Epyon (GWED)

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FGT: 160

WEP: 140

SPD: 160

POW: 150

ARM: 140

RFN: Gundam Epyon

HEI: 17.4

WEI: 8.5

MAT: Gundanium RN: OZ-13MS

AMS: Beam Sword*1, Heat Rod*1, Epyon Claw*2

IGP: [ZECHS] Zechs Merquise, aka Milliard Peacecraft (unmasked)

DES: The boss robot in the game.


Move List

Epyon Cruhser (14 per charge)-Down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground or air

Epyon performs a Psycho Crusher-style flying body attack. The heavy version has an additional charge after the first, which can be redirected. Each charge does one hit.

Forward Hop (0)-Down, DB, back + Attack;

Ground only

Epyon hops forward. It can perform any air attack while hopping. It works like an air dash, and counts as an overhead attack, so opponents must block high.


Energy Bomber (3 per ball, 21 if enemy touches shield)-Down, DF,forward, Down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground or air

Epyon hovers in mid-air with an energy shield surrounding its body and fires twenty energy balls. The balls home in on the enemy and will almost always lead into a combo. The shield protects Epyon from physical attacks, but it can still be hit with projectiles.

Move Analysis



SWw, CWw, SWw, CWw, SWw, Csw (1+1+1+1+1+1=6) (0/0)
GWT, DSWw, CWw, SWw, CWw, SWw, D+B, SWw, CWw, SWw, CWw, SWw (1+1+1+1+1+1+0+1+1+1+1+1=11) (0/0)
GWT, DSWw, CWw, SWw, CWw, SWw, GQCB+wk, SWw, CWw, SWw, CWw, SWw (1+0+1+1+1+1+1+0+1+1+1+1+1=11) (0/0)

Bongo dance (aka, ENC): csW, wW, csW, wW (this can repeat...infinitely o_0)(4)
Ya Cheap Bitch! Combo: QCA+wp, QCT+wk or ut, wpx3, sp, wW, csW, cwW, sW,QCTx2k (thanks ChanseyDude)
Untimely Whiplash: QCA+wW, wW, cwW, wW, csW, sW, QCT+wW
Air Bash: sW, QCT+wW
Ground Bash: csW, QCT+wW
Grounding Air Bash: csW, sW, QCT+wW
Unhealing Wounds: wW, cwW, wW, QCA+wW+wW
Quick Reposite: wW, sp
Half Moon Quick Reposite: cwW, sp
Lifting Smasher: cwW, csW, cwW, sW, QCT+wW
Lightning Claw: wW, cwW, csW, cwW, QCA+wW+wW, cwW, sW, QCT+wW
Slap Smash: wW, csW, wW, sW, QCT+wW
Lightning Paw: wW, csW, cwW, QCA+wW+sW, QCT+wW
Grounding Smash: wW, cwW, csW, QCA+wW+wW, cwW, sp
Heat Rod Rumble: (when opponent is cornered) QCA+wk, wW x2, cwW, wW, QCA+wk,wW, cwW, csW, sW, QCT+sW, TDD+wW, cwW, wW, cwp
Hyper Blissey's Epyon Custom: QCA+wk, wW x2 cwW, wW

Basic Strategy

Spam cr.wW,s.Ww

Advanced Strategy

The Good:
Fuckin' Strong.
Very Quick.
Cheap Super.
Very cheap.

The Bad:
The worst Special in history.
No true projectile specials.
Too Cheap for its own good.