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The OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius (aka Mercurius) is a limited production defensive mobile suit, forcefully developed for OZ. The unit is featured in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing,


FGT: 150

WEP: 100

SPD: 125

POW: 130

ARM: 130

RFN: Mercurius

HEI: 16.3

WEI: 7.3

MAT: Gundanium


AMS: Beam Gun*1 (Vulcan), Crash Shield*1, PURANEITODEiFUeNSAA*10 (Can't they just be called 'pucks' instead? :)

IGP: [NOIN] Lucrezia Noin



Y = Weak Punch

X = Strong Punch

B = Weak Weapon

A = Strong Weapon

s.wP - Basic Jab, used as a combo starter or for tick throws

cr.wP - Crouching jab, slightly better for tick throws

s.sP - Kicks forward, launches and has an okay hitbox, if it hits a grounded opponent they are stuck in hitstun until they reach the ground or are hit by a new move. Great for combos.

cr.sP - Sweep, Solid hitbox and comes out fast. Can OTG off the hard knockdown it causes.

s.wW - Shoots the planet defensers forward in a diagonal line. Hits 3 times, counts as a projectile and can destroy other projectiles.

cr.wW - Covers your position with angled planet defensers. Hits 3 times, counts as a projectiles and can destroy other projectiles.

s.sW - Swings a beam saber out of the shield, really good hitbox and is a very solid poke. Can anti-air but not as reliable as cr.sW sometimes.

cr.sW - Your best anti-air button, if it connects it puts the opponent in a hard knockdown that you can OTG off of.

j.wP - Holds Knee out, has really long active frames but is has low hitstun/blockstun so it isn't very good.

j.sP - Same animation as s.sP and launches grounded opponents on hit. Really good for combos and the "X Loops".

j.wW - Similar to cr.wW, comes out very fast and can be done very early during a jump. Sadly is not an overhead but is okay as a poke. Counts as a projectile.

j.sW - Same animation as s.sW, good hitbox and a lot of blockstun. Great to keep pressure and in combos.

Move List


Shield Crash (14-24)-DP + Attack

   Ground & Air OK
   Mercurius flies forward with its crash shield on its chest. Heavy version does four hits, light does one. Both cause Hard Knockdown on hit.

Defensor Shield (0)- QCB + Attack;

   Ground only
   Mercurius activates its Planet Defensor shield.  While active, the shield make Mercurius immune to all attacks except for throws.  Both
   versions cost no energy initially, but the shield drains your meter continuously until it's empty or you cancel into Defensor Attack.

Defensor Attack (7 per defensor)- QCF + Attack;

   Ground only
   Mercurius throws the Planet Defensors at the enemy.  This can only be used if Mercurius has its shield active (the previous move).  Light
   throws the Defensors in the primary directions; heavy version homes in on the enemy.

Super Attack: Defensor Thunder (30)- QCF x2 + Attack;

   Ground only (Unless you use the Air Super Glitch explained in the Basics section)
   Mercurius floats upwards and discharges electricity from the Planet Defensors.  Does eight hits and carries the enemy upwards.
   This move is great for comboing off of hard knockdowns.

Move Analysis


Combos: ENC KD: cwp x3, csp
ENC Combo: cwp x3, SsW
Rising Combo: ENC, TDD+wk, AsW (4+1+1=6)


GFDD+sk, AsP (4+1=5) (100/100)
GFDD+Wk, AQCFx2+k (2+9=11) (200/170)
GFDD+sk, AQCFx2+k (2+13=15) (300/270)
SWV, SsV, GQCFx2+k (3+5+8=16) (208/208)
SWV, SsV, GQCF+sk, GQCFx2+k (3+5+3+6=17) (308/263)

Midscreen Combos:

    cr.wP > s.wW > s.sP > Super
    cr.wP > s.wW (1st Hit Only) > s.sP > delay weak DP > OTG Ender
    s.wW > s.sP > forward block dash > cr.wW > vernier > j.wW > j.DP 
    cr.wP > s.sP > s.sW > jump > j.sW > j.EX DP >(Dash depending on distance) OTG Ender
    s.sP > forward block dash > cr.wW > s.A > jump > j.A > j.DP > OTG Ender

OTG Enders: (Off of any Hard Knockdowns)

   cr.wW (2 Hits) > Super 
   j.wW > land > j.wW 
   Throw > OTG Ender

Corner Combos:

   cr.wP x2 > s.wW (2 Hits) > cr.wW > s.sP > link s.wW > s.sW > jump > j.sW > j.EX DP > OTG Ender 
   cr.wP x2 > s.wW (3 Hits) > cr.wW (3 Hits) > s.sP > Forward Block Dash > cr.wW > Vernier > j.wW > j.DP > OTG Ender    
   j.sP > rejump and delay the next j.sP as late as possible > land > s.sP > vernier > j.sP > land > j.sW > j.DP > OTG Ender

The Infinite

   The Infinite is performed by doing ( cr.wW > s.sW > dash > cr.wW > s.sW > dash > ectect) in the corner. The trick is to buffer dash at the end frame of the s.sW where its back is facing 
   the screen and its about to start returning to neutral.

Basic Strategy

The Good

Multi-hit strong projectiles, which beats Epyon's super. Regular weapon attacks travel across the screen.

  • Good mobility.
  • Great reach.
  • It can dish out some devastating combos.
  • One of the best specials around.
  • Great when it comes to countering.
  • Strong throw regains power. :)

The Bad:

  • Fires less vulcans than everyone else.
  • Throw does less damage than everyone else.
  • Doesn't combo very effectively away from the corner.
  • Damage isn't as overwhelming as you think.
  • Inflexible, it doesn't recover from mistakes very well.
  • Not that useful against close range opponents.

Advanced Strategy

Mercurius has great tools to annoy the opponent and play strong footsies to push them into the corner where you can really get your offense going. You are going to be using Strong Weapon a lot to poke at the opponent, using j.sW and the grounded version. Crouching Weak Weapon is also very good but you need to Block Dash cancel it to actually be safe. All of your weak weapon buttons also count as projectiles and can destroy the Opponent's projectiles, making a lot of zoning situations easier to deal with.

Mercurius' mixups aren't all too powerful but it is the only character to build meter off throws and has great OTG options with cr.wW and Super which will fully combo off of any hard knockdown. Mercurius' corner game is amazing, it's where you can force the opponent into really bad situations with your great pokes and opportunities to tick throw and where you can get all your stronger combos.

Defensor Shield is one of THE best supers in the game. While active your meter will continuously drain until empty and you are completely invincibility to all attacks except throws. Meaning that your Opponent is forced to wait for your super meter to run out or attempt to throw you. It also gives you access to the Defensor Attack which will cancel you out of the Shield Super and send the Defensor Bits attacking towards your Opponent. The only things you have to be careful of is this Super does have startup before the invincibility takes effect and that throws/throw techs will immediately end the super.

Mercurius is one of the characters who cannot use their super in the air unless you use the air super glitch. During a normal jump only (cannot be done during a vernier jump) if you input the super but with both punches it will come out in the air.