Martial Masters/Ghost Kick

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Lots of solid moves.
Very good AA.
Big ass 6D poke.
j.C is a huge crossup.

Weak High/Low game.
DPs aren't fully invincible.
214P is worthless.

Move List

Quick Movelist

Normal Attacks:

Special Attack:
Crouching Bx3

Advanced Attacks:
Pearl Fight F,QCF+K
Immoral QCF+K
Irritator QCB+P,F,QCF+P
Spirit's Catch B,QCB+P
Ghost Transport QCB+K,F,QCF+P

Deadly Attacks:
The Saints QCFx2+K
Holy Dragon QCBx2+K

Shadow Moves

Shadow Riot Flash qcf + LK+HP must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; launches opponent
Gatling Kicks qcb + LK+HP
Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

Throw Moves

Command Moves

Aggressive Pride HP+HK can hit opponent for very minor damage; taunt fills Super Meter considerably
Hopping Knee d + LP+LK overhead
Cartwheel and Jump b + LP+LK can follow with air attack
Reaching Axe Kick f + LP
Driving Headbutt f + HP Rolling Scissors d + HP 2 hits
Flying Gut Kick f + HK
Dirty Punt d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK pursue attack when opponent is on floor

Special Moves

Rumble Takedown f, d, df + P HP version jumps higher and further; catches opponents in air for an air throw
Violent Kicks qcb + P LP=6 hits, HP=10 hits
-Riot Flash f, d, df + P LP=one flip, HP=two flips
Supreme Crash b, d, db + P LP=short and 1 hit; HP=far and 2 hits; overhead
Handstand Wallop qcf + K LK=short and 2 hits, HK=far and 4 hits
Corkscrew f, d, df + K LK=low and 5 hits, HK=high and 8 hits
Leg Whip qcb + K 2 hits with both needing to be blocked low; launches opponent; can follow with Rumble Takedown

Super Moves

Horizontal Corkscrew qcf, qcf + K
Tornado Corkscrew qcb, qcb + K has a slight vacuum ffect


Crossups: j.C

Combos: 2B 2B 623K ...
2B 2B 2B 236236K
2B 5A 6D ...
5A 2B ...

C/2C 6D ... 2C(1) 6A/6C ... - Worthless??

... 6D 214K, 623D, 623P
... 6D 623D, 214K, 623A - Doesn't hit most characters but works better on some
... 6D 236D 236B+C ...
... 6D 214C 236B+C ... - Slightly more damage.

214P, 623A, 623P
214P, 623C, 421P

AA 623K, 4, 214K, 623A
... 623B, 623A - Near Corner
623K, 623D, 623A - Corner
623K, 214214K - Corner

214K, 623D, 623A
214K, 214214K
214K, 214K - Might need to use this on some from max distance.

A+D, 214K, 623A - Only combos on Tiger, works anywhere.
A+D, 214K, 214214K - Same.
A+D, 214K, 6 623D, 623A - Tiger only, near the corner.

A+D, 623D, 623D, 623P - Corner, only hits Monk/Tiger/Scorpion/Lotus.
A+D, 623D, 214214K - Corner, same.
A+D, 236236K - Near corner, also works on Snake/Drunken/Huang/SaoJin.

B+D, 214214K - Hits Monk/Tiger in the corner. Others?

... 421C*n - If they don't tech roll you can keep doing this. However, they can tech roll between any hit, so it's not an infinite. Only works on Reika/??
2C(1) 214B+C, 236D, j.C, C 6D ... Good to start off j.C crossup or 2A+B.

2C(1) 214B+C, 66 5D 6D 236B, 66 5C/2C 6D ... - More difficult but stronger.

... 236B+C, j.D, 214K, 623D, 6 623D, 623A - Anywhere, easy.
... 236B+C, j.D, 623D, 623D, 623B, 623A - Also works, easier in the corner.

41236A+B, 2C, 6D ...


Ghost Kick is focused on anti air and rushdown attacks, his objective is about cornering and juggling the opponent with his specials.

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