Martial Masters/Reika

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Very good projectiles.
Super good DP that leads to huge damage and is difficult to punish with anything strong.
Frame advantage on many moves.
Strong combos off anything.
Lots and lots of combos and moves simply won't connect on her.

Weak high/low game and no infinites. :S

Move List

Quick Movelist

Normal Attack:

Special Attacks:
Crouching Bx2, Crouching A
A x4

Advanced Attacks:
S.Moon Roll QCF+P
Chaser QCB+Px2
Rotators QCF+K
S.Kick F,QCF+K
Meteorite HCB+K

Deadly Attacks:
G.Moon Roll QCFx2+P
Butterfly Strike QCFx2+K

Shadow Moves

Pressure Leap Kicks qcf + LK+HP must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver; launches opponent
Chi Storm qcb + LK+HP a fireball will collide with other projectiles as both will be "destroyed" in the process
Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

Throw Moves

Command Moves

Laugh And Point HP+HK can hit opponent for very

                                                   minor damage; taunt 
                                                   fills Super Meter 

Hopping Jump Kick d + LP+LK overhead
Backroll and Jump b + LP+LK can follow with air attack
Side Stance Palm f + HP
Double Sweep d + HK both parts must be blocked low
Double Foot Stomp d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK pursue attack

                          when opponent is 
                          on floor

Special Moves

Chi Blast qcf + P LP=slow, HP=fast; will collide with other projectiles as both will be "destroyed" in the process
Trap Uppercut f, d, df + P first part must connect (not blocked) to perform the entire maneuver
Pressure Elbow qcb + P LP=short, HP=far
-Iron Palms qcb + P
Opening Fan qcf + K LK=short with last hit being an overhead; far with last two hits being overheads
Leaping Double Kick f, d, df + K LK=short, HK=far; launches opponent
Leap Frog hcb + K leap must touch opponent to perform entire maneuver; unblockable; staggers opponent

Super Moves

Chi Bomb qcf, qcf + P LP=vertically up and down, HP=far toss; absorbs projectiles
Swift Barrage qcf, qcf + K end parts of the Opening Fan maneuvers are overheads; launches opponent


Crossups: j.B


(2B) 2B 2A 6C 623D, 623K, 623P - Staple combo off a low.
2B 2A 5A 5C 6C ... - May work up close on some characters.
5C/5D 6C ...

... 6C 623D, c.D, 236236A, 623C - Corner.
... 6C 236236K, 623D, 623P or 236236P, 623P
... 6C 214C 214P - Works when 623D will not hit.
... 6C 214C 214P(1) 236B+C ... - Cancel into the shadow version quickly.
... 6C 214C 214P(1) 236B+C 236236K, c.D, (236236P) - Kick Super will cause them to not launch after Shadow.

6C 236A, 6C ... - Corner only. Extremely character and distance specific.
Potentially more reps possible.

c.D, 623K ...

2D(1) 623D ...
2D(1) 214C ...
2D(2) 623C - May need to delay slightly on some characters.
2D(2) 623B, 6C 623C - Huang only.

... 623K, 623K, 623P - Staple strong combo finish.
... 623K, c.C 623C - Alternate finish, better for those you can't hit normally
... 623K, 623K, 236236A, 623C - Easy to hit, works anywhere.
... 623K, c.D, 236236A, 623C - Alternate setup, good for the corner.
... 623K, 236236K, 236236A, 623C - Near Corner Only, difficult timing.

236D, 236236A, 623P - Corner only.

63214K, pause, 66 5C 6C ... - Controls are reversed on hit so you must delay before dashing.

... 236236A, 236236A, 236236A, ... - Super loop. Zzzzz.

... 236B+C, c.D, c.D, 2C 623D or 623C - Easy combo. Hold back to avoid crossup
... 236B+C, 214P, c.D, c.D, 2C, 623B, 623C
... 236B+C, 214P, c.D, c.D, 2C, 623B, 236236A, 623C - Extra damage.

... 236B+C, 214P, c.D 214A(wiff), c.D 214A(wiff), 623B, 2C, 623C or 236236A.. - Slightly better meter gain but basically the same.

... 236B+C, 214C, 66 c.D 214C(wiff), 623D, c.D 214C(wiff), 623D, 623C
... 236B+C, 214C, 66 c.D 214C(wiff), 623D, c.D 214C(wiff), 623B,236236A,66 623P - Mid screen versions. Very stylish, lots of crossunders. Builds a lot of meter.

41236A+B, C 6C ...


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