Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

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Shin Kidō Senki Gundam W: Endless Duel is a 2D fighting game released in 1996. This game was only distributed in Japan.

The developers have used the same engine as previously used in another game, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition, but with some improvements added exclusively to this game.

Game Mechanics

Button Configuration

Fighting System

Button layout:

sp=Strong Punch=X

wp=Weak Punch=Y

sW=Strong Weapon=A

wW=Weak Weapon=B

k=any key

p=any punch

W=any weapon

Positionings: QCT=Quarter Circle Toward (d, dt, t)

QCA=Quarter Circle Away (d, da, a)

TDD=Inverted QCT (t, d, dt)

c=crouching (hold d)


Suffixes: V=Vernier. You use the vernier in the situation where it's mentioned. Only written in combos. See below

A=Air-based. More useful when done in the air.

C=Counter. Can be used as a counterattack.

AA=Anti-air. Whether it be surface-to-air or while in the air, it can be used to smack the bird...err, Kindou Senshi...err, Mobile Suit, from the sky.

IT=In throwing distance (aka, close range).

[D] [C|S|G|A] [W|s] [P|w|V|T] [a]= [Dashing] [Crouching|Standing|Ground|Air] [Weak|strong] [Punch|weapon|Vulcan|Throw] attack

[w|s]k=Press any [weak|strong] attack key

2k=Press any two attack keys

[[#]S]J=[[#th] Super] Jump

Fight Screen

Basic Strategy

Dash: Tap forward twice

Retreat: Tap back twice

High-Power Jump: 2 Attack buttons together.

Blocking Rush: Forward + 2 Attacks

Double Jump: Direction + 2 Attacks in air

Triple Jump: Direction + 2 Attacks after Double Jump

Vernier: Down in air after Jump, High-Power Jump, or Double Jump.

Slows your character's descent. You can attack during this time, but you will fall to the ground afterwards.

Vulcan: HP or LP when half a screen away. Vulcans cost energy, and are generic projectiles. All characters except Epyon have vulcans.

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

This game can't be a retro competitive one but as one of the best SNES Fighting Games some players accept this:

1.Epyon (Allowed compared to the hidden character of his twin brother game)

2.Shenlong (Rapid Fire Weak Attacks and Specials Everywhere)

3.Wing/Merc (The Shotokan One and a Projectile and Zoning One)

5.Wing Zero (The standard with AA Projectile and Two Supers)

6.Heavyarms/Deathsythe/Sandrock (A Projectile one,the Hard To Master Infinite with Invicible Dash and a Standard one with Grappling)

9.Veyeate (Hard to Master in General but with decent pokes)

10.Tallgeese (The Irony,his real identity as Top and his Masked One as Bottom)

Game Versions

The Characters

Boss Secret Character