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Gundam Shen-Long (GWED)

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FGT: 160

WEP: 110

SPD: 130

POW: 140

ARM: 120

RFN: Shenlong Gundam HEI: 16.4

WEI: 7.4

MAT: Gundanium


AMS: Dragon Hang*1, Shenlong Shield*1, Flame thrower*2, Beam Glaive*1, Main Vernier*1

IGP: [WUFEI] Wufei Chang


Move List


Dragon Fang (14-29)-Down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground or air

Shen-Long reaches out with its dragon fang. Light version hits twice, heavy hits twice, then throws the opponent over Shen-Long's shoulder. Air version moves Shen-Long backwards.

Glaive Thrust (11-22)-DP + Attack;

Ground or air

Shen-Long twirls its beam glaive, then performs a repeating strike. Light version hits three times, heavy hits six times. Air version lacks the twirl at the start.


Dragon Fang Fire (25)-Down, DF, forward, down, DF, forward + Attack;

Ground or air

Shen-Long fires a blast from its flamethrower. Hits the bottom half of the screen and pushes the opponent upwards. Does six hits.

Move Analysis



Combos: ENC Claw: Cwp x4, (two in one on the last Cwp) motion dt+t+sk (4+3/6=7/10)
Ya Bitch! Combo: (in close, ground) wW, cwW, QCT+sk, cwW, cwp, QCT x2+k
Dragon Dark Fire: wpx4, wW, cwW, QCTx2+sp
Dragon Dark Bite: wpx4, wW, QCT+sp
Dragon Dark Bite Mark II: wpx4, wW, cwW, QCT+sp
Slam: wpx3, wW, sp
Triple Thrust: wW, cwW, sW


GWPx4, SWw, CWw, Ssw, CWwx2, CsP (1x4+2+2+1+2x2+1=14) (0/0)
GWPx2, SWw, GFDD+wk (1x2+2+3=7) (0/0)
GWPx4, SWw, GFDD+wk (1x4+2+2=8) (0/0)
GWPx4, SWw, CWw, GFDD+wk (1x4+2+2+1=9) (0/0)
GWPx2, SWw, GFDD+sk (1x2+2+5=9) (100/40)
GWPx4, SWw, CWw, GFDD+sk (1x4+2+2+1=10) (100/10)
GWPx4, SWw, GFDD+sk (1x4+2+4=10)* (100/10)
GWPx2, SWw, CWw, GQCF+sk, CWw, DCWw, CsP (1x2+2+2+3+2+2+1=14) (100/10)
SWV, SsV, G. Dragon Hang Fine (3+6+6=15) (209/209

Basic Strategy

The Good

  • All moves can be done in air.
  • Long reaching beam glaive makes chain combos easier to perform.
  • All weapons have at least two hits.
  • The best special known.
  • Fast.
  • Can counter everything and anything.
  • Lighting fast.
  • Very effective attacks.
  • Some good combos (i.e. easy, but damaging).
  • Great reach.

The Bad:

  • Specials aren't all that great.
  • Damage is average at best.
  • Lowest defense in the game.
  • Most good combos require proximity.
  • Strength comes from combos. Little Strength otherwise.
  • Defense is a bit mediocre if anything.
  • Weak Super
  • It only has a few moves.
  • Super only hits a few times.

Advanced Strategy