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Haohmaru brings some aspects of Samurai Showdown with him into Soulcalibur 6, including projectiles, his devastating heavy slash, deflecting the opponent's blade, and even fighting bare-handed. He can even cancel some of his attacks into special attacks, has a Rage function, and unique meter options such as alternate supers and the classic Issen.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Basic
  • High damage
  • Huge range on basic attacks
  • Added unpredictability through Ronin cancels
  • High comeback potential through rage mechanics
  • Good frame advantage on hit; Good spacing on moves on block
  • Good Zoning tools and mid range kit
  • Best backstep in the game
  • Hardly needs combos
  • Good throws
  • Requires very sound fundamentals
  • Identity is almost entirely as a defensive zoning character
  • Slower than average attacks
  • Terrible wall combos
  • Poor to nonexistent gap closers
  • Unorthodox
  • Without rage, very hard to comeback from life deficit
  • Poor close range tools due to slow buttons
  • Reliant on big reads for big damage

Unique Mechanics

Ronin Cancel

Haohmaru can cancel a variety of his moves, hit or block, into special moves or his unique deflection parry, much like his home franchise. This allows him to remain unpredictable even on block.


Much like Samurai Showdown, Haohmaru has a Max Rage state that he enters by falling below 30% HP (or by hitting his unique 14-slash-attack Soul Attack). In Max Rage, some of his special moves become powered-up alternate versions, and he gains access to a new critical edge via 6A+B+K.

In Max Rage, he also gains access to a new variant of Soul Charge, Rage Explosion (4[A+B+K]). Rage Explosion gives him all the usual benefits of both Max Rage and Soul Charge with even more damage than a normal soul charge, and it also gives him access to Lightning Blade (RXP 4A+B+K), a very fast super-like attack that deals very high damage. Using Lightning Blade will instantly end Rage Explosion but leave him in soul charge. Haohmaru needs to be careful about Rage Explosion's use, as it is only usable once per match - afterwards, he will no longer have access to Max Rage or Rage Explosion.

See Strategy for a full strategy breakdown.

SCVI Haohmaru Face.jpg
Born into a poor family of vassals to the shogun, Haohmaru grew up with a keen interest in the sword. During his youth, he would often leave home on training journeys to hone his skills. The strikes he can unleash are so formidable that they have inspired tall tales of his strength; some say that when he flies into a rage, he can easily cut down the supernatural, while others whisper that he can slice clean through entire mountains.

Key Moves

Mighty Thrust
Sc 6.pngSc B.png 6B - Attack Level: Sc M.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
16 24 -8 0 8 9%
Sc GC.png

Long reaching vertical mid, a staple keep out button and counter poke that is difficult to whiff punish. Can shift into stance for a mixup on hit, and stance transition can be prevented by holding G even if holding 6.

Cyclone Slash: Zero Form
Sc 6.pngSc 2.pngSc 3.pngSc A.png 623A - Attack Level: Sc H.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
18 26 -10 KND LNC 4%
+4 damage on perfect input

Excellent long-range horizontal high for checking movement on plus frames. Great reward on counterhit, especially in soul charge.

Sc 22.pngSc 5.pngSc 88.pngSc A.pngSc A.png (2)_(8)AA - Attack Level: Sc H.pngSc L.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
16 16 -16 4 4 5%
Counter Hit Combo

Low-committal long range horizontal high to advance and catch step, rewarding on counterhit. Second hit is low and +4, allowing one to contest backsteps with 6B afterwards.

Sc 22.pngSc 5.pngSc 88.pngSc A.pngSc B.png (2)_(8)AB - Attack Level: Sc H.pngSc M.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
16 16 -14 LNC LNC 10%
Sc GC.png. Counter Hit Combo

B followup launches for guaranteed heavy slash followup (66B+K or 2B+K) as well as 2B623A.

Sc 22.pngSc 5.pngSc 88.pngSc A.pngSc 6.png (2)_(8)A6 - Attack Level: Sc H.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
16 16 -4 8 8 -
Sc SS.png into WF

Stance transition followup, useful to react to and punish an opponent who is trying to GI/RE one of the other followups.

Diagonal Slash
Sc 33.pngSc 5.pngSc 66.pngSc 5.pngSc 99.pngSc B.png (3)_(6)_(9)B - Attack Level: Sc M.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
18 20 -10 0 0 6%
Sc SS.png into Ronin Technique upon hit or guard possible. Sc GC.png

Quick vertical mid with Ronin Cancel properties, very versatile in that it can be used to zone, whiff punish, or even as a combo tool. +16 on Ronin Cancel and safe on block without. Overall, a very powerful tool in his arsenal.

Sc 2.pngSc B.png 2B - Attack Level: Sc SM.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
14 14 -6 2 2 2%
Ronin Technique cancel upon hit, guard or winning clash. FC

Very fast special mid, Ronin Cancellable for a quick, high-threat knockdown into okizeme options (2B623B). Combos into 623A, 623B, 214K, 236B+K and 623A+B. Useful for guaranteed punishes at -14, and useful on block at +10 with Ronin Cancel, causing the opponent to guess between 623A and 214K.

Close Quarters Cut
Sc 3.pngSc A.png 3A - Attack Level: Sc M.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
18 20 -12 4 4 1%

Horizontal mid, decent range, low risk on block. Catches movement from +4 onwards, has enough range to be used to zone, and compliments 6B.

Cobblestone Crush
Sc b.pngSc K.png bK - Attack Level: Sc L.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
18 20 -12 0 0 3%

Low-risk unseeable vertical low from standing with good damage and frames on hit. Forces crouch on hit, hits OTG. Best low in his kit.

Straw Sandals Kick
Sc 1.pngSc K.png 1K - Attack Level: Sc L.png
Impact Damage Block Hit Counter Guard Burst
20 18 -14 -4 4 1%

Horizontal low with good frames on counterhit and decent range. Hits OTG well, so can be used as a good meaty for okizeme. Opponents without an i10 won't be able to contest Haohmaru after this hits as a counterhit.

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