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G. Done is a rushdown character with an emphasis on aerial mobility. His most notable attributes are his high-low mix ups, aerial cross-ups, and grab infinite. G. Done's high-low mix ups are dangerous due to how quickly he recovers after landing on the ground. This allows G. Done to easily start a mix up and proceed with a low attack, another high attack, a grab, or just wait for the opponent's reaction. In addition, G. Done's special attacks retain dash momentum and allow him to perform aerial cross ups, which are much easier to perform than a grounded cross-up. Also, G. Done has the simplest infinite in the game. His Block Buster grab can loop into itself by repeatedly grabbing the opponent on the first frame after wake up.

G. Done's main weaknesses are his grounded offense and overall defense. Unfortunately, G. Done has a difficult time approaching on the ground because most of his normal attacks are unsafe to use. Although some have good range and utility, they cannot be special/dash cancelled. His combo potential is horrible because he lacks said cancels. G. Done cannot maximize his damage off of one hit like the rest of the cast. This forces G. Done to repeatedly approach in the air, which can easily become predictable. In addition, G. Done's defense is also flawed. He is prone to juggles and often loses in air to air situations. On the ground, his Shoring Roll may appear as a safe defensive option, but it is weak against low attacks. To succeed with G. Done, he has to overwhelm the opponent with his mix ups, or be able to consistently land his grab infinite.

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Strengths Weaknesses
  • Easy Infinite: Has the easiest and simplest infinite in the game with his 4C grab.
  • Air Cross-Ups: His aerial cross ups are easier to perform than grounded ones.
  • Momentum: Can easily convert his grounded momentum to his aerial momentum.
  • Air Mobility: Has the best aerial mobility in the game. His speed and control are unmatched.
  • Property Variety: He can instantly stun, wall out, cross-up, or hit high with his special attacks.
  • Wake Up: Outside of 236+A/B/C, he has limited wake up options.
  • Poor Grounded Offense: He has no mix ups and no combos on the ground.
  • Too Many Mix Ups: Over reliant on mix ups, which aren't always guaranteed.
  • Poor Defense: G.Done gets pressured on block easily and lacks tools to escape that situation.
G. Done
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Character Data
Pre-jump Frames -
Jump Duration -
Landing Frames -
Jump Height Apex -
Forward Jump Distance -
Backward Jump Distance -
Back Dash Distance -
Knockdown Recovery -

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