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Old T. Hawk's portrait in Super Turbo


T. Hawk is a grappler character added in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (SSF2), and returns in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The differences from CPS-2 Zangief are that his special throw, the typhoon, does not have a whiff animation or a grab window; he was given a special anti-air move that is similar to the shotos' Shoryuken and an air dash attack like E. Honda's headbutt or Blanka's rolling attack. Also, his arsenal of normal moves is different from Zangief's, making both very different characters which are often weak where the other is strong. Say, Zangief has no dash-like special and his sweep is fast but does not reach very far; T. Hawk has a dash-like attack and his sweep is very slow, but with long reach. The most important difference in high-level play, however, is the lack of a whiff animation. While it is harder to do a tight tick into special throw with T. Hawk, they can be made safe with the use of negative-edge.

Old Hawk is the version from SSF2: he has no super nor he can soften throws. On the other hand, he has better normals across the board.

Picking Old T.Hawk

To select O.T.Hawk, choose T.Hawk and then press → → ← ← Jab/Fierce, pressing Short simultaneously with the punch button for the alternate color.

Normal Secondary
Thawk-old1.gif Thawk-old2.gif


Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Has access to high damage potential, combos, spd, and a lot of normals do above average damage.
  • His spd has the second largest throw range behind giefs spd, this is helpful as you can grab people from outside their range.
  • Good walk and jump speed for a command grab character.
  • Command grab has no whiff animation.
  • Decent OS game and spd setups via sako tick.


  • While a few normals are ok, most are pretty bad.
  • Large hurtbox.
  • Dp whiffs against low attacks.
  • Loses to basically everyone, besides Gief.
  • Has a hard time with a lot of fireballs, and general keepaway tactics, dive is usually unsafe on block, and has low priority.
  • Has to go in, not useful options for defensive play.
  • Difficult to use effectively, setups are hard to execute, has to take a lot of risks, and has many horrible matchups.

New & Old Versions Comparison

Here is the list of differences:

  • Obvious stuff: O.T.Hawk can not tech throws and does not have a Super;
  • O.T.Hawk has a slightly smaller and thinner body hitbox than N.T.Hawk, it's unknown if it has any relevance. N.T.Hawk's hitbox goes from his feet to his nose, O.T.Hawk's goes from the feet but only to his jaw. Also note that this affects most standing normals as well so it will not be listed on the normal moves differences list;
  • O.T.Hawk has almost every normal with something better. Here is a list with differences worth mentioning:
    • Crouching Jab has a much fatter and slightly longer hitbox;
    • Far Standing Strong has the active hitbox a bit larger upwards and downwards;
    • Crouching Strong does not has the stray hurtbox during the recovery frames;
    • Close Standing Fierce does more damage on both hits;
    • Far Standing Fierce has better priority and range by some pixels and does more damage;
    • Crouching Fierce has the second active hitbox a lot taller than N.T.Hawk's version, but it has less horizontal range and does more damage on both hits but doesn't have to be crouch blocked;
    • Close Standing Short has a bigger hitbox;
    • Far Standing Short has a bigger hitbox downwards and can be special canceled;
    • Far Standing Forward has a bigger active hitbox upwards;
    • Crouching Forward has a larger hitbox, it has more priority and reach;
    • Close Standing Roundhouse does more damage and has a fatter hitbox, it doesn't misses crouching Blanka and Cammy;
    • Far Standing Roundhouse has less range and does more damage;
    • Crouching Roundhouse is faster and does more damage;
    • Both Jumping Strongs have much bigger hitbox;
    • Neutral Jumping Fierce has a larger hitbox and does more damage;
    • Diagonal Jumping Fierce has a much bigger hitbox on both active parts and does more damage;
    • Neutral Jumping Short and Forward both have larger hitbox, exactly like Diagonal Jumping Short;
    • Diagonal Jumping Short can be special canceled;
    • Neutral Jumping Roundhouse has a bigger hitbox and does more damage;
    • Diagonal Jumping Roundhouse has a bigger hitbox and does more damage;
  • His aerial command normals are also different:
    • O.T.Hawk's Elbow Drop has a fatter hitbox and hits lower;
    • O.T.Hawk's Body Slam can crossup against all characters and does more damage;
  • O.T.Hawk's Strong Tomahawk Buster second active part do more damage, Fierce version do less damage on the first active part and more damage on the second active part and both versions have better invincibility just like the Jab version;

O.T.Hawk is straight better. Why bother learning the complicated N.T.Hawk's tick into super setups if you'll not be able to land then enough because of the poor normals N.T.Hawk has? Most T.Hawk players usually learn both versions though.


Moves Analysis

Disclaimer: To better understand the diagrams, read this.

Normal Moves

Ground Normals

  • Close/Far Standing Jab:
Damage 4[1] OTHawk stcljab1 stfarjab1.png OTHawk stcljab2 stfarjab2.png OTHawk stcljab3 stfarjab3.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +5
Frame Count 3 4 4
Simplified 1 + 3 4 4

A short stab which is the same for any distance. It does low damage, but has good priority and recovery. It's a very important ticking move since it's indispensable for the sako tick technique, which is key to stand a chance with T.Hawk on high level play. It's also useful on hit-confirm combos: if the opponent is blocking the combo then go for a sako tick, else cancel it into Tomahawk Buster.
Even if you aren't good enough to Sako tick (it's one of the game's hardest techniques) or consistently safe jump, this move acts as an excellent safe meaty against most of the cast since it typically hits mid. Not many characters get one of these so use it to your advantage. Crouching Jab (viewed below) can also act as a safe meaty but you get a few more pixels of length on the Standing Jab.

  • Crouching Jab:
Damage 4[1] OTHawk crjab1 crstrng1.png OTHawk crjab2&4 crshrt1 crfrwrd1 crrh6.png OTHawk crjab3.png OTHawk crjab2&4 crshrt1 crfrwrd1 crrh6.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel Yes
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +5
Frame Count 2 1 4 4
Simplified 1 + 3 4 4

A low stab with chain cancel properties, so it can be used as a rapid fire move. It does the same low damage as the standing version and also has very good priority and recovery. This is one of T.Hawk's most important ticking moves: you can do 1 or 2 jabs and then go for the Typhoon or you can do 1, 2 or 3 jabs and then a standing jab and go for a Typhoon, using the sako tick technique. Because it can be used as a rapid fire move and has very good horizontal priority, it can also be used to beat torpedo like moves like E.Honda's Headbutt or Blanka's Beast Rolls. N.T.Hawk's version of this move received some considerable nerfs: the hitbox was nerfed vertically by 7px (both upwards and downwards) and horizontally by 5px. The horizontal priority difference doesn't mean much, it just means that with N.T.Hawk this move has less range so you'll have to mash a little faster when using it as a rapid fire move. The vertical priority difference is a bigger loss, but that depends on the matchup. For example, N.T.Hawk's version doesn't hit shoto's Tatsumakis while they're spinning since the hitbox was nerfed a few pixels upwards. Also, it's not possible to beat Blanka's slide by mashing this move because the hitbox was also nerfed a few pixels downwards, missing the slide entirelly. Finally, just like all other chain cancelable normals in this game, there's a glitch that allows you to cancel this move directly into a jump - that has the benefit of forcing the opponent to be stuck on his block animation while T.Hawk is jumping (this is specially useful against charge characters).

  • Close Standing Strong: (Base max activation range: 48)
Damage 24[1] OTHawk stclstrng1.png OTHawk stclstrng2.png OTHawk stclstrng3.png OTHawk stclstrng4.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 60
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes / No
Frame Advantage +4 / +7
Frame Count 3 3 6 5
Simplified 1 + 3 9 5

A quick hook punch. The main purpose of this move is to serve as a close anti-air if the opponent is too high on the air, since a Tomahawk Buster may be beat or simply whiff on that kind of situation. For example, that move can prevent shotos from escaping the corner with aerial Tatsumakis, or can hit characters with floaty jumps out of the air, back to the corner, where you want them. This move can be considered good, since it does its job quite well on these very specific situations, but is by no means considered an universal anti-air, for most of your anti-air needs you're better with your Tomahawk Buster. The first active part has special cancel properties, so it can be used to combo into a Tomahawk Buster, but it doesn't has much range and also whiff's against crouching Blanka and Cammy, so this is not a suitable move for combos.

  • Far Standing Strong:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk stfarstrng1.png OTHawk stfarstrng2&4.png OTHawk stfarstrng3.png OTHawk stfarstrng2&4.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 60
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +4
Frame Count 3 2 7 7
Simplified 1 + 5 7 7

A two-handed stab. This move is a little underused but it has its value as a poke. It actually works well as an antecipation move against shoto's hadoukens, for example. Also note that N.T.Hawk's version has its hitbox nerfed upwards by 8px and downwards by 4px. Only the downward priority nerf is a real loss though, because of it this move whiffs against all crouching characters, while with O.T.Hawk it only whiffs against Blanka, Cammy, Dictator, Chun Li and Guile. With O.T.Hawk this also works well against Boxer's Ground Rushes, somewhat like Zangief's Standing Jab, with no rapid fire ability but with more damage potential and a little longer range.

  • Crouching Strong:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk crjab1 crstrng1.png OTHawk crstrng2.png OTHawk crstrng3.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 60
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +3
Frame Count 6 8 7
Simplified 1 + 6 8 7

T.Hawk brings out both hands. As can be seen, the hitbox only exists on one side. It works decently as an anti-air and can be used to beat random stuff like shoto's Tatsumakis or E.Honda's Headbutt, for example. From point-blank it works really well as a tick into Typhoon, since it will leave T.Hawk inside the Typhoon range, but outside most characters grab range. The only exceptions to this are Zangief and another T.Hawk(of course). The Typhoon attempt may miss against E.Honda though, but after a crossup this basically will not happen, leaving E.Honda with no option other than eating your Typhoon, since he won't have enough charge to escape. With N.T.Hawk this is also a excellent move to use as a tick into Super, since it stays active for a long time, so it's very confortable to buffer the 720 while the move is active. Due to a weird bug, with N.T.Hawk the move has a stray vulnerable hitbox during its recovery, which allows it to be punished from far away, basically nullifying any use this move could have as a poke.

  • Close Standing Fierce: (Base max activation range: 40)
Damage 20[2] + 20[2] OTHawk stclfrc1.png OTHawk stclfrc2.png OTHawk stclfrc3.png OTHawk stclfrc4.png OTHawk stclfrc5.png
Stun 1~7 + 1~7
Stun Timer 70 + 70
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +1 / +7(+6)
Frame Count 4 4 6 6 9
Simplified 1 + 8 6 6 9

A two handed chop. The move comboes into itself, for decent damage if up close, but does mediocre dizzy for a Fierce move. Against certain characters it's simply impossible for the 2 hits to connect, depending if the opponent is standing or crouching, even if on point-blank. By the way this move is straight out classed by Crouching Fierce since that move can always hit twice as long that T.Hawk is close enough, does more damage and dizzy and with N.T.Hawk the second hit actually has to be blocked low. Anyway, for most punishment situations you are better suited by using a cancelable close attack into Tomahawk Buster, or simply using the Typhoon. With O.T.Hawk this move has a little more random damage potential, but the difference is basically unnoticeable. This move is seen most often on messed up walk in Typhoon attempts, from up close, which only shows how bad this move actually is.

  • Far Standing Fierce:
Damage 30[2] OTHawk stfarfrc1.png OTHawk stfarfrc2.png OTHawk stfarfrc3.png OTHawk stfarfrc4.png OTHawk stfarfrc5.png OTHawk stfarfrc6.png
Stun 10~16
Stun Timer 80
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +1
Frame Count 5 5 8 4 4 5
Simplified 1 + 10 8 13

A far knife-hand strike. It has OK reach, but both start-up and recovery are long. Though not that long for a Fierce attack, the recovery is vulnerable to sweeps from mid and close range. O.T.Hawk's version is a bit better: does more damage and the size of the active hitbox is the same, but it's positioned 10 pixels forward, giving it better priority and range. It can hit certain characters even if they're crouching, so this can be used as a poke of sorts, if you know that the opponent is 1 heavy hit away from falling dizzy then this may actually work. The characters that can be hit from this move even while crouching are Boxer, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, O.Fei Long, Sagat, another T.Hawk and Zangief. If you're using O.T.Hawk then you're better suited by using Far Standing Roundhouse though, it's a little slower but has more range and misses against fewer crouching characters. This move is most seen on out of range or messed up walk in Typhoon attempts though.

  • Crouching Fierce:
Damage 30[2] + 20[2] OTHawk crfrc1.png OTHawk crfrc2.png OTHawk crfrc3.png OTHawk crfrc4.png OTHawk crfrc5.png OTHawk crfrc6.png
Stun 10~16 + 2~8
Stun Timer 80 + 90
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage -3 / +4(+3)
Frame Count 4 4 6 8 3 7
Simplified 1 + 8 6 8 10

A strong chop. Hits twice, has good reach and fine close-to-the-ground priority but is an overall slow normal. It can combo after an aerial cross up for a 3 hit combo, but the timing is quite strict. The first active part makes this move T.Hawk's best anti-air normal, it can beat most aerial attacks from the game as long that T.Hawk is right under the opponent. It also works well as a counter to certain cross up attempts like ambiguous Tatsumakis or just low priority normals like N.Cammy's Diagonal Jumping Short. The second active part works differently deppending on which T.Hawk version you're using: O.T.Hawk's has less horizontal range but has more vertical range, leaving O.T.Hawk less vulnerable than N.T.Hawk to medium level normals while using this move. On the other hand, with N.T.Hawk the additional horizontal range makes it more reliable on beating slides (with some luck) and low normals in general, since it has good range and excellent priority. If you're using O.T.Hawk, you should definitelly limit the usage of this move as an anti air; with N.T.Hawk it can be decent on footsies but it is not quite reliable due to the start-up and recovery of the move and the previous active part that does not cover that area, so keep that in mind.
Another minor distinction is that, with N.T.Hawk, the second active part hits low against everyone but Boxer, while with O.T.Hawk it only hit as a low normal against Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Guile, another T.Hawk and Zangief only. If spaced far enough so that only the tip of hitbox touches the opponent's foot hurtbox but not his body hurtbox then it can be made as a low hitting normal as well against Boxer, Cammy, Chun Li, Claw, Dictator, E.Honda, Fei Long and Sagat. This also works with N.T.Hawk to make it hit low against Boxer. Depending on the mathcup, N.T.Hawk's version of this normal is actually better than O.T.Hawk's. O.T.Hawk does more random damage with this move, but this difference is basically unnoticeable.

  • Close Standing Short: (Base max activation range: 40)
Damage 18[1] OTHawk stclshrt1&3 stfarshrt1 stfarfrwrd4.png OTHawk stclshrt2.png OTHawk stclshrt1&3 stfarshrt1 stfarfrwrd4.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +5
Frame Count 3 4 4
Simplified 1 + 3 4 4

A short knee. Can be used as a tick but T.Hawk's jabs are better suited for that. It can also be used on combos as a substitute to Close Standing Forward when cancelling the normal into Tomahawk Buster. In fact, on some matchups you'll be forced to use Close Standing Short instead, since Close Standing Forward gives too much pushback which results on the Tomahawk Buster to whiff completelly or to only do 1 hit instead of 2, if using the fierce version. O.T.Hawk's version of this move is better because the hitbox is bigger horizontally by 9px, because of that it will never whiff on grounded opponents while the N.T.Hawk version can whiff deppending on the distance it is activated as well as if the opponent is being pushed back from another move. O.T.Hawk's version also has better vertical priority by 14px, but this is meaningless.

  • Far Standing Short:
Damage 18[1] OTHawk stclshrt1&3 stfarshrt1 stfarfrwrd4.png OTHawk stfarshrt2&4 stclrh6.png OTHawk stfarshrt3.png OTHawk stfarshrt2&4 stclrh6.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes*
Frame Advantage +4
Frame Count 2 2 5 4
Simplified 1 + 4 5 4

A ranged kick. Does not has any use I can think about. The O.T.Hawk version is better because it can be special cancelled and has better priority upwards by 2px as well as downwards by 6px. But these advantages are meaningles because this move is useless.

  • Crouching Short:
Damage 4[1] OTHawk crjab2&4 crshrt1 crfrwrd1 crrh6.png OTHawk crshrt2&4.png OTHawk crshrt3.png OTHawk crshrt2&4.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +4
Frame Count 2 1 4 5
Simplified 1 + 3 4 5

A low kick. This has good priority, but short range. It is an OK move to beat some low moves specially if you can position yourself out of reach, but its damage potential is very low so on its own it won't achieve much. It is also a viable option to tick into Typhoon, it may even grant T.Hawk a little more damage when going for that since the opponent may stand up when trying to escape the tick with a reversal. It can also be used in combos as a cancel into Tomahawk Buster, specially on matchups in which Close Standing Short/Forward won't work, like vs Chun Li when comboing from the front.

  • Close Standing Forward: (Base max activation range: 40)
Damage 24[1] OTHawk stclfrwrd1&3.png OTHawk stclfrwrd2.png OTHawk stclfrwrd1&3.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 60
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +3
Frame Count 3 8 7
Simplified 1 + 3 8 7

A foot stab. A valuable move for combos since it can be canceled into Tomahawk Buster. From point-blank it works really well as a tick into Typhoon, since it will leave T.Hawk inside the Typhoon range, but outside most characters grab range. It is also the easiest way to tick into Typhoon.

  • Far Standing Forward:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk stfarfrwrd1.png OTHawk stfarfrwrd2.png OTHawk stfarfrwrd3.png OTHawk stclshrt1&3 stfarshrt1 stfarfrwrd4.png OTHawk stfarfrwrd5 stfarrh1.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 60
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +7
Frame Count 4 4 4 3 4
Simplified 1 + 8 4 7

A far kick. OK as a poke. Comes out quicker than a Standing Roundhouse and has longer range than Neutral Standing Jab so it has its uses in keeping someone grounded off a knockdown. The O.T.Hawk version has a bigger hitbox upwards by 9px as well as downwards by 3px. These priority nerfs doesn't really mean much for N.T.Hawk since the horizontal range is still the same, but it's known that there are some rare situations in which N.T.Hawk's version may whiff completelly, but O.T.Hawk's wouldn't.

  • Crouching Forward:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk crjab2&4 crshrt1 crfrwrd1 crrh6.png OTHawk crfrwrd2.png OTHawk crfrwrd3.png OTHawk crfrwrd4.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 60
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +7
Frame Count 3 3 6 5
Simplified 1 + 6 6 5

A floor kick that has very good range. This is T.Hawk's main poke. Similar to Shoto's Crouching Forward; it helps against Guile when playing footsies. This can also be used in tick throwing if timed as a meaty, specially against DeeJay. O.T.Hawk's version of this move is considerably better, since it has a better priority/range of 10 pixels. Definitelly one of the biggest nerfs N.T.Hawk received.

  • Close Standing Roundhouse: (Base max activation range: 72)
Damage 32[2] OTHawk stclrh1.png OTHawk stclrh2.png OTHawk stclrh3.png OTHawk stclrh4.png OTHawk stclrh5.png OTHawk stfarshrt2&4 stclrh6.png OTHawk stclrh7.png
Stun 10~16
Stun Timer 80
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage +3
Frame Count 2 2 2 2 8 5 6
Simplified 1 + 8 8 11

A roundhouse kick. O.T.Hawk's version does more damage and the hitbox is bigger vertically (17px bigger upwards and 11px bigger downwards), which does make it considerably better, even though it's hardly used on purpose. It often comes out when you try to poke the opponent with a Far Standing Roundhouse but the opponent walks forward or jumps on the last moment for some reason, or, more importantly, when you go for an elbow bash grab but it ends up not connecting and the opponent tries to escape by jumping. It can even be somewhat used on purpose as an anti-air if you have the balls for it. Specifically, it can stuff Shoto's Diagonal Jumping Rh, which not many things do. These are the benefits of the better priority upwards; as for the better priority downwards, it allows it to hit all crouching characters except Blanka and Cammy. All that is for O.T.Hawk only, in the case of N.T.Hawk this move can't really be used as an anti-air nor can it hit any crouching character. The only use I see for this move in N.T.Hawk's case is for buffering a Super when upclose, after a crossup or when the opponent is getting up.

  • Far Standing Roundhouse:
Damage 32[2] OTHawk stfarfrwrd5 stfarrh1.png OTHawk stfarrh2&7.png OTHawk stfarrh3.png OTHawk stfarrh4.png OTHawk stfarrh5.png OTHawk stfarrh6.png OTHawk stfarrh2&7.png
Stun 10~16
Stun Timer 80
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage -3
Frame Count 3 3 5 8 4 6 7
Simplified 1 + 11 8 17

A backwards high kick. Very good reach and damage. It can be used to punish moves from a distance, trade with fireballs and when predicting jumps, if in range. O.T.Hawk's version has a bit less horizontal range than N.T.Hawk's (12px to be exact) so there will be some situations in which N.T.Hawk actualy performs a little better (e.g. trading with Blanka's Neutral Jumps), but on most situations O.T.Hawk's version is clearly the superior one, mainly because of the better priority downwards of 12px (but it's also bigger upwards by 6px - this comes less into play but still good to have) that allows O.T.Hawk to hit all crouching characters except Blanka, Cammy and Dictator from a good distance, unlike N.T.Hawk's that whiffs completelly vs crouching opponents. This makes it one of the best pokes in the game since it hits mid against most of the cast while also having a fairly good damage and reach. You can use it as a battering ram against fireball chuckers. Even if it trades you usually come out ahead. O.T.Hawk's version also does more damage than N.T.Hawk's.

  • Crouching Roundhouse:
Damage 30[2] / 28[2] OTHawk crrh1.png OTHawk crrh2.png OTHawk crrh3.png OTHawk crrh4.png OTHawk crrh5.png OTHawk crjab2&4 crshrt1 crfrwrd1 crrh6.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 130
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel No
Frame Advantage -12 / +1
Frame Count 6 7 6 8 6 7
Simplified 1 + 6 7 6 8 13

Two sweep kicks in a row. With N.T.Hawk there's nothing special on the first active part, but with O.T.Hawk it will set a built-in safe jump against Guile, which can be very useful. With that said, regardless of which T.Hawk version you're using, the second active part is usually more useful since it has good priority and awesome reach. It's important to note that the move has the downside of having a long recovery, and this is aggravated in N.T.Hawk's case, since it has a worse recovery by 8f. It is very dangerous to spam this move if the enemy has an horizontal super move ready, and it can also be punished if it misses. N.T.Hawk's version also has a slightly worse startup time - it takes 2f longer for the second hitting part to get active (which is the one that matters the most), but it has the benefit of setting up built-in safe jump against Sagat when the second part hits. It's fair to say that O.T.Hawk's sweep is one of the best in the game, while N.T.Hawk's is just OK. O.T.Hawk's version of this move also does slightly more damage on both hitting parts.

Aerial Normals

  • Neutral Jumping Jab:
Damage 20[0] OTHawk njjab1 djjab1 njstrng1&3 djstrng1&3.png OTHawk njjab2.png
Stun 1~7(-2)
Stun Timer 40
Special Cancel Yes

Frame Count 3

Aerial hand stab attack. Don't be deceived by it's looks, it's nowhere near as good as the Diagonal Jumping version: it has 12px worse horizontal priority and 7px worse downwards priority. Still somewhat decent for protection, it has just average priority and range but it atleast has the long active frames. It misses all crouching characters though. Finally, this can be special canceled into Condor Dive during the ascending part of the jump, but I am not aware of any situation in which this can be useful.

  • Diagonal Jumping Jab:
Damage 20[0] OTHawk njjab1 djjab1 njstrng1&3 djstrng1&3.png OTHawk djjab2.png
Stun 1~7(-2)
Stun Timer 40
Special Cancel Yes

Frame Count 3

Animates the same as the Neutral Jumping version. This is T.Hawk's main jump in attack. It has a very good horizontal priority: it can beat most moves on air-to-air. It's also hard to get beat by non-invulnerable moves when used as an air-to-ground attack if T.Hawk spaces it so he falls diagonally at the opponent. Depending on the timing and spacing it can even beat N.Ryu's Shoryukens. It has one glaring weakness though: its downwards priority/reach is mediocre. Some characters are able to beat it easily if T.Hawk is landing on top of them. It also cannot hit a crouching Blanka, Cammy and Dictator, forcing T.Hawk to use the Diagonal Jumping Forward (or Diagonal Jumping Strong, if using O.T.Hawk) as a tick/safe jump, which is often unoptimal, since the pushback will vary depending on if it's blocked or not, giving too much pushback if its blocked. With all that said, this is a key move in T.Hawk's arsenal, it's one of the main ways T.Hawk has to get in and is the go to move for setting ticks into Typhoon from the air. Also, just like the Neutral Jumping version, this can be special canceled into Condor Dive, but doing it isn't really useful.

  • Neutral/Diagonal Jumping Strong:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk njjab1 djjab1 njstrng1&3 djstrng1&3.png OTHawk njstrng2 djstrng2.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 50(+10)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 5 14

Yet another hand stab attack on the air. Doing it on a neutral or on a diagonal jump will result in the exact same move. In comparison with the jab aerial moves, the lowest hurtbox is more expanded forward by 24px, so it will not be as effective on both air-to-air and air-to-ground uses. Also, as N.T.Hawk the hitbox on it has exactly the same size as his Neutral Jumping Jab, so it has very bad priority and reach and will miss all crouching characters so it's basically useless. On O.T.Hawk's case its hitbox has good dimensions which gives it decent priority (despite it having a worse lower hurtbox): it has 8px better downwards priority/reach as well as 4px upwards. The downwards priority is the most important, as it covers Diagonal Jumping Jab's main weakness: it gives decent downwards priority and also allows O.T.Hawk to hit all crouching characters with it. So, with O.T.Hawk this move is not totally useless: it can be used as a mixup with the jab version if you think the opponent will use a move with low upwards priority to counter it, or you can use it for the longer block stun, but on both cases you have to time it correctly since it has way less active frames than the jab version.

  • Neutral Jumping Fierce:
Damage 32[2] OTHawk njfrc1&4.png OTHawk njfrc2.png OTHawk njfrc3.png OTHawk njfrc1&4.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 11~17(-1)
Stun Timer 60(+20)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 2 5 12 5
Simplified 7 12

T.Hawk does an aerial knife-hand strike downwards diagonally. This doesn't has many uses but it can be used as a bait for advancing moves like Dictator's Psycho Crusher or E.Honda's Headbutt, beating them if T.Hawk lands on top, assuming the button press is not too late. You shouldn't use this move to avoid projectiles though, since T.Hawk's lowest hurtboxes actually get bigger while doing this move. For that purpose favor Neutral Jumping Rh. Finally, O.T.Hawk's version of this move is slightly better: the hitbox is bigger forward by 6px and backwards by 22px. It also does more normal and random damage than N.T.Hawk's.

  • Diagonal Jumping Fierce:
Damage 32[2] OTHawk djfrc1.png OTHawk djfrc2.png OTHawk djfrc3.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 11~17(-1)
Stun Timer 60(+20)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 5 2 11
Simplified 5 13

A two handed chop on the air. This move has two parts to it. The first one is somewhat an air-to-air tool, but it's only good at it with O.T.Hawk, since his version has way better priority/reach: it's 18px bigger forward as well as 22px downwards. N.T.Hawk's is expanded 6px upwards though, but this is meaningless in comparison and not enough for it to still be useful. With all that said, it's hard for O.T.Hawk to really make use of it on purpose since it stays active for only 2 frames. Anyway, the second part is what really matters: it is an excellent air-to-ground attack. This is a key move on the E.Honda matchup, since it's T.Hawk's only Diagonal Jumping move that can beat his Headbutts from above. It can be used like that to beat Dictator's Psycho Crushers too. It can also work as an anti-anti-air in case the opponent is using certain low priority normals to counter T.Hawk's Diagonal Jumping Jab. O.T.Hawk's version has better priority/reach on the second part too: it's 2px bigger forward, 3px downwards, 18px backwards and 7px upwards. The forward priority/reach change doesn't make much difference but it's good to have. The better downwards priority/reach is the most important difference as it allows O.T.Hawk to beat Dhalsim's slide everytime, unlike with N.T.Hawk in which you have to hit Dhalsim's head to be able to beat it. It also allows O.T.Hawk to beat Blanka's electric attack cleanly instead of trading, which is something that feels like T.Hawk shouldn't be able to do. The backwards priority is useful too since it allows O.T.Hawk to beat E.Honda's Headbutt even when he's almost done passing under O.T.Hawk, while with N.T.Hawk it would miss completelly or even lose. This move can also be used as a crossup because of that. The better upwards priority is usually meaningless though, but can come into play if the opponent jumps when you also decided to jump. Finally, O.T.Hawk's version of this move does more normal and random damage. Because of that, this is his best air move to use as a combo starter on frontal jumps(tied with Diagonal Jumping Rh). With N.T.Hawk the best move for that is the Body Slam move (the down + fierce command normal).

  • Neutral Jumping Short:
Damage 20[0] OTHawk njshrt1 djshrt1 njfrwrd1 djfrwrd1 njrh1.png OTHawk njshrt2 djshrt2 njfrwrd2&4 djfrwrd2.png OTHawk njshrt3 djshrt3 njfrwrd3.png
Stun 1~7(-2)
Stun Timer 40
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 2 3
Simplified 5

Aerial knee attack. Mostly outclassed by Neutral Jumping Jab since it has worse startup and priority and does the same damage and stun. The only advantage it has over it is that it atleast can hit a crouching Boxer, Dhalsim, O.Fei Long, Sagat, Zangief and another T.Hawk, but this is still meaningless for T.Hawk's gameplan. Also, N.T.Hawk's version of this move got its hitbox nerfed upwards by 20px, making it even more terrible. Avoid this move.

  • Diagonal Jumping Short:
Damage 20[0] OTHawk njshrt1 djshrt1 njfrwrd1 djfrwrd1 njrh1.png OTHawk njshrt2 djshrt2 njfrwrd2&4 djfrwrd2.png OTHawk njshrt3 djshrt3 njfrwrd3.png
Stun 1~7(-2)
Stun Timer 40
Special Cancel Yes*

Frame Count 2 2
Simplified 4

Animates somewhat like the Neutral Jumping version but with a 1f faster startup, which allows O.T.Hawk (but not N.T.Hawk) to special cancel this move into a Condor Dive, just like he can with a Jab. Doing so usually doesn't achieve much so it's not recommended. This move is totally outclassed by Diagonal Jumping Jab so you should never use it.

  • Neutral Jumping Forward:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk njshrt1 djshrt1 njfrwrd1 djfrwrd1 njrh1.png OTHawk njshrt2 djshrt2 njfrwrd2&4 djfrwrd2.png OTHawk njshrt3 djshrt3 njfrwrd3.png OTHawk njshrt2 djshrt2 njfrwrd2&4 djfrwrd2.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 50(+10)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 2 3 13 3
Simplified 5 13

Another aerial knee attack but with a little more damage and stun but less active frames. The priority is exact like the Short version, so as expected it's just as useless.

  • Diagonal Jumping Forward:
Damage 24[1] OTHawk njshrt1 djshrt1 njfrwrd1 djfrwrd1 njrh1.png OTHawk njshrt2 djshrt2 njfrwrd2&4 djfrwrd2.png OTHawk djfrwrd3.png OTHawk djfrwrd4 djrh4.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 50(+10)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 3 2 16 6
Simplified 5 16

Yet another aerial knee attack. Unlike the other ones, this is actually useful. First of all, this is N.T.Hawk's only reliable crossup move, he can still crossup some characters with his Body Slam move (the down + fierce command normal) but it demands too much precision, and even then it won't work against everyone so it's not reliable. As T.Hawk you should never trade the safety of a guaranted crossup for the possibility of a little higher damage in case the opponent fails to block it. And on O.T.Hawk's case, even though his Body Slam move is easy to use, it still doesn't outclass this move as a crossup for one simple reason: the Body Slam move has bigger hurtboxes at his back which leaves T.Hawk too vulnerable to reversals while T.Hawk is crossing up. This move is also often used as a tick/safe jump on the Blanka, Cammy and Dictator matchups because T.Hawk's light normals can't hit them if they're crouching. This is unoptimal because you can never be sure on the amount of pushback it will do (deppends on if its blocked or not), but thats the best T.Hawk got on these matchups. A Crouching Jab after it puts you out of the throw range of most of the cast but still in range for your Typhoon, so theres at least that.

  • Neutral Jumping Roundhouse:
Damage 32[2] OTHawk njshrt1 djshrt1 njfrwrd1 djfrwrd1 njrh1.png OTHawk njrh2&4.png OTHawk njrh3.png OTHawk njrh2&4.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 11~17(-1)
Stun Timer 60(+20)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 2 5 12 4
Simplified 7 12

T.Hawk does a heavy two-foot aerial kick. It's T.Hawk's neutral jumping move with the longest horizontal reach. On O.T.Hawk's case the downwards priority is ok-ish so it can be used to beat some ground moves while T.Hawk is falling down, but keep in mind that the horizontal priority is mediocre so it will be beat by pretty much every aerial move in the game. N.T.Hawk's version of this move got its hitbox nerfed by 12px upwards and downwards making it a very mediocre air-to-ground move, so don't expect it to win on that kind of exchange. N.T.Hawk's also does less normal and random damage than O.T.Hawk's. With all that said though, this move only has one real use: it's the best neutral jump move to be used in projectile evasion, since the hurtboxes on his lower back area during the active frames are reduced considerably. Neutral jumping fireballs can be a good idea with T.Hawk too, you shouldn't just default to Condor Dives, specially if you're facing a character that can punish Dives on block everytime (e.g. Dhalsim, Guile, Sagat).

  • Diagonal Jumping Roundhouse:
Damage 32[2] OTHawk djrh1.png OTHawk djrh2.png OTHawk djrh3.png OTHawk djfrwrd4 djrh4.png OTHawk njstrng4 djstrng4 njfrc5 djfrc4 njfrwrd5 djfrwrd5 njrh5 djrh5.png
Stun 11~17(-1)
Stun Timer 60(+20)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 2 4 8 6
Simplified 6 8

T.Hawk does a heavy two-foot aerial kick diagonally. Don't be deceived by it's looks, its reach is a lot smaller than what the sprite might suggest. It's still T.Hawk's diagonal jumping normal move with the longest horizontal reach though, but a Condor Dive is usually a better option for jumping over stuff so this is rarely used for that purpose. There are a few situations in which this move can be useful. First, it's T.Hawk's best diagonal jump move for projectile evasion, since the hurtboxes on his lower back area during the active frames are reduced considerably... Won't come into play that often, but it's good to be aware of that anyway. Secondly, Sagat's Tiger Uppercut and ChunLi's Tenshou Kyaku (her up kicks) 1st active parts does not have enough upwards reach to hit T.Hawks legs while this move is active, which means you can use this move as a "fake safe jump" against them, as long you space the jump so you don't land too close. You can also do a Tomahawk Buster install in that situation too. O.T.Hawk's version of this move has a hitbox that is 2px bigger forward/downwards, 28px backwards and 12px upwards. The forward and upwards priority/reach difference doesn't make much difference but they're good to have. The better backwards priority allows O.T.Hawk to use it as a cross up, but he has better options for that. The downwards priority difference means only O.T.Hawk can hit a crouching Ryu, Ken, Guile and ChunLi. It whiffs the same against a Crouching Blanka, Dictator and Cammy though. Finally, O.T.Hawk's version of this move does more normal and random damage. Because of that, this is his best air move to use as a combo starter on frontal jumps(tied with Diagonal Jumping Fierce). With N.T.Hawk the best move for that is the Body Slam move (the down + fierce command normal).

Command Normals

  • Downward Jab: (On ground, ←/↖/↗/→ + Jab)
Damage 4[1] OTHawk cjab1.png OTHawk cjab2.png OTHawk cjab3.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +5
Frame Count 3 4 4
Simplified 1 + 3 4 4

A downward hitting jab. Basically, it's outclassed by the neutral Standing Jab, since that can hit all crouchers too but with way more range. Hits low enough to hit a lot of low kicks, but it has like no range so it's not really useful at that. Usually comes out by accident when going for a neutral Standing Jab. It can chain into itself as a link, but not mashable, like the normal Standing Jab. It's still somewhat passively useful though: it forces you to go to neutral when setting up sako ticks, which is necessary for them to work properly, because you want the forward input (which you got for walking forward to get closer to the opponent) to vanish from the input buffer before going to upwards for the Typhoon, so upwards is the first direction of the 270, instead of forward.

  • Elbow Drop: (Jump diagonally, ↙/↓/↘ + Strong)
Damage 24[1] OTHawk elbow1&3.png OTHawk elbow2.png OTHawk elbow1&3.png OTHawk elbow4.png
Stun 5~11
Stun Timer 50(+10)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 5 30 4
Simplified 5 30

T.Hawk does a downwards elbow attack. This move stays out for quite some time, but it's a kinda useless normal for the most part. O.T.Hawk's version has a bigger hitbox: it's 4px bigger forward, 2px backwards and 7px upwards and downwards. The only meaningfull difference is the downwards change, as it allows O.T.Hawk to hit all crouching characters, while with N.T.Hawk it will whiff completelly vs a crouching Blanka and occasionally vs a crouching Cammy, due to some ST weirdness. Diagonal Jumping Forward hits all crouchers and the only drawback it has over this move is that it has less active frames, but thats a non-issue agaisnt a knocked down opponent, so use that instead. It could be said that a plus this move has over Diagonal Jumping Forward, in O.T.Hawk's case, is that it's the medium strenght normal with the best downwards priority, but if you want that you're better using Diagonal Jumping Fierce instead. The Japanese player Inomata uses this move often in safe-jumps.

  • Body Slam: (Jump diagonally, ↙/↓/↘ + Fierce)
Damage 30[2] OTHawk splash1.png OTHawk splash2.png OTHawk splash3.png
Stun 11~17(-1)
Stun Timer 60(+20)
Special Cancel No

Frame Count 3 4
Simplified 7

T.Hawk does a body press attack, somewhat like Zangief does with his down + fierce move. This attack stays active until T.Hawk lands. This is probably N.T.Hawk's move that received the most nerfs; O.T.Hawk's version of this move is considerably better: the lowest hurtbox is positioned 4px upwards and 7px backwards, and his hitbox is 6px bigger forward, 4px downwards, 32px backwards and 12px upwards. The better forward and upwards priorities are usually not that important, but they're obviously good to have. The better backwards priority makes it a consistent crossup move, unlike with N.T.Hawk which requires very specific spacing and may even not work against the slimmer characters. So, in O.T.Hawk's case, this can be used in some great dizzy/damage crossup combos. Don't get things wrong though, this isn't the go-to crossup move for O.T.Hawk: Diagonal Jumping Forward has better hurtboxes at his back, allowing him to cross up safelly against certain wake up reversals. Which crossup move to use deppends on matchup, opponent behaviour, etc. This move also has an uniquelly low pushbox which makes it a better air-to-ground pressure tool, but may difficult a little a crossup attempt, specially after an Elbow Bash during the built-in safe-jump against Shotos. The better downwards priority make it a good pressure tool. It's very good against less experienced Chun players, because it requires good timing on their part to counter it with a Close Standing Forward, and because it counters one of her counters for your Diagonal Jumping Jab (Chun can walk below T.Hawk's Jumping Jab on reaction, but not below this move). O.T.Hawk's also does a little more random damage with this move than N.T.Hawk. With all that said, N.T.Hawk's version of this move still excels at one thing: it's his best air move to use as a combo starter on frontal jumps since it's the one with the best damage, while with O.T.Hawk you're better off with normal Diagonal Jumping Fierce (or Rh).

--Born2SPD and x64

Normal Throws

T.Hawk can throw with Strong, Fierce and Roundhouse. A important thing to note is that while he has the second biggest throw range in the game with his Command Grab, all his normal throws have a very short range, beating only Fei Long's normal throws, so keep in mind that you will always be vulnerable to be counter thrown when choosing to use the normal throws.

  • Normal Grabs Throwboxes:
Throws Holds OTHawk throwb.png OTHawk throw.png OTHawk throwf.png
Damage 32 Damage 26 + 4*n
Stun 7~13 Set amount of hits 4 / 3
Stun Timer 100 Holds do no stun

Range (from axis) 48 (from throwable box) 13
  • Mexican Throw: (←/↖/↗/→ + Strong)

Strong throw is a one handed toss. Not great to use as it puts opponents further away than optimal, but if you're in the corner and you want the opponent cornered then there you go.
A not very known characteristic of this throw is that there are a few frames during the grabbing animation in which T.Hawk change sides with the opponent. This means that if the opponent is using a charge character, he'll lose his charge and will have to start charging for it again once he's released from this throw. The time between being released from the softened throw and the opponent landing is between 60 and 70f, and there are only a few moves that require more than 60f to be fully charged, so for the most part this is meaningless. The main reversal moves that require around 70f of charge are Claw's Scarlet Terror, Boxer's Crazy Buffalo (super) and Dictator's Knee Press Nightmare (super). So, on these match-ups this can be considered a semi-useful tatic: after throwing one of these characters to the corner, you can immediately walk towards them and do a Standing Jab, for a totally safe sako tick attempt.
Another interesting aspect of this throw is that it can set a built-in safe jump on the Ryu, Honda, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, DeeJay, Claw and Dictator match-ups: with the opponent near their corner, but not touching it, throw them and hold up-towards to jump as soon as the grab animation ends. If the throw is softened and the opponent only touches the corner when falling to the ground, that jump will be a safe jump (there's a specific spacing for this to work, it's not super precise though). Also, in the case of Claw and Dictator, know that they will not have enough charge for a Scarlet Terror/Knee Press Nightmare (as explained above).

  • Neck Hanging Tree: (←/↖/↗/→ + Fierce)

Fierce is a two-handed neck choke. Worse T.Hawk normal throw, it does one more hit than the Rh hold but when released the opponent is at a worst position. The opponent will be close enough for you to attempt a sako tick though, so it's not terrible.
This is also not very known, but if T.Hawk grabs the opponent close (but not too close, except vs E.Honda) to the corner you can cross under after the grab, allowing T.Hawk to do a side switch mix-up, just like Boxer can after his grab. To be exact, this works vs Ryu, Ken, E.Honda, ChunLi, Dhalsim, Cammy, T.Hawk, FeiLong, Claw and Boxer (the spacing is very specific for it to work vs Claw and Boxer though, so its pretty much unusable against them). Realistically speaking this is not very useful, since as T.Hawk you usually want to keep the opponent cornered, but can still be used if your opponent is very good at Reversals and he has meter for a granted loop escape (e.g. Ryu's, Chun's or Boxer's Supers), specially if you're not OSing with Tomahawk Buster.

  • Elbow Stomping: (←/↖/↗/→ + Roundhouse)

Roundhouse throw is an elbow bash. This is T.Hawk's best normal throw, hands down. It does one less hit than Fierce hold, but unlike Fierce, the follow up game here is excellent: T.Hawk drops the opponent right next him, allowing you to mix up, cross over, tick throw again, etc. This is one of T.Hawk's most important moves as it can help set up many other traps and keeps people close where you want them. Of course, tick throwing with this grab is very dangerous, due to it's poor range, but it's very safe go for it as a whiff punish.
This throw is extremelly good because it sets a built-in safe jump (holding up-towards for Hawk to jump diagonally on the first possible frame will be a safe jump) against almost all the cast. It will be safe even against characters that it's generally advisable to avoid safe jumping, like Sagat's Tiger Uppercuts (3f startup), Chun's Rh UpKicks (2f startup) and even O.Ken's Fierce/All of Akuma's Shoryukens (1f startup). The only characters that can counter it with a reversal are N.Ken, with his Fierce Shoryuken (0f startup - yeah, it's different from O.Ken's, and that tiny difference happens to be just enough for it to not work on N.Ken) and Blanka with his Vertical Beast Rolls (0f startup - results in a trade). Agaisnt Shotos (Ryu, Ken and Akuma) and DeeJay this will sometimes be a crossup so be prepared to use Jumping Forward kick (or Jumping Down+Fierce, if using O.Hawk). Against everyone else it will never crossup so just go for Jumping Jab, or Jumping Forward if you want the medium block stun. If you're a real monster you can hit-confirm the jump in if you follow up with Crouching Jab(up to 2 times), Standing Jab xx Tomahawk Buster. If the opponent blocks the cross-up just do Crouching Jab(up to 2 times), Standing Jab (Sako tick) into Typhoon or if you can't do that then go for Crouching Jab(up to 2 times) into negative edge Typhoon (or Super, if using N.Hawk). Mayakon does Jumping Forward kick, Crouching Strong into negative edge Typhoon (or Super) which will often leave T.Hawk safe from the opponent's throw range, but still inside Typhoon's range (of course it won't be the case in mirror matches or when facing Zangief). To avoid being too predictable, you can also try to walk-under meaty Crouching Strong into negative edge Typhoon (or Super), but understand that this is not as safe. Also, don't attempt it against Zangief or T.Hawk (and sometimes E.Honda) since they're capable of doing a reversal command throw after or before the Crouching Strong..

--Born2SPD, Decca and Jedi

Special Moves

  • Mexican Typhoon: (360 P)

Detailed Input: (→ [7~14f] ↓ [7~14f] ← [7~14f] ↑ [12/9/7/2f] Jab/Strong/Fierce/any P if you are at a jumpable state and the last direction was ↑. The first direction and the side you spin is not fixed. You just need to input the 4 main directions in order)

Jab Strong Fierce OTHawk typhoon.png OTHawk typhooncr.png
Damage 38 42 46
Stun 7~13
Stun Timer 100
Range (from axis) 83
(from throwable box) 48

T.Hawk's long range, bread and buter command throw. Grabs the enemy by the face, jumps while spinning them, then smashes their head on the ground for high damage. This is T.Hawk's main attack tool and can be used with a multitude of ticks with Jab being his best. It has better range than any other throw but Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver and can be made safe with the use of negative edge. This is to say, as it does not have a whiff animation, you will obtain a normal if the enemy is not throwable and you press a punch button, but nothing if you use negative-edge.

  • Tomahawk Buster a.k.a. Rising Hawk: (→↓↘ P)

Detailed Input: (→ [7~14f] ↓ [7~14f] ↘ [10/9/7f] Jab/Strong/Fierce)

  • Startup + Active:
Jab Strong Fierce OTHawk tb1.png OTHawk tb2.png OTHawk tb3.png OTHawk tb4.png OTHawk tb5anm.gif
Damage 32[2] / 22[2] 12[2] + 32[2]
Stun 9~15 2~8 + 9~15
Stun Timer 100 90 + 100

Frame Count (Jab) 4 5 5 5 15
Simplified (Jab) 4 30
Frame Count (Strong) 4 5 5 5 16
Simplified (Strong) 4 31
Frame Count (Fierce) 4 5 5 5 18
Simplified (Fierce) 4 5 28
  • Recovery:
OTHawk tb6.png OTHawk tb7.png OTHawk tb8.png OTHawk tb9.png OTHawk tb10.png OTHawk tb11.png
Frame Count (Jab) 2 4 3 4 7 4
Simplified (Jab) 24
Frame Count (Strong) 2 4 3 4 10 4
Simplified (Strong) 27
Frame Count (Fierce) 2 4 3 4 13 4
Simplified (Fierce) 30

Hawk becomes invulnerable for a split second, crouches, then rises diagonally to the air while hitting the enemy. After that, he falls defenseless to the ground. The Jab and Strong versions hit only once and cause a full knockdown, while the Fierce one hits twice, being that the second active part causes a full knock down. Unlike N.T.Hawk's, all versions can pass though projectiles, if timed really close to them. The Jab and Strong versions have the first active part, when T.Hawk is still invulnerable, doing more damage (20%). If it hits late, the Jab and Strong versions will do just 14% damage. The Fierce version, on the other hand, only does 9% damage if it hits up close, but it comboes into the last active part of the move, which does 20% damage. As it has less recovery, only use the Jab version, unless you have confirmed a combo. If you hit late, it will do less damage than the Fierce version, but you will not be wide open for punishment as you would with the Fierce one otherwise. This is T.Hawk's best anti-air move.

  • Condor Dive: (In Air, 3P)

Detailed Input: (Can be done from the 6th till the 25th jumping frame, all buttons must be pressed on the same frame)

Damage 32[2] OTHawk dive1.png OTHawk dive2.png OTHawk dive3anm.gif OTHawk dive4.png OTHawk dive5.png OTHawk dive6.png OTHawk dive7.png
Stun 9~15
Stun Timer 100

Frame Count 10 7 2 9 10 6
Simplified 17 27
  • Bounce:
OTHawk diveb1.png OTHawk diveb2.png OTHawk diveb3.png OTHawk diveb4.png OTHawk diveb5.png OTHawk diveb6.png
Frame Count 8 4 4 4 6
Simplified 6

T.Hawk hovers in the air for a small period of time, then dives diagonally from where the move was started towards the ground. This move can only be performed on a neutral or diagonal jump on the way up. Once T.Hawk reaches his apex and starts coming down from his jump, the move cannot be performed. Extremely good move for punishing fireballs. Can be done close to the ground for shenanigans and dodging and punishing slow recovering lows like Guile's sweep. Good for closing distance after a mid screen Typhoon. This move does not have great priority and can be punished by some characters. Despite being an airborne attack, this move can also be blocked low.

  • Characters not to hit with Condor dives unless your sure they will not be able to block: Dhalsim, Sagat, Guile (any versions).

Dhalsim the most as he can punish easily with multiple normals. Sagat can punish with fireballs, and Guile can either hit Hawk out of the move with a Flash Kick, or block it and then punish with aerial Roundhouse. Remember also that Guile is extremely hard to punish for Sonic Booms as he recovers very quick compared to Sagat, Ryu and Ken.

  • Characters not to spam Condor dives against: Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Fei Long, T.Hawk (any versions).

These characters can react with SRK-like special moves or simply normals. Also be careful as if Ryu and Ken manage to block the move as it is about to cross them up, they can jump immediately after blocking and punish with j.RH. Ryu can also use a Fierce Hadouken, of even a Super, if he has bar. If they do it too late and miss it can leave them in a horrible position(good for T.Hawk).

  • Characters not to hit with Condor dives unless your sure they will not be able to block or you know they do not have charge: Balrog(Boxer), Blanka, E. Honda and M.Bison(Dictator) (any versions).

All four can punish with charge back->forward + Fierce.

  • Characters that cannot punish after blocking a Condor dive: Chun Li, Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei Long, T.Hawk, Vega(Claw), Zangief.

It can be extremely useful but can get a lot of inexperienced players in loads of trouble if used too much/incorrectly. It covers a lot of ground very fast. You can use it to punish fireballs by jumping and Dive over them. Remember though that if you don't connect, or it's blocked, you hit the ground and "slide" a bit. Now you can be punished by sweeps and/or certain combos at this point. But, this can also be a useful tool against a scared/slow opponent. In your slide you can Tomahawk Buster(DP) or Typhoon while sliding at the end. You can deceive a player thinking your going to connect and bounce back and if they don not react to you hitting the ground you can punish. Again be careful with this move. Can be a big help or a big hindrance.

--Born2SPD, Decca and Jedi

Misc Animations

Jump Animations

  • Neutral/Back Jump:
OTHawk bj1&9 nj1&9 fj1&10.png OTHawk bj2 nj2 fj2.png OTHawk bj3&7 nj3&7.png OTHawk bj4&6 nj4&6.png OTHawk bj5 nj5.png OTHawk bj4&6 nj4&6.png OTHawk bj3&7 nj3&7.png OTHawk bj8 nj8.png OTHawk bj1&9 nj1&9 fj1&10.png
Frame Count (Neutral) 2 1 10 6 16 6 4 1 7*
Simplified (Neutral) 2 1 42 1 7*
Frame Count (Back) 2 1 10 6 16 6 3 1 7*
Simplified (Back) 2 1 41 1 7*
  • Forward Jump:
OTHawk bj1&9 nj1&9 fj1&10.png OTHawk bj2 nj2 fj2.png OTHawk fj3.png OTHawk fj4.png OTHawk fj5.png OTHawk fj6.png OTHawk fj7.png OTHawk fj8.png OTHawk fj9.png OTHawk bj1&9 nj1&9 fj1&10.png
Frame Count 2 1 14 4 4 4 4 11 1 7*
Simplified 2 1 41 1 7*

T.Hawk has a considerably fast prejump. On one hand this helps his air game, but on the other hand it makes walk in Typhoons harder to do than Zangief's walk in SPDs. Experienced players do walk in Typhoons either by kara cancelling the Standing Fierce into Typhoon (Fierce is pressed a little before going to ↑ and is released right after it, to activate the move) so the normal move keeps T.Hawk from jumping, or with flick Typhoons (Hajiki Screw).

The landing recovery has a special property which allows it to be canceled into certain actions. At the first landing frame, you can perform throws (including command throws), and on the second landing frame, you can start another jump, attack with a normal or special move, or block. Blocking not being until the second landing frame, as well as hitbox-hurtbox interactions having priority over throwbox-throw hurtbox is why sweeps work as anti airs in this game.
Things are different when jumping over your opponent, however. In that situation it's possible to walk back/forward, to jump again or to even block on the first landing frame! Strangely, if a throw is timed on the first landing frame of a jump that crosses over, a throwbox will never come out, even though that input will result in a normal coming out 2 frames later (like it normally would). Anyway, being able to block on the first landing frame can help a little bit on some safe jump crossup setups, or maybe in other situations as well if your character has a huge jump arc.

The Basics

O.Hawk has significantly better normals than N.Hawk. This allows him to use more of his normals in footsies, creating more openings for either punishing with normals or walking in for the Typhoon. After Hawk uses a Typhoon, he can close the gap with a Condor Dive relatively close to the ground. After a knockdown, Hawk usually wants to apply great pressure on the enemy's wake-up with either a jumping Forward or Fierce aerial cross-up, safe jump then tick into Typhoons or a ground normal as a tick move. Other than O.Hawks ground game, he can use jumping Jab, as it has very good priority; diagonal jumping Fierce, which hits very low and does high stun, beating moves most characters can not; and Condor Dive, which punishes anti-air sweep attempts and long recovery moves in general, such as a Hadouken.

Advanced Strategy

Option-Select ticks

T. Hawk's main weapon is his Mexican Typhoon throw. Most other tools O.T. Hawk has often find use due to the enemy's (justified) fear of the Mexican Typhoon. Anyway, his strongest strategy is related to the Mexican Typhoon itself, using negative edge so as to avoid whiffed normals.

Say you tick your opponent with any attack, then input a 360 motion and press a punch button for the Typhoon at the exact time he recovers from blockstun. This is a strong strategy, as it forces the enemy to use a reversal attack to avoid the throw. Not any reversal attack, in fact: it must be either a reversal throw, a reversal invulnerable special move or a reversal instantly-airbone move. With the exception of Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver, reversal throws can be dealt with by ticking so as to be outside their throw range. However, if the enemy reversals with an invulnerable move that also attacks, such as a Shoryuken or a Flash Kick, a punch will come out and Hawk will be hit while performing it. If the enemy becomes airbone, he will surely evade the throw and may also evade or even hit Hawk as he punches. Fortunately for T. Hawk, he has a way of not whiffing normals when attempting Typhoons, causing reversal special to whiff or get blocked. As a number of such attacks are unsafe on block, Hawk can throw them afterward and reset the situation.

Negative-edge typhoon

Hawk's most simple option select consists of using a cr.Jab as a tick attack, then quickly pressing the other punch buttons and buffering a 360 motion, ending in defensive crouch. As the enemy recovers from the Jab, release the buttons one-by-one in a quick succession, giving you three chances of obtaining a Typhoon. As you are releasing buttons, no attacks will come out, and eventual reversal attacks will either whiff or get blocked. For instance, Flash Kicks and Shoryukens are unsafe on block, and you can simply do a typhoon or Tomahawk Buster as they recover. Coupling this strategy with safe jumps, it may be very hard or impossible to avoid taking damage for most characters. Even though this is very hard to apply consistently, that's what makes T. Hawk a viable character in high level play.

Walk-up button-release typhoon

Whiff a normal just outside your enemy poke range, and buffer ↑←↓→ (hold) + punches (hold). Continue to hold → and release the punch buttons one by one in a quick succession as you enter the Typhoon range. This allows you to obtain a Typhoon quicker while advancing. Would one try a normal walk-up Typhoon, you could get hit before completing the motion.

Buster-Typhoon option select

Do a negative edge Typhoon, but after reaching down back, move the stick to down towards, and release the buttons. If done right, you will either obtain a Typhoon or a Tomahawk Buster. This is good when dealing with safe-on-block reversal attacks, such as Cammy's Cannon Spike, and moves that may allow the enemy to escape from a corner, such as Ryu's tatsus.

Hit-Confirm cross-up

If T. Hawk scores a knockdown at mid-screen and stays close to his opponent, he has a chance of ending the round right there. In order to do that, he use jumping Forward of Fierce splash to hit the enemy as a cross-up. After that, he can use cr.Jab into st.Jab, which give enough time to check if the combo was blocked or not. If the combo is not blocked, Hawk can cancel the st.Jab into the Tomahawk Buster, for another knockdown and, possibly, a dizzy, leading to another damaging combo. Else, he can use the option-select Typhoon.


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Haha none.

Advantage Match-ups

LOL none.

Fair Match-ups

Vs. Balrog (boxer):

  • 4.5 - 5.5

Your going to have a lot of trouble here if you cannot standing SPD or negative edge on wakeup. Once you have him down though Balrog is very easy to pressure with safe jumps as hit Buffalo headbutt takes 13frames (this may be incorrect checking) to hit. This allows you to jump in on wake up fairly easily. Once the tick is out if you can negative edge 360's your almost completely safe from counters in between ticks.

This by large is not a good matchup though for Hawk as it is very hard to get on top of a good Boxer with Hawk.

j.Jab works very well. cr.Jab to stop some rush punches (not very safe) cr.Forward to stop some rush punches (fairly safe) cr.RH is very good at dominating the ground against Boxer. Hits twice, has huge range and is out for a long time (which can be good and bad, if he guesses right or is out of block range your gonna eat a jump in).

--Jedi.10 06:36, 30 August 2007 (UTC)

You basically lose until you get a clean knockdown. Crouching MP, Crouching MK, standing MP, and standing HK are good pokes against Rog. Sweep and crouching/standing MP are good anti low rush pokes. Mainly you're just hoping your opponent messes up and you connect a SRK, hawk dive, or bait a headbutt to start your SPD negative edge loop. Balrog's headbutt is very very easy to safejump and his super isn't super difficult to safejump ether. Watch out for Rog's standing HP, it will hit you mid so it's a great damaging poke against you crouching or standing. -x64

Vs. Chun-Li:

  • 4.5 - 5.5

Your main objective here is to get Chun in a corner and harass her constantly with pressure pokes (standing far HK, meaty standing LP on wakeup, crouching MK, and jumping HK spam) and the threat of SPD. Your jumping LP will usually trade against Chun's jumping LK/MK but will lose against her jumping punches. Some Chuns get cocky and try to walk under your jumping LPs to throw you so watch out for that (nothing stops this like mixing jumping LP and jumping HP body slam). If you can't react to Chun's jumpin LK with a SRK, a crouching HP will beat it clean if she's on top of you (not out in front of you). SBKs will sometime be used to escape the corner. Your crouching MP will swat it clean every time. Chun's super has quite a bit of startup and upkicks wiff so your standing LP is usually a free meaty. -x64

Vs. Ken:

  • 4.5 - 5.5

The main reason this is a slightly better matchup than Ryu is that Ken's fireballs have more delay, which makes them easier to hawk dive. On the flip side, Ken cannot be safejumped (your safejump out of your hold will beat everything but a fierce SRK) and your usually awesome standing neutral LP cannot be used as a safe meaty (will likely get hit with HP SRK, but might not knock down). Very good Kens will also not let you cross them up (their SRKs start up too quick). Standing HK is a very good poke against shotos (remember: hits crouching or standing). You can almost always punish a wiffed sweep with one. It hits so hard trades are almost always in your favor. Your close standing HK will also beat his jumping HK. Standing MP has better startup than your standing HK and is good for fishing fireball trades. Ken's usual kneebash shenanigans don't usually apply here due to the threat of negative edge SPD. Ken's jumping MK crossup is difficult for Hawk to deal with (can be very ambiguous) and will likely lead to a crouching LK x2 into super so watch out for it. Ken's better horizontal SRK hitbox and faster SRK recovery make punishing wiffed LP SRKs more difficult. I usually opt to use standing HK instead of trying to walkup throw for punish. -x64

Vs. T. Hawk:

  • 6-4

Just know that he has worse normals than you across the board. Strategy is still the same as against O.Hawk. -x64

Vs. O. T. Hawk:

Neutral jump HK can usually stuff or trade against SRKs. Standing HK is a good poke like usual. Hawk's slow walk speed makes him susceptible to crouching MK and HK. Hawk dive is usually safe. HK throw sets up a free safejump. -x64

Vs. Zangief:

  • 4.5 - 5.5

Fairly even match. Nether Hawk or Gief can jump in on each other without easy reprisal so it's mostly a ground game. Gief's standing MK and sweep are difficult for Hawk to deal with. It's also difficult for Hawk to meaty Gief without being in his SPD range (stick to max range sweeps or standing HK). You have specials (SRK) and normals (Standing MP, Standing HK. Both hit mid.) that can keep Gief out of the air and harassed on the ground. Don't ever hawk dive at Gief, it is very easy to tap HK to beat it outright for big damage. Sweep lariats. Sometimes mix up SPD attempts with an srk out of blockstun to catch them churning SPD. -x64

Disadvantage Match-ups

Vs. Dhalsim:

  • 3.5 - 6.5

Dhalsim has an incredible throw range which can be annoying, however if you're using the correct ticks he can't throw you even when he doesn't block to intentionally throw afterwards. J.forward -> cr.jab is something I've been using instead of j.jab. Make it hit late for the correct spacing.

--Jedi.10 06:36, 30 August 2007 (UTC)

This is one of those "knockdown or die" type matches for Hawk. Sim can keep you out fairly easily so you're likely going to be relying on a ume-shoryu (guess SRK) or hawk dive to get in and start your SPD loops. Crouching MP can sometimes stuff/trade with Sim's limbs. Jumping HP can stuff Sim's slide. They will probably revert to just using crouching LP when you knock them out of slide once or twice. Neutral jumping over fireballs with HP can sometimes trade/beat limbs. Sim's super cannot be done as a reversal, so make absolutely sure you're sticking a meaty limb up his ass every time on wakeup no matter what. Annoying match, but winnable. -x64

Vs. E. Honda:

  • 3.5 - 6.5

Main Strategy

I rate this as the single hardest match in the entire game excluding Akuma matches. There is no tick setup I know that would reliably get you out of Oicho range, but inside the Mexican Typhoon one. The best method is the Sako tick. The way the Sako tick command is entered, it gives your opponent less time to react and reverse.

N.Hawk has a slightly harder time in this painful match-up do to his worse cr.Jab hitbox. All you can do is piano cr.Jab and wait for Honda to come at you. If you can take tiny steps forward and cr.Jab, hopefully you can somehow push him into the corner. While your spamming cr.Jab, honda can not hit you with anything other then stand Roundhouse. Spam cr.Jab as fast as you can, as soon as you see Honda get up from down back position you can immediately jump and use Condor Dive at him for some chip damage or try to jump at him with jab and land into negative-edge Typhoon. The later option will probably get you ochioed. If you get tired of jabbing, you can do the suicide attempt. Walk straight at Honda and hopefully you can land a psychic DP to hit Honda trying to head butt you. If you manage to get a knock down, all you have to do next is safe jump with jab with a DP install, cr.Jab, st.Jab, into Sako 360. After you get the Typhoon, Honda bounces then hits an invisible wall and lands closer to you so you can repeat the safe jump again. However, since Honda is hard to tick due the the range problem I mentioned in the beginning of my post, the chances of you landing the Typhoon are pretty slim. These are the only strategy I can think of that is kind of but not really safe against Honda. You just need to get some damage and run away. Force honda to come to you. You can bait a head butt by walking forward and jumping back to stuff the head butt with jump back Fierce. This is probably the safest way to get decent damage against Honda.

In summary, get life lead and turtle till time runs out. I need help myself with this match. I asked Neoray about this match and his response was "In this match, we do not try to win. We must get first hit and then run away until time runs out."


Vs. Guile:

  • 3.5 - 6.5

This is actually kind of a fun match. Neutral jump sonic booms with jumping HP right outside of flash kick range (don't do this from far away or else Guile will just jumping HK you). Grab Guile with your HK throw to set up a free safejump or crossup (random). Your crouching MK will beat or trade with his crouching MK. Since Guiles tend to gravitate towards the nearest corner by default he's usually doing half your job for you. Hawk dives are tough here because his boom recovers so quick and you can be punished on block by his jumping HK. Guile dies the second you get him in a corner and start your safejump negative edge SPD loops but like usual it's pretty difficult to get in position for that. -x64

Vs. O. Ken:

Vs. Ryu:

  • 4 - 6

Not a bad matchup honestly. If you can safejump Ryu with regularity the matchup gets a little lopsided. Like against Ken your standing HK is a great poke. Standing neutral LP is a free meaty against Ryu (SRK will wiff, tatsu is ill-advised, and you will recover and block before a super can hit). The main difference between Ken and Ryu is Ryu's fireballs are a lot more difficult to deal with (faster recovery and that damn red fireball knockdown) and his jumping MP juggle will hit you out of all your jumpins and hurt a lot (especially if juggled into super). Grab wiffed SRKs with HK throw for a free safejump. Beat tatsus clean with a crouching MP. -x64

Vs. Sagat:

  • 3.5 - 6.5

He is pretty much worse than O.Sagat in nearly every aspect that matters with the exception of his normals having the same hitboxes (meaning his jumping HK and sweep are still a pain to deal with). His slower tiger shots and worse hurtboxes on tiger shots make this match a bit easier but it's still hella tough. -x64

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

Vs. Blanka:

  • 3 - 7

This one is pretty tough if you can't react to Blanka's jump ins with a SRK. Rapid fire crouching jabs will beat everything Blanka has on the ground (slides, dash, electricity, and ball) besides his standing LK. Jumping HP will hit blanka out of his electricity and horizontal ball. DO NOT jump in on blanka with anything but HP, everything else will wiff if he's crouching. Harass Blanka on the ground with neutral standing LP or crouching LP into negative edge SPD. Don't use hawk dive, you'll ether lose to electricity or get blanka balled on block. -x64

Vs. Cammy:

  • 1.5 - 8.5

This one is pretty bad, probably his second worst matchup. The main problem here is that Cammy can SRK you and be safe on block. This makes it very difficult to approach between that and safe drills as well as her impressive array of normals. Honestly the best bet here like usual is trying for a knockdown and safejump her into SPD oblivion. Cammy's wakeup has odd timing compared to the rest of the cast making this more difficult to do than normal. -x64

Vs. Dee Jay:

  • 3 - 7

One of your better plasma chucker matchups despite how it might look. DeeJay's super has some of the worst startup in the game so it is easily safejumped and baited. Get used to baiting Deejay's super a character's length away from him. Doing so will force the 3rd hit of his super to wiff, giving you plenty of time to SRK and go in for SPD funtime. Deejay will spend the entire round running away chucking fireballs and walking backward. Like usual, you are going to be bulldogging your opponent into the corner. Hawkdives should only be used upclose with a reasonable chance at punishing fireball delay since they can be blocked and punished with a jumping HK, upkicks, or swatted with standing MP. DeeJay has absolutely nothing he can do against your crouching LP into negative edge SPD so he has to guess with a LK upkick or LK sobat to get out, both of which are punishable. Grab missed upkicks with his HK throw to give you a random free safe jumpin or crossup (use jumping MK as your jumpin and don't do it in or close to the corner). -x64

Vs. Fei Long:

  • 3 - 7

Tough but do-able. The big problem is that Fei, while lacking a fireball, can be equally offensive and defensive against hawk. He has amazing pokes,fastest walkspeed in the game, an SRK, and really nasty combos. Fei's SRK has a 6 frame startup (the worst startup of any SRK in the game) so you should have no excuse for not safejumping when you have the opportunity. Don't use hawkdive against fei, he'll ether beat it with one of his stupid good normals or block it and chicken-wing juggle your recovery. Neutral jump HP is good here (it will stop his rekkas and usually beat trade against his jump ins or chicken-wing). Standing HK is a good poke like usual. Sweep is ok against rekkas but tough to get out on reaction due to bad startup. DO NOT get caught in the corner against Fei. It's pretty tough to get out of chickenwing mixup hell with hawk. Fei's super is completely invincible until near the end. Hop over it if you can or just block. -x64

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

  • 3 - 7

Bison is essentially going to run away from you for the entire round, hoping to ether catch you mid jump with his juggling MP to set up an ambiguous crossup situation or whittle you down with pokes and scissor kicks. Mainly like most other losing matchups you're hoping for a knockdown that you can ride SPD loops to a win. Unfortunately Hawk doesn't have many winning tools in this matchup. Jumping LP can be crouched by Bison, causing it to wiff giving him a free combo. If you're trying to safejump Bison, just use your elbow-drop command normal and a crouching jab after you land. Every single jump in you have can be beat by Bison's jumping MP. Hawk dives on block WILL be punished by a fierce psycho crusher. Mainly you're looking at bulldogging your way closer to Bison, hoping he'll do something stupid like jump at you or mis-time a slide or scissor kick. If you get a knockdown in the corner with O.Hawk but don't have time to set up an SPD, just repeatedly jump at him with his HK bodypress. Like with Gief's bodypress lockdown, it's very difficult for Bison to get out of that. Bison's super is easy to safejump, so bait it with impunity. Far standing HK is a good poke (remember it hits crouching or standing!), rapid cr lp will beat scissor kick, and cr HP will beat all of bison's jump-ins (including devil's reverse if you can position yourself right for it). -x64

Vs. O. Sagat:

  • 2-8

Ugh. Another tough one. Why did you pick Hawk to main again? Sagat has many tools in his shed to rip you a new one. Jump ins are met with a damaging SRK or a deceptively good sweep, Hawk dives will be tiger knee'd on block, and he pretty much cannot be safejumped (3-frame SRK). Oh, and you get to navigate the toughest zoner in the game. Crouching MP can stuff or trade with crouching tiger shots. A late hawk dive to where he lands directly on a crouching Sagat's head can sometimes beat out a SRK clean due to how wonky Sagat's early SRK hitboxes are. It's a gamble though. Stick to using a neutral meaty standing LP on sagat's wakeup to set up a mesh point. Hawk's sweep is usually too slow to be useful here against tiger shots. Pressure with Standing HK and Crouching MK when you can. Grab wiffed SRKs with Hawk's HK grab to set up a free safejump -x64

Vs. Vega (claw):

  • 3 - 7

The Claw match is pretty hard but its not unwinnable. The best thing that could happen for the Hawk player is if Claw starts hoping off the walls. If that happens you can jump forward with Jab to knock Claw off the air and land close enough to pressure him with Sako ticks, or if you can not do that yet, just stand Jab and run up to grab him with Hawk's best normal throw, the RH elbow bash. After the bash, immediately jump at Claw as he flips away with jump Jab into cr.Jab into negative-edge Typhoon. Against Claw after the elbow bash when you jump at him you will always land in front of him. Different characters will make you land in different positions, sometimes behind, sometimes in front. You should always know which way you are going to land because the elbow bash can lead to big damage. Anywhere from half life up to 70 percent. The elbow bash should always be a top priority of things to go for because this will help you win matches fast.

A good Claw player that knows this match is going to sit in down back position and turtle, poking with cr.Strong and cr.Forward. In this situation you can stand right outside of the poke range and jump straight up and push Jab or Fierce to try to bait Claw into doing the flip kick. If he whiffs the flip kick you run in to elbow bash into the jump Jab cr.Jab Typhoon. If you can Sako tick, anytime you get a knock down you should be able to end the game by doing safe Sako ticks meaty from max distance into negative-edge Typhoon. If you can not Sako tick the only way to guarantee winning with a knock down is if you get the knock down at the corner with Claw's back up against the wall. If you are not near the corner, after you do the Typhoon walk up next to Claw and crouch. Claw might freak out and flip kick right after getting up and you can repeat the elbow bash routine. If he doesn’t flip, hit him with cr.Jab into Typhoon. This time around you should be close enough to the corner to end it with safe-jump loops. If you get a knock down in the corner, you can safe-jump and repeat the tick into negative-edge Typhoon. There is no need to DP install here because if Claw reverses with the flip kick, you can just run up to elbow bash him. If you get an elbow bash in the corner do not jump at him after Claw shakes out, just walk up and cr.Jab into negative-edge Typhoon instead. This is because after shaking out of the elbow bash, Claw will hit the corner and land later then normal. This is the same with all characters so keep that in mind if you ever get an elbow bash in the corner.

If the Claw player never flip kicks, then your only option is to sit there and wait and watch his poke pattern. Study this for a while and try to guess when he will poke with cr.Strong. When you are sure walk up and DP for the knock down and start doing the safe-jump ticks I mentioned above. If he stops poking with cr.Strong, then the only thing he has to poke you back is cr.Forward or cr.RH. Crouching Roundhouse is bad for you because if you block it, it pushes you back to the corner. This means if you do get a knock down, you probably won’t be able to finish the round with safe-jump loops. But if you have been jumping straight up, you can hit Claw with Fierce or Roundhouse on your way down. This is a way of holding your ground and forcing Claw to jump back away from you, going closer to his corner. If he pokes with Forward, you have to jump and do a really quick dive to knock him down. The dive against Claw is safe on block so you can spam the dive. Spam dives early in the match while you still have lots of life to train Claw to flip kick. As long as you still have 4 slivers of life, once you get that elbow bash, you can safe-jump Typhoon loop 3 or 4 times straight in the corner for the win. When you play hawk, sometimes you have to give away some life to train your opponent to respond a certain way.

PS. During the safe-jump loops Claw is going to try to back flip out, look out for that, when you see it get up and walk towards him. Hawk is fast enough that he can walk up and catch Claw at the end of the flip with a elbow bash throw.


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