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Kazuma is a well-rounded character with an emphasis on consistency. Kazuma's most notable attributes are his consistent combos, sword priority, and highly balanced neutral. Kazuma's damage and stun potential are the most consistent in the game because his combos are not dependent on the character's stance. In addition, most of his combos either quickly stun or completely knockout the opponent from one hit. With Kazuma's sword, the blade has the highest priority in the game. His sword does not have a hurtbox on the blade; therefore, the blade safely trades with every attack in the game. Alongside these previous attributes, Kazuma's well-rounded toolkit gives him coverage for most situations in the game.

Kazuma's emphasis on consistency hurts his speed and versatility. Kazuma's attacks lack speed, and they do not have enough frame advantage to pressure opponents on block. Kazuma must carefully approach and react to the opponent's responses. To add on, he has limited options to perform out of cross ups because Kazuma's momentum pushes him away from the opponent. Kazuma tends to play the same in every matchup, which prevents him from having a "surprise factor." However, these weaknesses do not heavily affect him at higher levels of play. Matchup knowledge and experience covers these flaws because Kazuma's tools are capable of countering every character. Kazuma has a higher emphasis on learning character knowledge because he does not completely win or lose every match up.

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Strengths Weaknesses
  • TODs: Has access to touch of deaths.
  • Accessible: The perfect character for all skill levels.
  • Coverage: Well-rounded moveset offers coverage for most situations.
  • Sword: His sword has the best priority in the game. The blade automatically wins any trade.
  • Consistent Combos: His combos are not character dependent, which provides a consistent flow of damage and stun.
  • Patience: No patience, no win. His slow attacks reinforce a slow playstyle.
  • Limited Cross-Ups: Outside of 214+A/B/C, Kazuma has no cross up options.
  • Too Consistent: He lacks playstyle diversity, which makes it harder to surprise opponents.
  • Character Knowledge: With no tricks or gimmicks, Kazuma emphasizes learning character knowledge.
  • Poor Block Strings: Many of his moves are unsafe on block, which limits his offensive pressure up close.
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Character Data
Pre-jump Frames -
Jump Duration -
Landing Frames -
Jump Height Apex -
Forward Jump Distance -
Backward Jump Distance -
Back Dash Distance -
Knockdown Recovery -

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