Wing Gundam Zero (GWED)

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FGT: 150

WEP: 150

SPD: 160

POW: 140

ARM: 140

RFN: Wing Gundam 0

HEI: 16.7

WEI: 8.0

MAT: Gundanium RN: XXXG-00W0

AMS: Twin Buster Rifle*1, Beam Sabre*2, Wing Vulcan*2, Machine Gun*2

IGP: [HEERO] Heero Yuy


Move List


Buster Blast (5 per shot)-Down, DF, forward + Attack,

Ground or air

Wing Zero pulls out its buster rifle and fires a few shots. Light version shoots two big blasts, heavy shoots four.

Shield Uppercut (10-13)-DP + Attack;

Ground or air

Wing Zero perfors a rising uppercut attack with its shield. Light version hits twice, heavy hits four times.

Angled Buster (6 per shot)-Down, DB, back + Attack; Ground or air Wing Zero shoots its buster rifle at an angle; ground version shoots upwards, air shoots downwards. For both, light version shoots two medium-sized blasts, heavy shoots four.


Twin Buster (22)-Down, DF, forward, down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground only

Wing Zero splits its buster rifle and fires four alternating blasts from each rifle. Does six hits.

Neo-Bird Mode (37)-Down, DB, back, down, DB, back + Attack;

Ground only

Wing Zero leaps off-screen and enters Neo-Bird mode, flying across the screen three times. Each pass does up to three hits. Wing Zero is invincible during this move.

Move Analysis



SWw, CWw, Ssw, Csw, GQCB+sk (1+1+1+1+4=8) (100/40)
SWPx3, GFDD+sk, DSWPx6, CsP (1x3+3+1x6+1=13) (100/55)
SWw, CWw, Ssw, GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+k (1+1+1+4+10=17) (300/195)
SWV, SsV, GQCFx2+k (3+6+10=19) (209/209)
SWV, SsV, GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+k (3+6+4+7=20) (309/249)

Hot Shot: cwp, wp, csW, QCA+sp
Fallout: cwp, TDD+sp
Launch Gunner: cwW, csW, QCA+sp
Down Up Down: wp, wW, csW
Swords Master: wW, cwW, sW, csW
Bancock Rising Kick: wp x3, cwp, csk

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

The Good:

  • Full of surprises that will catch even the most defensive opponents.
  • Can dish out loads and loads of damage.
  • Plenty of hard-hitting combos.
  • Can effeciently counter pretty much anything.
  • Very versatile.

The Bad:

  • Combos are often times hard to do.
  • Big and a little clunky at times.
  • A bit on the slow side when it comes to attacks.
  • Riffle can't work well in air as Wing