Martial Masters/Red Snake

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Good pokes.
Strong throw game and unblockable setups.
Strong frame advantage on many moves.
An okay DP and 63214P is an invincible ground attack.
Very very good supers and shadow attacks.
Easy 100% loops with ~3 stocks.

No special projectiles
Some Specials have Slow Recovery
One tier down of Crane

Move List

Quick Movelist

Normal Attacks:

Special Attacks:
Crouching B x3

Advanced Attacks:
Sun Chase F,QCF+A,U+P
Snake Tongue QCF+P x2
Snake Moon F,QCF+K
Snake Water HCB+P,QCB+P

Deadly Attacks:
Snake Dance QCFx2+P
Snake Chaos QCFx2+K

Shadow Moves

Snake Dance qcf + LK+HP must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; launches opponent at end of maneuver
Shadow Ravenous Fang qcb + LK+HP
Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

Throw Moves

Command Moves

Charmer HP+HK can hit opponent for very minor damage; taunt fills Super Meter considerably
Hopping Spike d + LP+LK overhead
Backroll and Jump b + LP+LK can follow with air attack
Single Fang f + LP
Venom Stab df + HP
Double Kick d + HK first part must be blocked low
Bow Smash d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK pursue attack when opponent is on floor

Special Moves

Ravenous Fang qcf + P LP=short and 4 hits, HP=far and 8 hits
-Finish qcf + P
Viper Blade f, d, df + LP
-Hopping Spike u + P Viper Blade must touch opponent to allow for this follow up; overhead
-Sneaky Trip d + K Viper Blade must touch opponent to allow for this follow up; must be blocked low
Viper Rush f, d, df + HP
Slither And Strike hcb + P
-Final Strike qcb + P Slither and Strike must touch opponent to allow this follow up
Scissor Takedown hcf + K running throw that connects close and is unblockable; LK=runs short, HK=runs far
Tail Whip Kick f, d, df + K LK=short and 2 hits, HK=far and 3 hits

Super Moves

Snakebite qcf, qcf + P
Serpent Flurry qcf, qcf + K first part must connect (not blocked) to perform the entire maneuver


Preferred Throw: A+D
Crossups: j.B

2A 2A 2A 236236P/K
2B 2B 2B 236236P/K

2A/2B 5A 5B - Throw setup. Works on hit or block.

2A/5C/c.D 3C (6A) 623A 8P/2K
... 3C (6A) 623C(2) 236B+C ...
... 3C (6A) 623C(2) 214B+C ...

2D 236236P, 2P/K
2D(1) 214B+C or 236B+C ...

A+D, 66 f.D
A+D, 66 3C, 41236K - Throw setup. Possible for them to reversal out.
A+D, 236236P, 2P/K
A+D, 623D - Corner.
A+D, 66 623D - May work on some characters at mid screen.
A+D, 623A 8P - Near Corner.

214B+C, 2D, 2C, 623D
... 214B+C, f.D, 66 f.D, 66 c.D 3C (6A) 623C(2) 214B+C ... - Very strong loop.
... 214B+C, f.D, f.D, 2A+B, c.D 3C (6A) 623C(2) 214B+C ... - Corner version

... 236B+C, f.D, f.D, 66 f.D, 623D, f.D - Corner
... 236B+C, f.D, 66 j.D, 623D, f.D, f.D - Mid

41236A+B, 6, c.C/c.D 3C 6A 623A 8P
41236A+B, 6, c.C/c.D 3C 6A 623C(2) 236B+C, f.D, sj.D, 623K, f.D, 66 f.D

... c.C/c.D 3C 6A 623C(2) 236B+C, 6, j.D (delaunch), C 3C 236236K or 623A 8P - Delaunch combo. Must start from 41236A+B or crossup.

... c.C/c.D 3C 6A 623C(2) 236B+C, ( 6, j.D (delaunch), C 3C (6A) 623B+C )*n ... - Blow a lot of meter for a little extra damage.


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