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Musafar is a grappler character that capitalizes off of block strings, interruptions, and juggles. Musafar's block strings force the opponent to continuously block and receive chip damage while also limiting their counter options. Opponents will receive a good amount of damage and stun if they mistime their guard cancel. To add on, his jabs, anti-airs, and projectiles are great interruptions because they easily interfere with approaches and block pressure. Musafar can change the timing of his interruptions to confuse the opposing player. In addition to the previous traits, Musafar's most dangerous technique is his juggle combo. From one grab, Musafar starts a juggle sequence that can either deal a lot of damage, instantly stun the opponent, or completely deplete their health.

Musafar's main weaknesses are his large hurtbox, limited responses to block pressure, and poor combo variety. Musafar's large hurtbox allows opponents to easily punish him for back dashing and threaten him on block. Speaking of block pressure, Musafar struggles to escape without sacrificing health in exchange. Often, his interruptions trade with opposing attacks to break the pressure and allow him to respond. If the opponent repeatedly rushes down Musafar and pressures him on block, then Musafar will slowly lose health during the round. Musafar's final flaw is his poor combo variety because he cannot start a combo without a grab. Unlike most characters, Musafar cannot perform a touch of death or instant stun combo from one hit.

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Strengths Weaknesses
  • Interruptions: Musafar can easily interfere with approaches and block pressure.
  • Juggles: Musafar can juggle opponents with one grab and inflict serious damage/stun.
  • Block Strings: Musafar has great block strings that force options out of an opponent.
  • Large Hurtbox: Musafar's large hurtbox allows other characters to easily punish him.
  • Poor Combo Variety: Musafar has a small selection of combos, which makes his setups predictable.
  • Bad on Block Pressure: Musafar struggles to deal with up-close opponents, which forces him to trade attacks to escape.
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Character Data
Pre-jump Frames -
Jump Duration -
Landing Frames -
Jump Height Apex -
Forward Jump Distance -
Backward Jump Distance -
Back Dash Distance -
Knockdown Recovery -

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