Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors/Alvan

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Move List

Normal Moves

Command Moves

Aldigy: U.png + during neutral jump

Low range headbutt that knocks down. Does a lot of stun (seems to stun if you hit it twice), but is very clunky due to poor range and only being accessible from neutral jump.


Tsukami Zutsuki: B.png or F.png +

Alvan grabs the enemy, then headbutts. Does not knock down, but you can dash, and depending on the enemy character, combo right after the headbutt lands (usually into close/far B).

Gamba Throw:: B.png or F.png + Kof.sp.png, then Kof.sp.png rapidly

Alvan throws the enemy over his back, then shocking them with lightning in the air. If you don't press Kof.sp.png at least 3 times within a certain time frame, Alvan is knocked down, and the enemy recovers before he does.

Special Moves

Al Slugger:

Alvan slices the air with his hand, hitting farther than any of his ground pokes. Knocks down, but leaves Alvan wide open. Can hit multiple times up close, especially on a crouching opponent, causing a massive amount of stun. Alvan's most useful guard cancel special, but is still not well suited for that purpose.

Al Blast: Qcf.png + Kof.lp.png/ (AIR OK)

Alvan shoots an energy projectile forward that knocks down on hit. Hitting the projectile with anything cancels it out. A version is slow, C is fast, B is something in between. Can also be done in the air, which is actually the more common option because it's so strong for space control and changing your jump trajectory.

Aerial Al Blast: Dp.png + Kof.lp.png/

An Al Blast that is shot up diagonally upwards. Button used doesn't seem to impact the projectile's speed.

Al Fire: Hcf.png + Kof.lp.png/

A pillar of fire erupts from the ground, knocking the enemy down. The button used determines the range it appears at, with A being closest and C farthest. Dash momentum heavily increases the distance of the B and C versions.

Al Thunder: D.png~U.png + Kof.lp.png/

Down to up charge move that shoots lightning straight upwards. Knocks down. Can hit enemies right above you but is generally best avoided.

Super Moves

Super Alvan: F.pngHcf.png + while lifebar is blinking

Alvan explodes with flames, damaging and knocking down if an enemy is nearby. For the rest of the round, Alvan glows golden and is in a powered up state. All of his non-projectile attacks have dramatically increased damage, and Alvan takes less damage. Alvan also moves much faster. Both the explosion (which has some invincibility) and the lasting powerup are amazing for a comeback.

The Basics


Advanced Strategies

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