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Gundam Heavyarms (GWED)

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FGT: 110
WEP: 160
SPD: 110
POW: 140
ARM: 140
RFN: Gundam Heavyarms
HEI: 16.7
WEI: 7.7
MAT: Gundanium

AMS: Gatling Gun*2, Army Knife*1, Beam Gatling Gun*1, Missile*6

IGP: [TROWA] Trowa Barton


Move List


Gatling Shot (9-17)-Down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground only

Heavyarms fires its beam gatling gun. Light version hits three times, heavy hits five times.

Homing Missile (16-29)-DP + Attack;

Ground or air

Heavyarms fires missiles from its chest. All missiles hit twice each. Light version fires one missile, heavy fires two.

Gatling Slam (11-19)-Down, DB, back + Attack;

Ground only (throw range)

Heavyarms grabs the opponent and smashes them with the doors on its chest. Heavy version is followed by six vulcan shots.


Full Arsenal (44)-Down, DF, forward, down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground only

Heavyarms opens its chest, shoulder, and leg doors and bombards the enemy with massive explosions. Hits seven times and carries the enemy upwards.

Notes: Crouching HW fires several small missiles, a good anti-air move or combo finisher. Standing HW hits low, good for downed opponents.

Move Analysis




SWw, CWw, CsP (1+1+1=3) (0/0)
CWP, SWw, Csw (1+1+3=5) (0/0)
SWP, CWP, SWw, Csw (1+1+1+2=5) (0/0)
SWP, SWw, CWw, GQCF+sk (1+1+1+6=9) (100/55)
GQCB+sk, Sswx2 (7+3x2=13) (100/100)
GFDD+sk, SWV, SsV, GQCF+sk (7+6+9+6=28) (309/110)
AFDD+sk, SWV, SsV, GQCF+sk (8+6+9+6=29) (309/100)
SWPx3, CsP, Ssw, GQCFx2+k (1x3+1+3+4=11) (200/95)
GQCB+sk, Ssw, GQCFx2+k (7+3+4=14) (300/150)
GFDD+sk, SWV, SsV, GQCFx2+k (7+6+9+9=31) (309/210)

Up and Down: (While in the air) AsW, Asp, (when on the ground) cwp, Ssp(2+1+1+1=5)
Push-up Smackdown: wp, cwp, sp
Barrage: (Vulcan Range) wp, sp, QCT+sp
Merciless Barrage: (Vulcan Range) wp, sp, QCTx2+sp
Stun-Shot: wpx3, wW, QCT+sp
Death Barrage: (opponent in corner, Vulcan Range) TDD+sp, wp, sp, QCTx2+sp
Stab Smash: wp, cwp, (in close) wW, sp

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

The Good

  • Wicked powerful on its a level of weaponry.
  • Lots of weapons to use (like a mech!)
  • Powerful throw.
  • Its Cannon Strike (tap sp) hits for large damage.
  • Fires more vulcan shots than anyone else's at the same magnitude.

The Bad

  • Slow.
  • Cannot do air throws/grabs.
  • Most moves cannot be done in air.
  • Can't jump over _any_ robots without SJ, even when they are crouching.
  • Most combos don't knock down opponents.
  • Weak at close range combat