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Strong damage.
Tackle gives +0 on block.
Some big pokes.
Difficult infinite but sets up from almost anything.
Tricky 214B+C.
Decent damage from command throw.
63214K->236P great for trades or passing through projectiles.

Big pokes are laggy.
Big target.
Tons of character specific stuff on him.
236236P super easy to do by accident and is very slow.

Move List

Quick Movelist

Normal Attacks:
Air Dn+C

Special Attack:
Crouching B, Crouch A

Advanced Attacks:
Domination HCB+K,(Jump Over Opponent)QCF+P
Tiger Turn F,QCF+P, Elbow Strike QCF+P
Down Strike Elbow Strike F+P
Sky-High Elbow Strike QCF+P
Tiger Crow QCB+P
Tiger Attack HCF+K,F+C
Explorer F,QCF+K x2
Random Strike HCF+P

Deadly Attaks:
Breaker QCFx2+P
Destroyer QCFx2+K

Shadow Moves

Pouncing Hide qcf + LK+HP must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; launches opponent
Double Shoulder Charge qcb + LK+HP first shoulder charge goes past opponent and second shoulder charge comes from behind;
despite the second shoulder charge being from behind you block it normally, it is not crossing you up
Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

Throw Moves

Command Moves

True Strength HP+HK can hit opponent for very minor damage; taunt fills Super Meter considerably
Hopping Palms d + LP+LK overhead
Backroll and Jump b + LP+LK can follow with air attack
Jumping Palms d + HP in air overhead
Claw Uppercut d + HP 2 hits
Big Boot b + LK
Crescent Axe f + HK 3 hits; second and third are overheads
Straight Kick b + HK
Crushing Stomp d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK pursue attack when opponent is on floor

Special Moves

Hunting Fists hcf + P connects close and is unblockable; can be canceled into
Roaring Elbow f, d, df + P LP=short, HP=far
-Second Elbow qcf + P LP=short, HP=far
--Driving Fist f + P overhead
--Claw Uppercut qcf + P launches opponent
Capture Claw qcb + P LP=short, HP=far
Hide Rush hcf + K LK=short, HK=far
-Shoulder Launch f + HP launches opponent
Hide Launcher f, d, df + K LK=short and 2 hits, HK=far and 7 hits
-Driving Back qcf + K
Backflip hcb + K
-Pounce qcf + P LP=short, HP=far; launches opponent

Super Moves

Tiger Barrage qcf, qcf + P first hit must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver
Bursting Tiger qcf, qcf + K first hit must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver


Crossups: j.D

Wiff Grab Setup: 4B 41236B/D (wiff), 41236P

Decent setup once you've convinced people to start blocking your Tackle.

You can also use 41236A+B.


2B 2A 41236B 6C, 63214D 236C, 623B 623K
2B 2A 623P 236P 236P, 236236K or 41236D 6C
2B 2A 623P 236P 236B+C ...

2B 2A 4B/4D 41236D 6C ...
2B 2A 4B 623C 236C 236C ... - Slightly more damage.
2B 2A 4B 214A 236B+C ...

... 41236K 6C, 41236D 6C, 623B 623K - Easier but less damage.
... 41236K 6C, 236236K, 623K 623K - Stronger but needs meter.

c.663B 2C 4B ... - Special combo, see above about this normal.

c.C 6D 214P or 41236D ... - For overhead. Combos on some characters.
c.C 4B 214P or 41236D ... - For direct combo
c.C 4D 236236K, 623K 623K - Simple, Easy, Strong.

f.C 236B+C ...

... 4B 214P 236B+C ... - Strong setup for shadow combo

63214K 236P, 623B 623K
63214K, 236236K, 623B 623K
63214K (wiff) 236P, 63214K, 236C, 623B 623K
63214K (wiff) 236P, 236236K, 623K 623K

... 236B+C, D, 66 623D, j.D, 623D 623K - Easy.
... 236B+C, D, 66 623D, 623D, 236236K, 623K 623K
... 236B+C, 63214K (wiff) 236C, 623D, 623D, 63214K 236C, 623B 623K - Strong but somewhat tricky.

... 236B+C, c.D, 63214K (wiff) 236C, 623D, 63214K 236C, 623B 623K - Even stronger, but hard to do outside of the corner.

... 236B+C, Taunt, 66 D, 623D, j.D, 63214D, 236P, 623B 623K - Combo with Taunt! Corner only.

... 236B+C, Taunt, 236236P, Taunt(hits), 623D, 63214D or 236236P ... - It's silly but why not.

Launcher ... 63214K 236C, 214B+C, 66 63214K, 236C, 63214K, 236C, 623B 623K - Special alternative juggle combo with 214B+C. Very strong!

41236A+B, c.C 4B ...

j.D 2C 214B+C, 66 c.C 41236B, 2A+B, c.C 4D 623P 236P 6P, 236236K, 623D 623D - Requires you to 'quick cancel' his 2C.

... ( 623P (wiff) 236P, 6P )*n - Infinite loop. Timing is very tricky.


Tiger its the typical stereotype of the foreign fighter in Chinese Martial Arts themed series, he is a medium-heavy rushdown character with balanced options.

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