Boss Ice's page can be found here. Other debug characters, such as N'doul and Gray Fly, are nowhere near as complete or working, meaning they do not have their own wiki pages.

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