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Rolf is a hit and run character with an emphasis on variety. Rolf's most notable attributes are his flexible moveset, combo variety, and unique defensive mechanic. His flexible moveset is capable of forcing the opponent to approach him as well as punishing said approach. His pokes and projectiles have enough reach to interrupt or stop the opponent. In addition, Rolf has the most combo routes out of any character in the game. His combo starters and extenders can be used interchangeably, which greatly help his touch of deaths. Also, Rolf has the best defensive mechanic in the game, which is his double jump. If he is being juggled, then he can jump in the air to escape. If he is hit midair or during his backdash, then the double jump resets and allows him to retreat again.

Despite these strengths, Rolf has a few glaring weaknesses. Almost all of Rolf's attacks are either unsafe or completely whiff against crouching, non-grappler characters. His combos are severely weakened, and his block pressure is non-existent. With this in mind, Rolf also struggles with aerial rushdown due to his "floaty" air speed. He doesn't fall fast enough to punish or catch the opponent off guard. Lastly, Rolf cannot cancel the stun from tumbles, which opens up combo routes for other characters. All of these flaws influence his "hit and run" playstyle because Rolf has more options for punishing approaches rather than committing to approaches.

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Strengths Weaknesses
  • Combos: His combos are either heavy hitting, or touch of deaths.
  • Moveset Variety: His moves can be used in multiple, creative ways.
  • Double Jump: The only character to have one. He easily escapes air-to-air situations and juggles.
  • Annoying: The ability to poke, run away, and punish approaches will frustrate players. They're more likely to perform unsafe attacks because of this.
  • Tumble Stun: Rolf cannot cancel tumble stun.
  • Punishable Specials: All of Rolf's special attacks have long recoveries.
  • Crouching: Shorter, crouching characters will completely shut down Rolf's combos and block pressure.
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Character Data
Pre-jump Frames -
Jump Duration -
Landing Frames -
Jump Height Apex -
Forward Jump Distance -
Backward Jump Distance -
Back Dash Distance -
Knockdown Recovery -

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