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Health Data

When taking Damage in Heritage For The Future, a few mechanics are uncovered. They are explained here.

Damage Reduction and Increase

HFTF has two levels of Damage Reduction. First is the amount of hits in a combo, and the second is how much life you have left. Depending on these values you might take less damage than normally.

Health values jojo.png

Normal: 144-64 Low: 63-32 Critical: 31-0

While you take less damage when you have less health, there is also another health based mechanic. This is considered to be the games natural 'Comeback Mechanic'. Base Damage: 144-129
Damage shifts every 16 health:
Maximum Damage: 0
The less life you have, the more damage your attacks do, up to roughly 150% damage at the lowest threshold, or 200% for Devo only.

Defense Values

While every character might have the same health (144), each has their own defense values. Characters are sorted by damage taken from Young Joseph's 214AA on the highest damage setting, the most damaging single hit in the game. The higher the number the more damage they take when hit. Having your stand on when taking damage might add or lower a characters defense.

Defense Values
Rank Character Stand-off Stand-on
1ST Hol Horse 78
1ST Hol and Boingo 78
3RD Devo 78 89
4TH Old Joseph 81 81
5TH Mariah 84
5TH Rubber Soul 84
5TH Shadow Dio 84
8TH DIO 87 76
9TH Black Polnareff 87
10TH Jotaro 89 76
10TH Midler 89 76
12TH Avdol 89 78
12TH Kakyoin 89 78
12TH Vanilla Ice 89 78
15TH Polnareff 89 81
16TH Chaka 89 84
16TH Alessi 89 84
18TH Young Joseph 89
19TH Iggy 91 81
20TH New Kakyoin 94 89
21TH Khan 94
22ND Petshop 105

Stand Durabilities

Stand Crashing is a feature related to Active and Weapon Stands. Stand On mode provides many benefits such as immunity to chip damage, double jumping, inability to be knocked down and often bigger and better Normal moves. As such, the Stand Gauge is a balancing feature that attempts to offset these advantages by incorporating a threat to its prolonged use.

The Stand Gauge length differs per character and is either 72, 80, or 88 pixel and is depleted through means of stand gauge damage, which depends on the move used to hit the opponent while they're in Stand On and Remote mode. Generally Stand Off normals and non stand specials deal little Stand Gauge damage, as opposed to Stand On normals and Stand Off normals using a stand which do a greater amount. On block, non Stand moves do not inflict any Stand Gauge damage, however Stand moves (Stand On normals, Specials, and Stand Off normals that use the character's Stand) deal half the damage they do on hit. It's also important to note that while you are in Remote mode, the Stand Gauge damage on hit and block are swapped. This means the gauge will drain much slower while getting hit, but much faster while blocking.

Stand Durabilities
Character Amount
Avdol 80
Alessi 88
Chaka 72
Devo 88
DIO 80
Iggy 80
Old Joseph 80
Jotaro 72
Kakyoin 88
Midler 88
New Kakyoin 88
Polnareff 80
Vanilla Ice 72

Upon the depletion of the Stand Gauge there are two possible outcomes:

  • If the Stand Gauge is depleted by an attack hitting the opponent, a Stand Crash occurs. This Stand Crash leaves your opponent in about 72 frames of hitstun plus the hitstun of the move that crashed them (needs confirmation).
  • If they blocked the hit that depleted their stand gauge then they suffer a Stand Crush. This is similar to a Guard Crush from other fighting games like the Street Fighter Alpha Series and as stated previously it can only be done by Stand moves. Stand Crushes reset both the Combo Counter and Combo Scaling, but IPS is a different matter (see the IPS retention section).

Frame Data

Rolling Speeds

Rolling in Heritage For The Future is an interesting mechanic, and each character has a different roll speed. Depending on the roll speed itself, you may be able to dodge long projectile super more easily, or be more easily punished for a bad roll. On the other hand, if your roll speed is fast, you might be able to avoid getting punished but might have to take chip damage from projectile supers.

Here are every characters roll speed.

Rolling Speeds
Rank Name Frames
1ST Hol Horse, Hol and Boingo 25
3RD Devo 28
4TH Petshop, Vanilla Ice 29
6TH Rubber Soul 32
7TH Mariah 33
8TH Kakyoin, New Kakyoin 34
10TH Jotaro, Khan 36
12TH Chaka 38
13TH Polnareff, Abdul, Old Joseph, Young Joseph, Anubis Polnareff 39
18TH DIO 41
19TH Iggy, Midler, Alessi 42
22ND Shadow Dio 47

Wakeup Speeds

Every character has a different wakeup speed. Depending on these speeds and the character you are playing, you might need to adjust your Okizeme setups differently for each character, or change it on the fly depending on your position on the screen.

Note that these wakeup speeds do not take crumple time (the period of time where a character falls down to the ground) into consideration. Some moves will give you more time to set up your okizeme than others (even excluding the move's recovery time) and as such, the table below should serve as a general guideline to wakeup speeds rather than a specific timing or order of wakeup speed.

Here are each characters Wakeup speeds from fastest to slowest.

Wakeup Speed
Character Frames
Petshop 24
Rubber Soul 28
Iggy 32
Avdol 33
Alessi 33
Jotaro 34
Vanilla Ice 35
Devo 35
Polnareff 36
Black Polnareff 36
Hol Horse 36
Hol & Boingo 36
Khan 37
Midler 37
Mariah 37
DIO 38
Shadow Dio 38
Chaka 39
Kakyoin 40
New Kakyoin 40
Young Joseph 50
Old Joseph 50


Every character in HFTF can throw, but each throw is very different. Some might get punished, some might do less or more damage, and some have multiple hits.

These Damage values are rough estimates however, since throw damage is based on each characters defense value and health condition.

Throw damage
Character Damage
Avdol 17
Alessi 17
Black Polnareff 17
Chaka 17
Devo 13
DIO 17
Hol Horse 17
Hol and Boingo 17
Iggy 17
Old Joseph 17
Jotaro 17
Kakyoin 1 x 8 (8)
Khan 1 x 3 + 9 (12)
Mariah 17
Midler 6 + 5 + 6 (17)
New Kakyoin 1 x 8 (8)
Petshop 4 x 3 (12)
Polnareff 17
Rubber Soul 3 x 8 (24)
Shadow Dio 17
Vanilla Ice 17
Young Joseph 17


Inputting a jump in Heritage for the Future will cause the character to enter a vulnerable state called "prejump" before going airborne. During prejump, the player will be unable to block and getting hit will cancel the prejump and put the character into grounded hitstun. The time spent in prejump depends on the character and inputs made during prejump. Read more on the in-depth system mechanics page

The table below shows default amount of prejump frames if not cancelled. The next frame is airborne (For example: Stand OFF Jotaro with '6' frames prejump will go airborne on the 7th frame).

Character Stand-off Stand-on
Avdol 2 2
Alessi 2 2
Black Polnareff 5
Chaka 2 2
Devo 5 3
DIO 4 2
Hol Horse 4
Hol and Boingo 4
Iggy 4 5
Old Joseph 4 4
Jotaro 6 4
Kakyoin 6* 4
Khan 5
Mariah 6
Midler 2 2
New Kakyoin 6* 4
Petshop 3
Polnareff 5 5
Rubber Soul 6
Shadow Dio 4
Vanilla Ice 5 4
Young Joseph 4
  • Kakyoin and New Kakyoin has a 5 frame prejump if jumping with 7 or 9 rather than 8 while stand OFF (due to his flip)


Character Forward Dash Type Backward Dash Type Instantly Walk Cancelable?
Avdol Flat distance Flat distance Yes
Alessi1 Flat distance Indefinitely Extendable No
Black/Anubis Polnareff Flat Distance Flat Distance No
Chaka Flat Distance Flat Distance No
Devo2 Flat Distance Flat Distance No
DIO Flat Distance Flat Distance Yes
Hol Horse Indefinitely Extendable Indefinitely Extendable Yes
Hol Horse & Boingo Indefinitely Extendable Indefinitely Extendable Yes
Iggy Indefinitely Extendable Flat Distance3 No
Old Joseph Indefinitely Extendable Indefinitely Extendable Yes
Jotaro Extendable Flat Distance No
Khan Flat Distance Flat Distance Yes
Kakyoin Flat Distance Flat Distance No
Mariah Indefinitely Extendable Indefinitely Extendable No
Midler Flat Distance Flat Distance Yes
New Kakyoin4 Flat Distance Flat Distance No
Petshop Extendable Extendable No
Polnareff Flat Distance Flat Distance No
Shadow DIO Extendable Extendable Yes
Vanilla Ice Flat Distance Flat Distance Yes
Young Joseph Indefinitely Extendable Indefinitely Extendable Yes

1Note that when his opponent is transformed into a child, Alessi's dash attributes swap (his forward dash can be extended but his back can't).
2When Devo is in Stand, his dashes can be held indefinitely.
3When Iggy is in Stand On, his back dash can be extended indefinitely, but his normal walk speed is extremely fast anyway.
4New Kakyoin's dashes are unusual in Stand On - He has a Morrigan/Jedah dash, moving him upwards at an angle of about 65 degrees. Note that the dashes aren't cancelable into a jump or an air dash, however they can be canceled into aerial attacks and special moves.

Character Height

A character's height can affect whether or not an attack would whiff depending on the move's height. Note that a character's hurtbox is usually taller during preguard, meaning a move that would whiff on a short crouching character could hit their crouching block. For example: Alessi holding 2 or 3 can duck underneath Midler's harpoon projectile, but holding 1 will make it hit his block instead.

Character Height
Character Stand-off Standing Stand-off Crouching Stand-on Standing Stand-on Crouching Remote Standing/Crouching
Alessi 77 54 77 54
Avdol 106 65 114 114 114 / 114
Black Polnareff 108 63
Chaka 105 66 108 89
Devo 106 53 84 53 66 / 59
DIO 119 77 140 140
Hol Horse 113 71
Hol & Boingo 113 71
Iggy 56 52 95 82
Jotaro 111 68 118 116
Kakyoin 107 63 114 114 114 / 114
Khan 81 65
Mariah 104 66
Midler 106 69 110 92
New Kakyoin 108 63 114 114 114 / 114
Old Joseph 110 80 110 80
Petshop 103 64
Polnareff 108 75 116 116 116 / 116
Rubber Soul 116 67
Shadow Dio 117 73
Vanilla Ice 116 68 144 83
Young Joseph 112 80

Other Universal System Data

Block-only frames

Every character in their first frame of wakeup and in the first frame after leaving hitstun are only allowed to block. So unlike in many other fighting games where you can buffer moves to activate as soon as you wake up, HFTF only allows your character to block. However, hitstun when stand on has different properties. Read more on the in-depth system mechanics page

In practice this means that there ARE NO TRUE REVERSALS IN HFTF. Doesn't matter if a super move has frame 1 invinciblity or not, if done on wakeup and you are meatied properly, it will not come out and you'll get hit.

Any attacks that hit the opponent on their first frame of wakeup, will either be BLOCKED or HIT. This system can create unblockable situations or force blocking and continued pressure.


All info was taken and tested by and from Hardedge and Standcrash JoJo wiki pages.

Wakeup Speeds were tested and charted by Mo.Sin

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