Martial Masters/Crane

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Has two practical infinites.
Has fast ground and air projectiles and a good DP.
Has unblockable setups for big damage.
Both supers are very good. 214B+C Shadow attack is amazingly broken.

Weak high/low game, not that she needs one.
Mostly short normals.
Can chew through meter fast.
Needs meter to be effective.

Move List

Quick Movelist

Normal Attacks:
In Air d+C

Special Attack:
Crouching B, Crouching A

Advanced attacks:
Sky Travel (QCF+P)x3
Crane's Wing F, QCF+P, Dn+P
Crane's Needle QCB+P In Air QCB+P or B
Crane's Strike HCB+P
Crane's Shadow F,QCF+K

Deadly Attacks:
Holy Needle QCBx2+P
Holy Phantom QCFx2+P

Shadow Moves

Majestic Thrust qcf + LK+HP must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; small launch of opponent at end of maneuver
Dart Rain qcb + LK+HP
Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

Throw Moves

Command Moves

Hair Groom HP+HK can hit opponent for very minor damage; taunt fills Super Meter considerably
Hopping Bladed Hand d + LP+LK overhead
Backroll and Jump b + LP+LK can follow with air attack
Heavenly Spin d + HP in air up to 5 hits
Crescent Swipe f + LP 2 hits with second hit being an overhead
Double Uppercut d + HP 2 hits
Double Stomp d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK pursue attack when opponent is on floor

Special Moves

Spread Wing qcf + P LP=short, HP=far
--Closing Wing qcf + P LP=short, HP=far
---Final Wing qcf + P LP=short, HP=far
Majestic Flight f, d, df + P LP=short and 2 hits,HP=far and 2 hits
--Landing d + P second part must touch opponent to allow for this follow up
Sneaky Dart qcb + P projectile can be destroyed by a well imed physical attack
Air Sneaky Dart qcb + P/LK in air LP=far, LK=medium,HP= short and steepest angle;
projectile can be destroyed by a well timed physical attack
Flapping Thrust hcb + P LP=short, HP=far;unblockable
Shouting Crane f, d, df + K LK=short and 5 hits,HK=far and 6 hits

Super Moves

Take Flight qcf, qcf + P
Deadly Darts qcb, qcb + P


Crossups: j.B, j.2C


2B 2A 6A 236A 236C 236C - Weak, but easy.
2B 2A 6A 236A 236C 236B+C ...
2B 2A 6A(2) 623A 2P
2B 2A 6A(1) 623C, 623C 2P - Near the corner you can land both hits of 6A.
2B 2A 6A 623C, 236236P
2B 2A 6A 623C, 623C, 214214P

c.C 6A ...
2C 6A ...

2D 236B+C, j.2C, 623C 2C

j.2C (crossup), c.C 623B, B A 6A(1) 623C, 623C 2P - Weird crossup combo, very hard to do.
j.2C (crossup), c.C 623B, B A 6A 623C, 236236P - Obvious stronger finish.
j.B (crossup), A 6A(1) 623B ... - Same combo from j.B instead.

... 623C, 623C, 214214P - Might not work at mid screen on some.

63214P, 214214P - Big damage off the unblockable.
214B+C (blocked), 63214P, 623C 2P - Basic combo off unblockable setup.

... 236B+C, 66 C 623D, j.2C, 623D, 623C 2P or 623C, 214214P - Works anywhere.
... 236B+C, 66 c.D, 623D, j.2C, 4, 623D, 623C 2P or 623C, 214214P - Corner
... 236B+C, 66 c.D, 623D, j.2C, j.2C, 623C 2P or 236236P - Easier Corner combo
... 236B+C, 6, j.C, c.C 6A ... - Delaunch, only works on Reika.

41236A+B, c.C 6A ...
41236A+B, c.C 6A(1) 623B, B A 6A(1) 623C, 623C 2P - Crossup combo, very hard to do.

... 6A(1) 214B+C, (j.C, c.C, 6A(1) 214B+C)*n
- Infinite, won't work on Reika or against some crouchers?

... 236B+C, (j.2C), 623D, j7.214B, ( 623D, j7.214B )*n - Infinite

... 6A(1) 623B, A 6A(1) 623B, ...- Infinite.
Must be deep in the corner. Only works on Reika reliably. Can randomly work on Scorpion/Huang.
Extremely hard to do.

... 6A(1) 623B, A 6A(1) 623B, B A 6A ... - Deep corner. Unreliable. Can work on Scorpion, Ghost Kick,


Crane its a rushdown versatile character based about building meter with her needles and basic combos...after have some meter she can make her seudo-infinite ghost combo loops 2 or 3 times

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