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The Glossary will act as a companion page to Controls & Notation, serving as a quick reference within which one can find definitions for common terminology used in discussions of Soulcalibur VI. Note that while some definitions will be given for general fighting game terminology, this glossary is intended to be strictly in the context of Soulcalibur. For more information on fighting game jargon as a whole, see (link to some external glossary or something lol).

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System Mechanics
Name Abbreviation Definition
Critical Edge Sc CE.png A metered super, costing one stock of Soul Gauge.
Guard Crush Sc GC.png The state of breaking a character's guard when their Guard Stamina is depleted.
Guard Impact Sc GI.png A defensive option that parries an incoming attack, providing variable reward based on the attack parried.
Reversal Edge Sc RE.png A high-risk, high-reward defensive option that parries attacks on startup and leads to a rock-paper-scissors clash on hit.
Soul Charge Sc SC.png A metered, fully-invincible burst that pushes the opponent away and puts the user into a powered-up state.
Soul Gauge Sc SG.png Meter to be used for Soul Charge, Critical Edge, and other metered options.
Attack Properties
Name Abbreviation Definition
High Sc H.png An attack that hits a standing opponent and whiffs on a crouching opponent.
Mid Sc M.png An attack that hits both standing and crouching opponents, but must be blocked standing.
Low Sc L.png An attack that hits both standing and crouching opponents but must be blocked crouching. Whiffs on airborne opponents.
Special Mid Sc SM.png An attack that hits both standing and crouching opponents and can be blocked either standing or crouching. Hits airborne opponents.
Special Low Sc SL.png An attack that hits both standing and crouching opponents and can be blocked either standing or crouching. Whiffs on airborne opponents.
Attack Throw Sc AT.png A standard attack that shifts to a throw-like cutscene when certain conditions are fulfilled.
Break Attack Sc BA.png An attack that deals significant Guard Stamina damage, generally advantageous on block and unable to be countered by Guard Impact or Reversal Edge. Indicated by a blue lightning effect.
Brave Edge Sc BE.png Deprecated terminology from Soulcalibur V, can be used to refer to a character burning meter to enhance a move (Character-specific in SC6: Yoshimitsu, Geralt, etc.)
Lethal Hit Sc LH.png An attack that gains enhanced properties on hit if certain conditions are fulfilled.
Special Stance Sc SS.png An attack that transitions to a stance.
Throw Sc TH.png Also known as a grab, an attack that pierces a standing guard. Can be escaped.
Unblockable Attack Sc UA.png An attack that cannot be guarded, usually has a long startup and deals considerable damage. Indicated by the screen darkening accompanied by a flame effect.


Name Alternative Names Definition
Standing N/A A character's default state of being.
Crouching FC (Full Crouch) A character ducking low to the ground via holding Sc 22.png after pressing Sc 2.png+Sc G.png or an attack that recovers crouching. Evades highs.
Jumping Jump, in the air, airborne A character leaping through the air via Sc 7.png/Sc 8.png/Sc 9.png+Sc G.png or during an attack that causes a jump. Evades lows. See Tech Jump.
Guarding Guard, Blocking, Block A character who is able to block all Sc H.png and Sc M.png attacks by holding the Sc G.png button, but can still be hit by Sc L.png attacks and Sc TH.png. A player will not take any damage if they block a normal attack. There are exceptions to this rule if characters are in Soul Charge Sc SC.png or have special properties for certain moves. Characters cannot move while in this state, but inputting Sc 7.png/Sc 8.png/Sc 9.png will cause the character to enter a Jumping state.
Guarding Low Low Guard, Crouch Block, Blocking Low A character that is holding Sc G.png+Sc 2.png and is in a Crouching and Guarding state simultaneously. In this state, characters are able to block all Sc L.png attacks and will evade all Sc H.png and Sc TH.png attacks. Only Sc M.png level attacks will hit Crouch Blocking opponents, both Horizontal and Vertical.
Name Alternative Names Definition
Step N/A The movement produced by tapping once in any direction.
Run Running The movement produced by holding or double tapping then holding any direction. Generally refers to running straight towards the opponent using Sc 6.png.
Step Guard Block Step The movement produced by taking one step in any of the cardinal directions, Sc 6.png/Sc 4.png/Sc 2.png/Sc 8.png, and quickly cancelling the animation by pressing Sc G.png. This allows a player to take a guess to avoid an opponents attack depending on the situation. The timing of the guard cancel is different depending on which direction you are moving, and every character has a different range of movement.
Running Step Side Stepping, Hard Stepping The same as Run, but specifically in the up Sc 22.png or Sc 88.png direction and continuing the movement. Usually in regards to dodging a vertical attack.
Attack Properties
Name Abbreviation Definition
Tech Crouch TC When a move causes a character to count as crouching at some point during its duration.
Tech Jump TJ When a move causes a character to count as jumping at some point during its duration.
Auto Guard Impact aGI This describes any move or attack with GI properties that is not the standard guard impact Sc GI.png.
Name Abbreviation Definition
Ukemi Tech, Teching After being launched or knocked down after certain moves, the player who was hit as the option to recover from being grounded more quickly by pressing any cardinal directional input and Guard (Sc 6.png/Sc 4.png/Sc 2.png/Sc 8.png+Sc G.png) simultaneously. This allows the hit player to optionally recover from being grounded faster than they would by recovering normally, and potentially avoiding a follow up attack from their opponent that would hit them on the ground. This technique is not completely safe and can be countered using certain moves, leading to a higher damage combo or a reset of the Okizeme situation all together. The speed of your recovery does depend on which direction you Ukemi, forward being slightly faster, but leaving you within range of more attacks.
Reverse Impact Re-GI When a character performs a Guard Impact of their own immediately after the opponent parries their attack with a Guard Impact.
Resist Impact RI A metered alternative to Guard Impact that is able to parry both Break Attacks and Unblockable Attacks. Drains meter from an opponent in Soul Charge.
Techniques & Situations
Name Abbreviation Definition
Instant While Rising iWR, iWS (While Standing) Characters have a separate set of moves that can only be performed when transitioning from a crouched state back into standing. This is a separate state from full crouch (FC) and neutral/standing. To get the input, a player must start in a crouched state (Sc 2.png+Sc G.png) and then release said input and immediately following up with a corresponding attack input. This technique can allow players to use certain moves in neutral or in combos if the input is done correctly.
Dead Trap N/A A situation where an attack hits a downed opponent who may have been able to escape via ukemi.
Ukemi Trap Tech Trap A situation where an attack hits an opponent who is performing an ukemi (tech), resulting in more damage or potential combo extensions for the aggressor.
Strategic Terms
Name Abbreviation Definition
Mashing N/A Pressing attack inputs while at negative frame advantage. Generally considered unwise due to the high risk of being counter hit, but can be really useful for not allowing your opponent to take greater advantage during some of their offensive situations.
Small Calibur N/A A kind of play characterized by minor frame exchanges, almost exclusive use of pokes, and minimal risk.
Unga N/A A kind of play style characterized by perceived lack of thought, bullheadedness, and reckless aggression. Usually very risky and mashy.
Abbreviation Name Definition
AGS Aggression Shift A stance where 2B dashes towards the opponent at high speed.
AL Aerial Leap A stance where 2B jumps high into the air.
ANG (AnS) Angler Stance A stance where 2B sits on a holographic stool.
AmS (AS) Amaryllis Spin Amy's command dash stance.
LP Lilith Parry Amy's mid aGI stance.
MP Merrow Parry Amy's low aGI stance.
BP Biondetta Parry Amy's high aGI stance.
BoB Beauty of Balance Azwel's dual swords stance.
ToW Tragedy of War Azwel's greataxe stance.
CoE Comedy of Errors Azwel's spear and shield stance.
- Almighty A state where Azwel has each of his weapons 'equipped'.
AS Angel Step Cassandra's command dash stance. Term shared with Sophitia.
AT Angel Twirl Cassandra's backdash stance.
TS Titanic Struggle Cassandra's tackle attack throw.
DF Divine Force Cassandra's unique power-up mechanic.
DC Dread Charge Cervantes' iconic stance.
DS Dread Storm Cervantes' new stance accessed by leaning against a wall.
(H)iGDR (Heavy) Instant Geo Da Ray Community term for Geo Da Ray Rafaga
QR Quen Rush Geralt's armored Witcher Sign stance.
AVN/AVG Avenger Groh's split swords stance.
SN/SoN/SotN Steed of the Night Groh's SC-only teleport option from Avenger.
WF Warrior's Focus Haohmaru's command dash stance.
BKN Bare Knuckles Haohmaru's unarmed stance.
STG Stagger A state Haohmaru enters when his Power Slashes are blocked.
RG Max Rage Haohmaru's unique powerup.
RXP Rage Explosion Haohmaru's unique Soul Charge variant.
SWR Sword Regalia Hilde's sword powerup.
SPR Spear Regalia Hilde's spear powerup.
SE Serpent's Embrace Ivy's stance where she coils Valentine around her shoulders.
SL Spiral Lust Ivy's stance where she lays Valentine on the floor.
SS Summon Suffering Ivy's slower, unbreakable command throw.
CS Calamity Symphony Ivy's faster, tech crouching command throw.
MO Monument Kilik's stance where he holds his staff in front of him.
BP Back Parry Kilik's stance where he aligns his staff with his back.
HMO Heaven Monument Kilik's stance where he does a handstand on his staff.
BL Behind Lower Maxi stance
LI Left Inner Maxi stance
LO Left Outer Maxi stance
WL/NG Wavering Light/Neutral Guard Maxi stance
RC Right Cross Maxi stance
RO Right Outer Maxi stance
7SR Seven Stars Rebirth Maxi Mechanic
7SS Seven Stars Severance Maxi Mechanic
SS Silent Step Mitsurugi's command dash stance.
MST Mist Step Mitsurugi's Ko Gasumi stance.
RLC Relic Mitsurugi's iaido stance.
SB Shura Blade Mitsurugi's unique powerup.
NSS Night Side Stance Nightmare's stance where he holds his sword to his side.
NLS Night Lower Stance Nightmare's stance where he holds his sword against the ground.
NBS Night Behind Stance Nightmare's stance where he holds his sword along his back.
GS Grim Stride Nightmare's command dash stance.
NTC Night Terror Charge Nightmare's unique powerup.
Prep Preparation Raphael's advancing fencing stance.
AG Arriere Gambit Raphael's quick backstep stance.
SE Shadow Evade Raphael's evasive deep lean back stance.
QP Quick Parade Raphael's standing aGI stance.
LS Lingering Step Seong Mi-na's evasive backstep stance.
DH Dawn Haze Setsuka's forward command dash stance.
TH Twilight Haze Setsuka's backward command dash stance.
RoH Ring of Heaven Setsuka's arc jump stance.
WoH Wings of Heaven Setsuka's floating umbrella stance.
SKY Shrouded Sky Setsuka's iaido stance.
DL Dark Legacy Siegfried's unique powerup.
SBH Base Hold Siegfried's stance where he crouches and holds his sword at an angle.
SCH Chief Hold Siegfried's stance where he holds his sword along his back.
SSH Side Hold Siegfried's stance where he holds his sword to his side.
SRSH Reverse Side Hold Siegfried's stance where he holds his sword to his side, but using his non-dominant hand.
AS Angel Step Sophitia's command dash stance. Shared with Cassandra.
TAS Twin Angel Step Sophitia's second command dash stance, accessed from Angel Step.
PO Possession Taki's iconic stance.
WRO Wind Roll Taki's rolling stance.
DB Distorted Breeze Taki's stance where she hops to either side.
STK Stalker Taki's command jump stance.
WNC/WC Wind Charmer Talim's sidestep stance.
WNS/WS Wind Sault Talim's jumping stance.
WNF/WF Wind Fury Talim's sitting stance.
JS Jolly (Side) Tira's primary state, indicated by a Orange indicator next to her name. She also hold her weapon in a different manner than when in Gloomy.
GS Gloomy (Side) Tira's secondary state, indicated by a Purple indicator next to her name. She also hold her weapon in a different manner than when in Jolly.
GS+ Gloomy Coda An upgraded form of Gloomy Side that has unlimited access to SC-only options. Obtained from performing 9 mood switches during a game.
UD Updraft Tira's command jump stance.
GM Gestopft Madness Tira's stance where she bashes her head into her ringblade.
BS Blind Stance Voldo when backturned.
MC Mantis Crawl Voldo's stance where he crawlks on all fours.
MCHT/MCFT Mantis Crawl Head Towards/Feet Towards Specifying which direction Voldo is facing during Mantis Crawl.
CR Cagliostro Rush Voldo's crawling command dash stance.
BCR Blind Cagliostro Rush Accessing Cagliostro Rush from Blind Stance.
DR Death Roll Voldo's "swimming" stance, accessible only in SC. AKA Land Fish
BHH Bea Her Hua Xianghua stance
LHH Laughing Bea Her Hua Xianghua stance
RHH Retreating Bea Her Hua Xianghua stance
SXS Silent Xia Sheng Xianghua stance
PXS Playful Xia Sheng Xianghua stance
HL Hou Lee Xianghua stance
DGF Manji Dragonfly Yoshimitsu stance that has him hovering in the air using his sword like a helicopter propeller.
SDGF Super Manji Dragonfly Much higher altitude DGF stance accessible only in SC.
FLE Flea Yoshmitsu stance where he balances atop the hilt of his sword with all of his limbs.
MED Meditation Yoshimitsu's sitting stance.
TS# Time Stop (1, 2, 3) Zasalamel's ability to use curse orbs to stop time. The number represents the number of orbs.

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