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During the story arc in Egypt, Jotaro and Polnareff are attacked by a Stand known as Anubis (アヌビス神 Anubisu-shin), a sword capable of controlling anyone who unsheathes it. After defeating Chaka and Khan, the Anubis sword cracks in half.

Polnareff accidentally unsheathes the sword while struggling with a policeman who's been trying to take it, allowing Anubis to possess his body.

Black Polnareff (or Anubis Polnareff) is a Passive Stand character, controlling both Silver Chariot and the broken Anubis sword at the same time. Black Polnareff is all about precision and rushdown as he has no long-range moves at his disposal. He has several ways to unleash deadly combos on his opponent, however, all of its variations are relatively difficult to pull off properly.

Black polnareff a.GIF Black polnareff b.GIF Black polnareff c.gif Black polnareff s.GIF Black polnareff start.GIF

Black Polnareff is an offense-based character all about precision and movement, focusing on threading the needle to score big damage with his signature loop.
Pros Cons
  • Great Normals: He has a lot of good normals with strong hitboxes, including 2 jabs with 1f of startup.
  • High Damage: Using his signature loop, Black Polnareff can inflict very strong damage.
  • The Strongest Stand: Black Polnareff is one of three Anubis characters, giving him access to the "I've learned it!" parry special that can score strong punishes with Anubis Guard Cancels.
  • Skinny: Black Polnareff's standing hurtbox is slim enough that some characters, including himself, have to make adjustments when performing combos lest they drop.
  • Passive Stand: Without the ability to turn Stand ON, Black Polnareff cannot avoid hard knockdowns or chip damage. This also means he doesn't have access to a Tandem or Custom Combo.
  • Mediocre Movement: While his hop angle is good and fast, Black Polnareff's ground speed is less than stellar, giving him an obstacle when fishing for whiff punishes.
  • Poor Safety: Black Polnareff's frame data isn't the best, leading him to receive full punishes for the smallest mistakes, on whiff or block.
  • Linear: Without a knockdown, Black Polnareff's pressure and mixups are incredibly straightforward, so he has to take major risks to open up a patient player.
  • Inconsistent Okizeme: While his mixups during an oki situation are strong, they're highly punishable if guessed right, and inconsistent with faster wakeup speeds.
  • Zoned Out: Being a character focused almost entirely on melee attacks, Black Polnareff deals with zoners and Stand ON laming very badly.
  • Mediocre Supers: Despite his amazing meter build, Black Polnareff's supers aren't the best, with 236AA's poor scaling and hitbox, and 214AA's very slow speed.
Black Polnareff

Black Polnareff A.png

Stand: Passive

Defense Value: 87

Roll Speed: 39

Wakeup Speed: 36

Prejump: 5

Notable Players

Color Nickname Country Platform Accounts Notes
Pablotarus Spain Fightcade 2 Fightcade: pablotarus
Twitter: @pablotarus
Pableke. Rarely plays B.Polnareff nowadays, often opting for Chaka or Jotaro.
Status: Playing other Characters
Wolfxdkms Romania Fightcade 1+2 Fightcade: wolfxdkms Cold, calculating, patient, and consistent. Master at sniffing out a bad approach and marching through the uphill matchups. And if he hit you, you're gonna eat a full loop.
Status: Active
R4nger Czechia Fightcade 2 Fightcade: R4nger Prefers an aggressive, rushdown style to BPol. Does sometimes enjoy going for risky and niche strategies against certain characters.
Status: Mostly playing other characters
Ken Speedway Honduras Fightcade 1+2, GGPOZ Fightcade: Ken Sppedway
Misato Mommy
Twitter: @Speedway_SP
Wild west bounty hunter. Also plays DIO and Old Joseph.
Status: Rarely Active

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