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FGT: 100 WEP: 110

SPD: 150

POW: 130

ARM: 120

RFN: Tallgeese

HEI: 17.4

WEI: 8.8

MAT: Titanium


AMS: Back Pack Vernier*2, Dover Gun*1, Shield*1, Beam Sabre*1, (more?)

IGP: [ZECHS] Zechs Merquise, aka Milliard Peacecraft (masked)


Move List


Dober Gun (3 per shot)-Down, DF, forwand + Attack;

Ground or air

Tallgeese pulls out its dober gun and fires. Ground version is horizontal, air version is diagonal downwards. Heavy version shoots five blasts, light shoots two.

Vernier Slam (13)-DP + Attack;

Ground or air

Tallgeese uses its backpack vernier to perform a quick rushing shoulder butt. Both versions hit once.

Body Slam (17-24)-Down, DB, back + Attack;

Ground only

Tallgeese charges froward, then grabs the enmey and performs a powerbomb. Counts as two hits.


Sabre Shockwave (29)-Down, DF, forward, down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground only

Tallgeese pulls out its two beam sabres and slashes, creating a shockwave of energy. Hits the entire bottom screen (but can be super- jumped over). Does five hits.

Move Analysis




SWP, CWP, GQCB+wk (1+2+2=5) (0/0)
SWPx2, SWw, CWw, GQCB+wk (1x2+1+1+2=6) (0/0)
SWP, CWP, GQCB+sk (1+2+2=5) (100/55)
SWPx2, SWw, CWw, GQCB+sk (1x2+1+1+2=6) (100/40)
SWPx2, SsP, QCFx2+k (1x2+2+6=10) (200/140)
GQCF+wk, GQCFx2+k (2+6=8) (200/170)
GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+k (5+6=11) (300/225)
SWP, Csw, Ssw, GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+k (1+2+2+5+4=13) (300/150)
SWPx2, SWw, CWw, Ssw, GFDD+Wk, BSB, GQCFx2+k (1x2+1+1+2+1+0+6=13) (200/95)
SWPx2, SWw, CWw, Ssw, GFDD+sk, BSB, GQCFx2+k (1x2+1+1+2+1+0+6=13) (300/195)
SWV, SsV, GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+k (3+6+5+4=18) (309/234)

Combos ENC KD: Swp x2, Sf+sp
ENC Combo: Swp x2, SsW
Shot Blaster: (Vulcan Range) wp, sp, QCT+sp, QCTx2+sp
Antarctic Smash: wpx2, wW, QCT+sp

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

The Good:

  • Highest jumps.
  • Highest boosts.
  • Longest hover-time.
  • Plenty of good normals.
  • Strong, can deal lots of damage in only a few hits.

The Bad:

  • The biggest target in the game.
  • Most attacks come out a little slow.
  • Most combos take timing and are not easy to pull off.