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Galaxy Fight uses numpad notation. It quickly and easily transcribes combos. The numbers on the info graphic display what direction your joystick needs to go. For example, the input 236 means you have to bring the joystick down, then down forward, and then forward. A/B/C/D are the basic attacks in the game. With specials, they can be referred to as Weak, Normal, and Strong respectively. For example, Rolf's Strong Rapid Crush is 214+C.

There are also other notations to help transcribe combos.

  • , - A comma means two inputs should be linked together. A link is when you let the first attack fully finish its recovery before inputting again. For example, 5A, 2B means you have to let 5A completely finish before inputting 2B.
  • > - A greater than symbol means a follow-up. It indicates that you can immediately input the next action after landing the previous attack. For example, 2A > 2A means you can immediately connect a crouching weak attack after landing the first one.
  • + - A plus sign means that buttons should be pressed at the same time. For example, 214+A means you have to input A when the control stick goes to 4.
  • / - A forward slash means another action can be performed at that instance. Usually, this is used to show multiple options at a specific instance in one combo. For example, 214+A/B/C means you must perform down, down forward, forward, and input either A, B, or C.
  • xx - Indicates a cancel. You can cancel a certain normal attacks into a dash, back dash, or special attack. For example Rolf can perform 5B xx 214+A. This means you can cancel his 5B into his Rapid Crush 214+A.
  • [A] - An asterisk indicates a button to be held. Usually applied to characters who have charge moves. Roomi's Rolling Crusher [4]6+A/B/C is a good example.
  • A*n and (A)*n - Indicates that a button needs to be pressed 'n' number of times. A good example is Roomi's Rapid Blow 236+A/B/C. (236+C)*3 means she has to perform the entire input for Strong Rapid Blow 3 times to hit three times.
  • (n) - Indicates that a multi-hit attack should only hit up to the number in the parentheses. For example, Alvan can cancel the first hit of his dashing close 5B into his Al-Blast. This would be transcribed as 66, cl. 5B(1) xx 236+A/B/C.
  • 360 - Indicates that you have to spin the control stick in a circle motion once. Gunter's Wild Shake is 360+A/B/C for example.
  • f. - Perform the move while far from the opponent. Certain moves change depending on the distance from your opponent. f.5A means you have to perform a standing weak attack at a certain distance from the opponent.
  • c. - Perform the move while close to the opponent. For example, c.5A means you have to perform standing weak attack near the opponent.
  • cu. - Indicates you have to cross-up the next input. It is automatically assumed that you have to reverse the input of a special attack. For example, cu.214+A/B/C means 66, 236+A/B/C.

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