Gundam Sandrock (GWED)

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FGT: 120
WEP: 120
SPD: 110
POW: 150
ARM: 160
RFN: Gundam Sandrock
HEI: 16.5
WEI: 7.5 MAT: Gundanium RN: XXXG-01SR
AMS: Heat Shortel*2, Beam Submachine Gun*1, Missiles*2, Shield*1, Cross Crusher*1
IGP: [QUATRE] Quatre Raberba Winner


Move List


Shotel Cutter (7-9)-Down, DF, forwand + Attack;

Ground or air

Sandrock throws a projectile from its heat shotels. Light version hits once, heavy hits twice.

Desert Smash (19-28)-DP + Attack;

Ground only (throw range)

Sandrock grabs the opponent and performs a special throw. In the light version, it headbutts the opponent three times. In the heavy version, Sandrock performs a powerbomb.

Shotel Charge (13-19)-Down, DB, back + Attack;

Ground only

Sandrock performs a rushing combo with its heat shortels. Light version hits three times, heavy hits four times.


Army Assault (3 per shot)-Down, DF, forward, down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground only

Sandrock pulls out its uzi and fires at its opponent while a series of identical shots come from off-screen (the Maganac mercenaries, probably). Hits 19-21 times.


Super hits the opponent even if they jump behind Sandrock, due to the off-screen shots.

Move Analysis



Combos: Assault and Support: TDD+wW, QCTx2sW (5+12=17)
Requiem of Thunder: QCT+sp, wp, sp
RockBreaker: wpx3, wW, TDD+sp
Last Showdown: (Vulcan Range) wp, sp, QCT+sp, QCTx2+sp
Armed Assault Pouncer: QCTx2+sp, cwpx3, sp, TDD+sW


CWw, Csw, CWw, Cw (1+2+1+1=5) (0/0)
SWPx4, SWw, GFDD+sk (1x4+1+2=7) (100/25)
SWPx4, SWw, GFDD+wk (1x4+1+4=9) (0/0)
GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+sk (4+20=24) (300/240)
(SWV, SsV, GQCF+sk)xn ((3+6+4=13)xn) (115xn/115+49xn)

Basic Strategy

The Good:

  • Best defense in the game.
  • Its throws do more damage than usual.
  • Pretty useful fireball.
  • Strong uppercut does too much damage for its own good.
  • Most specials are easy to chain to.
  • Shotels make several hits when used both weak and strong.
  • Only normal Super that can hit 20 hits, which completely blocks Epyon's super.

The Bad:

  • Normals don't chain well at all.
  • Is very reliant on specials.
  • Super is horrible.
  • Attacks are slow, leaving you very vulnerable.
  • Can't throw while airborne.
  • Sluggish
  • Damage is not even halfway decent.
  • Not much else to hoot about.
  • Super doesn't cancel

Advanced Strategy