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Game Mechanics


  • Every character can throw with 4/6C.
  • Command and normal throws are instant and have a startup of 1 frame.
  • Throws have a longer range than they appear.
  • If both players throw at the same time, the winner will be randomly selected.
  • Throwing an opponent reduces the stun that was built-up previously.


  • During block stun or a block string, you can stop inputting a direction, and the game will automatically block high for you.
  • The opponent can work around this by delaying their attacks or by hitting low.

Guard Cancel:

  • While blocking, you can guard cancel to either dashes OR a special move.
  • Back dashing while guarding is a good way to escape pressure.

Back Dash:

  • The input for a back dash is 44.
  • Strike invincibility. However, you'll lose the invincibility near the end of the move.

Forward Dash:

  • The input for a forward dash is 66.
  • Your character will keep dashing until you run past the opponent. When you run past someone, you automatically stop dashing.
  • You can stop dashing by inputting 44 or by doing any attack. Doing a weak attack is a common way to stop dashing, as it keeps some of the dash momentum.
  • Normal attacks done while dashing deal 50% more damage.
  • Dashing medium and strong normal attacks deal chip damage.
  • Some dash attacks may cause the opponent to tumble on hit, during which your character will automatically auto-dash. Some dash attacks need to hit multiple times for this to occur.

Dash Cancel:

  • Dash cancels are performed by inputting 66 or 44 to cancel the recovery of a normal attack.
  • All normal attacks that can be special canceled can also be dash canceled.
  • Dash cancels are used to extend combos, increase pressure, or to make attacks safe.

Stop Cancel:

  • Stop cancels are performed by inputting 44 to cancel the recovery of a dashing normal attack.
  • Any normal attack that can be special canceled during a dash can be stop canceled.

Cross Ups:

  • Cross Ups are performed by inputting an attack or jump while dashing past your opponent.
  • If performed correctly, your character will immediately perform the action while facing the opponent on the opposite side.
  • If performed too early, your character will perform the attack, but face away from the opponent.
  • When performing a special attack during a cross up, you have to reverse the motion input. For example, Rolf's cross up Rapid Crush requires him to do 236+A/B/C instead of 214+A/B/C.
  • Cross ups keep the properties of dashing attacks.

Crouch Cancel:

  • You can cancel the recovery of f.5A or c.5A by inputting down. This is good for connecting 5A with stronger normal attacks.
  • Some characters may have slow weak attacks, so they can't use crouch cancels.


  • You are automatically put in a juggle state when jumping or hit by a juggle extender.
  • In a juggle state, you're able to perform any aerial action, but you can still be attacked.
  • If you're hit with a juggle extender, you recover for a few frames and have complete invincibility during that time.
  • You can tell if you're recovering if your character flips in the air. After recovering, you're put back into the juggle state.
  • If you're hit with a juggle finisher, then you'll fall to the ground, and your opponent cannot hit you.


There are three types of stun in the game. They are skull, bubble, and star stun. Each have different properties when inflicted.

  • Skull Stun: There are two types of skull stun: tumble and non-tumble. A tumble is when players are either sent rolling on the ground, or they're launched in the air. Except for Roomi and Rolf, players can cancel stun from tumbles by holding a direction on the lower half of the control stick. For non-tumble combos, you cannot cancel the stun.
  • Bubble Stun: A combo that ends with bubble stun means that the next combo/launcher will not stun. Rapidly moving the control stick gets you out of bubble stun faster.
  • Star Stun: Star stun does not allow the opponent to reduce the stun in any way.

Other Mechanics

  • All projectiles can be stopped by hitting them with a well-timed attack.
  • During the startup frames of a crouching block, you are vulnerable for a couple of frames. This means that opponent can hit you when going from neutral stance to crouch block.

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