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Builds a lot of meter.
214B+C Shadow Attack is great for pressure, escape, anything.
Both supers are decent.
Easy combos.
214P is a high damage poke.
100% loop for cheap off anything.
2A+B can crossup.
DP isn't foot invincible, but it doesn't leave the ground so it can be canceled to 214B+C on block.

Nothing off throw.
DP only has very short invincibility and is not invincible on the foot.

Move List

Quick Movelist

Normal Attack:

Special Attack:

Advanced Attacks:
Punch & Fist QCF+P
The Lady QCF+K
Sudden Strike QCB+P
The Dance Dn,F,FDn+K
Nonsense F,QCF+P

Deadly Attacks:
The Glory QCFx2+P
Heart Breaker QCB,QCB+P

Shadow Moves

Blast Strikes qcf + LK+HP must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; launches opponent
Curtain Call qcb + LK+HP
Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

Throw Moves

Command Moves

Command Moves

Reading HP+HK can hit opponent for very minor damage; taunt fills Super Meter considerably
Hopping Double Knees d + LP+LK overhead
Retreat and Jump b + LP+LK can follow with air attack
Drilling Punch f + HP 2 hits
Double Bash d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK pursue attack when opponent is on floor

Special Moves

Special Moves

Windmill Punch qcf + LP overhead; Saojin is knocked down afer use
Punch Flurry qcf + HP can cancel into any other special move;
if not cancelled, Saojin will be stunned for a bit after
maneuver Chaos Flurry f, d, df + P LP=short, HP=far
Piercing Umbrella qcb + P LP=short, HP=far
Dust Slide qcf + K LK=short, HK=far; must be blocked low
Crafty Slide hcf + HK must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; must be blocked low
Blast Palm f, d, df + LK launches opponent
Double Blast f, d, df + HK last part is an overhead

Super Moves

Photo Op qcf, qcf + P strike must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver
Umbrella Rush qcb, qcb + P first part must connect (not blocked) to perform the entire maneuver; wall bounce


Crossups: j.B, j.D

A B C 6C 236C 623B 214D
2B C 6C 236C 623D(2) 236B+C ...
2B 2B 5D 236B+C ... - Might miss some characters

... 236C 41236D - Low damage, but gives a ton of meter. Good after 214B+C

... 5C 6C 236C 214B+C, j.D, A B C 6C 236C 41236D
- Builds more meter than it uses. Hard to use at mid screen.

... 236B+C, D, 623B, 623B, j.D, 214D or 236236P

... 236B+C, D, 623B, 623B, j.D, 623B 214B+C, (623B, j.D)*3, 214P
... 236B+C, D, 623B, 623B, j.D, 623B 214B+C, ( (623B, j.D)*3 623B 214B+C )*n - Glitched loops? Very strong damage. 100% with 3 stocks.

41236A+B, 6, A B C 6C 236C 41236D
41236A+B, 6, A B C 6C 236C 623B/D ...


Saojin its another comic relief character and with attraction of the protagonist, she is a ground rushdown character but with few poking and otg options

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